Novel: I was so close to Wulin

If you use the vigorous description of a person’s youth, I will definitely have kidney deficiency. There is neither the temperament of a young hero, nor dare to face the cruelty of the street martial arts. Looking at the girl’s back, it is definitely late to speed up.


I don’t like class, so I like to watch martial arts novels, but my biological clock is very developed. A lesson in a total of 2700 seconds. I can predict the ringing bell within 10 seconds.

Since practicing the second magic, I have asked me at the same table, how long will I go to get out of class? Xiaohua is a wonderful girl, and she also likes to watch martial arts novels.

I secretly like Xiaohua. She laughed so beautifully. Like the spring flowers, she blew all my troubles. Xiaohua also had a good opinion of me. She felt that I would martial arts.

Will I say it? On the day of my age, my elders warned me that I must be intellectuals in the future. They knew that I didn’t understand, and for this, they warned the former public opinion investigation.

Normal investigations are one -to -many, and surveys for me are one -paired. The only object of the investigation is me.

I was wearing open crotch pants and sitting on the cymbal with a large split posture. A group of adults put a sickle, an ax, and a book in front of me. It is said that the small superstition of this choice of fate is also known as catching Zhou in the people.

Grab the sickle, which means that I will be a physical worker in the future; grabbing the ax is the elder brother of mixed society;

I lowered my head, stared at the sickle ax and books, and grabbed the younger brother under the crotch. If no one was beside me, I wonder if it is related to the future.


Seeing this, the adults were panicked, and quickly opened my hand and asked me to choose again.

I grabbed the ax again, raised the top of my head, and the crowd on the crowd took a step back. Under the reflection of the setting sun outside the window, the ax hair was dazzling, and I was like the revolutionary fire, which ignited the hope of the whole family.

Suddenly stretched out a big hand, seized the ax, and forcibly stuffed the book into my hands. I was scared to cry. Instead, everyone stared at the book, shouted, grabbed it, don’t let it go!

After a while, the onlookers applauded by the fellows of their fellows, and they told each other in the hutong of the family’s house, amazing that the boy would be able to take the college in the future.

Don’t laugh, the college is as simple as pig arch cabbage today. Unless the cabbage on the shore of Gong Weiming Lake can be admitted to the age of the middle school. The stupid energy of breaking the boat, let alone the salted fish turning over, even the qualifications of lying flat fish dried fish.

Therefore, when the adults see their children grabbing books, they will be full of good expectations, but I did not expect that I caught a martial arts book, and even myopia mirrors were worn by arcade.

Because I couldn’t keep my ax in the age of my age, my military value at school was extremely low, and I could only protect myself with persuasion.

Draw a picture

At that time, the girl liked boys to recognize the word Wenwu, such as Xiaohua, and often stroked the pectoral muscles on Zheng Yijian poster. He said, so handsome, why are you so handsome?

Seeing Xiao Hua Chun’s heart rippling for a piece of paper, I was angry and helpless. I consciously watt and martial arts. Without tattoos, I have reduced points, and the face value is vulnerable. The test paper is directly invalidated!

At the end of the century, the reform accelerated, and the power of the times was like hurricanes of Siberia. It quickly swept the small county town in my growth. All state -owned enterprises in the city, closed down, reorganized reorganization, and low -selling sold.

Those men who have been used to making tea when they arrive at the unit and dedicate their talents to bragging, and those women who are sitting in front of their desks with their clever positions and have their own positions. They are laid off collectively.

For a while, it was dull and desolate. Like all Northeast cities, most of the working class in the city lost the source of income.

Coinciding with the popular mainland of “Guys and Dangerous”, Haonan and pheasant are full of streets and alleys. The fighting Northeast teenagers have been strongly baptized by tattoos and machetes in the three views. The juvenile gang is established.

And those children who grew up in the courtyard, saw the familiar factory workshop full of wild grass, became a wild dog paradise, and saw that the premium slogans filled with the wall became a paragraph. The sense of superiority collapsed.

Fighting has become their defending dignity and continuing to evaluate the traditional alternative method, but the location has changed from the courtyard to the street.

Chengnan Waterfront Gang, the child of the original boiler forging factory, as the name suggests, has a kitchen knife, and all the kitchen knives are raised before the charge, allowing the sunlight to reflect the enemy’s face by the knife surface. After many years, Wu Yusen restored the relevant scene in “Red Cliff”.

Chengbei Mo Mo Gang, from the original wood company, is good at hammer, and each time you snatch the site, a group of home runs will be born. After many battles, the damage rate of the hammer is high and the inventory is short. The abandoned stool legs and head -free mop in the company’s warehouse have become new weapons.

