10 classic casual leather shoes, you can wear it casually, how to wear it handsome and fry a street

In recent years, sports shoes have become the main dishes of men’s shoes, but many people should want different shoes under different occasions and different styles. If you want to expand the scope of coordination, we recommend that you wear leather shoes. Not to mention the authentic style that is suitable for jackets and shirts. You only need to change the head on your feet to improve the sense of coordination on the street. This time, we will introduce 10 unique leather shoes, from the classics you temporarily want to the extraordinary design of the brand.



Balenciaga Black Soft Derby Shoes ¥ 14,000

Polishing Mavericks Pirbby Shoes. At first glance, it looks like a dress, but the “Balenciaga” logo gives people a moderate street feeling, so it matches casual items (such as denim) well. But I personally feel that a classic three -connecting shoes are mainly based on the version and raw materials, but if you want me, you can buy it in a certain treasure. It is also good. At least the price is too much.


Givenchy Black Fighting Derby ¥ 17,500

From “Givenchy”, a pair of solid combat soles. Although it has a military taste, its exquisite balance does not make you too casual, so you will like various styles from suit to leisure.

The design of this little puff cake in Givenchy is very delicious.


Clarks Originals Kangaroo


Speaking of classic suede shoes, “Clarks” is the representative of England. The brand’s iconic shoes Wallaby is one of the staple foods you want to bring. Over the years, it has been well -wrapped in the excellent comfort of the feet unique to the shoes that people like.


This classic suede shoes are known for their comfort, and purchasing on the Internet is also very active, but I personally think that maintenance is a problem. There have been many articles to introduce the maintenance of suede shoes, but it is not recommended to have large temperature differences in the northeast or northwest region or wind and sand. Big city users buy, after all, the price is there, and each maintenance is required.


RAF SIMONS lack of high -heeled zipper leather boots ¥ 72,000

A pair of “Raf Simons” 2020 autumn and winter runway with a future style, inspired by the “Mars on Mars” from David Bowie? Although it is simple, the carving details on the heel brings a sense of promise to the brand.

At first glance, I thought it was a women’s boots. Check it. The activity of this product is very high. The size of the sale starts from 40 yards to 52 yards. For more pictures, but in this picture, it is really daughter.

Bottega Veneta Silk soles of Chelsea boots ¥ 122,000

“Bottega Veneta” Black Leather Chelsea boots. The beige bottom product is often seen in the 2020 Resort Collection Lookbook. Thick pants look very loose.


A very man’s product. It is recommended that there should be a pair in the shoe cabinet of ordinary men. It does not have to be a brand. The version is good. There are a lot of treasures.


Eytys Black Snake ORTEGA Chelsea Boots ¥ 68,000


From the “EYTYS” shoes popular on the streets of Tokyo, combined with snake patterns and thick soles, choose trendy boots. Its size range is wide, ranging from 24 cm to 31 cm, so I recommend that you recommend it to a gender -free person. The heel is 4.5 cm thick.


Shoe Shoes Series

Maison Margiela Tabi Tabi Lords Leafper Shoes ¥ 119,000

A gem that incorporates authentic items into the iconic brand “TABI” series. The white needle feet on the back create a symbolic contrast.

Personally think that a pair of shoes with a more designed model, the picture of brain supplement is a pair of loafers under a classic suit, a bit sour, but it looks like a certain treasure purchasing and the same model, and it seems to be good. If the price is not expensive, if the price is not expensive, if the price is not expensive, if the price is not expensive, if the price is not expensive, it is not expensive. You can try it.

Miharayasuhiro black snake -like sports shoes

Mixing the “Miharayasuhiro” mixed with the sneakers and sneakers. At first glance, it seems difficult, but because of its excellent balance, it can adapt to various styles. Recommended to those who are tired of classics.

TOGA Virilis Western Broquard Leather Leafer Shoes

Toga is good at expressing a rebellion attitude towards Western form design. It has a silver buckle band and panel, and is equipped with a low heel.

Dr. Martens Loafers Core Adrian


Fracus shoes are known for the popularity of “Dr. Martens”, which is essential to talk about leather shoes. I also want a pair because it is a rubber sole, so it can be worn even in rainy days. COSPA, which can be purchased at a price of about 1,000 yuan, is also very attractive.