10 towel evaluation: Le’s nominal cotton, measured 48.8%of the polyester fiber

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Is the quality of the towel you used? Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Consumer Protection Commission and the Shaoxing City Consumer Protection Commission jointly conducted a comparative test of the quality of towel products in the circulation field. After testing, the 10 towel samples purchased in this comparison test detected that a total of 3 towels were detected. The standard project does not meet the rate of 30%, and the brands such as Meiya and Le Family are listed.

Is the quality of the towel I used?


Sample: This comparison test involves 10 batches of samples, which are purchased by consumer rights protection volunteers in large supermarkets and maternal and infant shops in Yuecheng District, Shaoxing City.

Testing items: fiber content, formaldehyde content, pH value, odor, can decompose carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes, color targeting [water resistance, sweat resistance, friction resistance, soap -resistant, chlorine resistance], fracture strength, water absorption, product use use Explanation, etc.

Reference standard: GB18401-20010 “National Textile Products Basic Safety Technical Specifications”, product standards implemented in explicit execution, such as (not limited): GB/T22864-2009 “Towel”, FZ/T 62015-2009 “Antibacterial Towel”, FZ/FZ/ T 62017-2009 “Tow in Towers”

Three batches of samples such as Meiya and Le Family

Product use instructions (logo) does not meet the standard

In this comparison test project, the product use instructions (logo), fiber content and water absorption inconsistency are the main reasons that cause the quality of adult towels.

Towels do not meet the project

It is worth noting that the three batches of non -compliance samples involve product use instructions (logo) and do not meet the standards. It is not in line with the project. The fiber component and the fiber content are not marked. It is reported that the compliance of the product use instructions (logo) is the main content of whether the goods are “genuine”.

The “Le family” towel label is called “whole cotton”

The measured 48.8%is polyester fiber

The ingredients and content of raw materials are the description of the product material, it is an important basis for consumers to buy goods, and it is also the main basis for whether the goods are genuine.

It is worth mentioning that the composition and content of nominal nominal facial towels (specifications: 34*75 ± 2cm; trademarks: Leyijia; Item Number: 6001) ingredients Except for the decoration part), the measured results were 48.8%polyester fiber, 48.0%cotton, and 3.2%of other fibers, except for satin files and decorative parts.

“Le Family” towel

Water absorption does not meet the standard

Water absorption is one of the important indicators to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of towels. The raw materials, processing process, and soft finishing process of the towels will affect its water absorption. By determining the sample from contacting the water surface to completely wetting and starting sinking time, the time required to reflect the ability to absorb water by the towel. The shorter time, the better the water absorption.

In this comparison test, the water absorption performance of 10 batches of samples is large. The water absorption time is 0.1 seconds, and the water absorption performance is very good, and nominal facial towels (specifications: 34*75 ± 2cm; trademark: Leyijia; Item number: 6001) water absorption time> 90 seconds , Poor water absorption.

Try to buy light or middle -color towels

The Zhejiang Consumer Rights Protection Commission and the Shaoxing Consumer Rights Protection Committee remind consumers that for daily use of towel products, they can be based on the following principles: try to choose natural fiber products. Select fluffy and soft products. It is advisable to be light or medium -color when buying. Choose a towel with better water absorption, and should not choose products with special luster or abnormally smooth surface.

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