Chengdong trousers with help, the child of the original leather factory, the belt will be pulled out every time he fights, holds his left hand to hold his pants waist, the right hand is a round trouser belt, accompanied by the slogan of “cutting you to you”, and the flying metal pants with the withdrawal. The enemy’s nose bones and nosebleeds fly.

You have to ask, why don’t you tie one pants and one? When auctioned the leather factory, a Zhejiang people came to inspect. Although he did not take over, he took away the inventory in the factory at a low price, which directly caused the belt that was full of toughness to be a weapon was very short.

The west of the city is a family member of the state -owned enterprise employees, and it is also the most stable area in the county seat. After the laid -off wave, it became into the village of Chengzhong.

Therefore, the gang of the west of the city is also called the beggar gang. The difference between the beggar gang and other gangs is that it is not a simple juvenile gang, but also adults and the elderly to join. The institutions are bloated and there are many people.

The beggar gang belongs to the spontaneous organization of the masses. It does not take the purpose of fighting the stick. It rarely conflicts with other gangs. The limited contradictions mostly come from the distribution of the tattered children. The place where the contradictions are resolved are mostly concentrated beside the garbage.

The most mysterious is the butterfly gang. It is said that it is composed of a group of girls. The gang is unknown, the weapon is unknown, the combat effectiveness is unknown, and even the face value is unknown. It is just that there are rumors on the rivers and lakes.

These gangs, in my eyes, are garbage, no, it should be in my mouth.

Because I have an identity that is enough to reborn in front of Xiaohua, I am mixed into the nursing team, which is the root cause of Xiaohua who thinks I will be martial arts.

The teenagers in the society are hot, and the school is difficult to become pure land. Whenever boys who are interested in the hip -hop cause have picked up the table legs and benches, and put them into the torrent of fighting.

Students and off -campus are always unreasonable, and even their identities are overlapping.

Regarding students’ participation in social fights, the school should be overwhelmed and weak in management. He simply engaged in innovation, turning resistance into the motivation, organized the students who loved to fight, set up a nursing team to fight against the various ways of provoking the school.

Don’t say that the members of the nursing team not only have their favorite jobs, but also experience the sense of honor in their posts, as well as the official recognition of the value, and be full of fighting.

Because the school undertakes the accommodation and medical logistics during the battle, the campus has become a Shaolin Temple in the rivers and lakes for a while.

As the veteran of the school team, I joined completely with flickering. Every time I fight, I followed the end and scolded the team with a sound. Once everyone turned around, I always always turned my head and slipped again. Rush on the front and bring the team into a reasonable breakthrough route.

Therefore, I never hang up and become the blessing of the school team. After all, when fighting, everyone is in the blank mode of the brain. No one has paid attention to my performance.

The magical experience of the school team was processed into a martial arts novel plot, and when I took time, I talked to Xiaohua.

I cut a kitchen knife today! When there was only me and Xiaohua left in the classroom, I stuffed the broom in the hands of the small flower while I was talking nonsense. The beggar gang dog stick method is easy to use. On a stick, more than a dozen kitchen knives are flying like snow.

On the same day, it was the turn of our table for school. Xiaohua just took the broom. When I heard me, I stuffed the broom back to my hand and asked me to show the dog stick.

I touched my head, thinking in my mouth, and walked around with a broom as a local flower, and suddenly stopped and said, 呔, can you see clearly?

Xiaohua’s face was stunned and asked, are you singing Peking Opera? I smiled and said, with your understanding of martial arts, if I show the actual killing skills, what can you see clearly? What can I understand? Do I need me to decompose the steps and play back with slow movements?

Xiaohuamu looked at me and was doubtful. I really wanted to pat her head for her.

After a few days later, I wanted to skip classes. I didn’t expect to stab my feet when I turned the railing, and I had to live back to the seat. Xiaohua looked at me and asked, what happened to your feet?

I won’t give up any opportunity to create a hero in front of Xiaohua. By the way, I just brought a few people to the playground to find me to find revenge. When I was overcast, I saw a strip of black shadows and a bouquet of white light to my noodle door. I know that he must use the unique fuse of the trousers to help!


Xiaohua opened his mouth with a big mouth, and his face was incredible. I continued to say that when I saw that Bai Guang struck, I had nowhere to dodge on both sides. I could only show the staircase vertical and pulled up in place. Children, there was still a needle on his feet.

Xiaohua was busy and looked up at my pants legs. There was no redness and swelling on the ankle.

The tip of the needle has been squeezed out with internal power, and the wound has healed with internal power. I imitate the master’s style and continue to pull the egg.

Unexpectedly, from that day, Xiaohua actually entangled me and asked me to teach her light work. I flipped through her eyelids and gave her a pulse again. , Let’s lay the foundation first.

Practicing light work, you need to stick to the squat jump every day. Every time Xiaohua persists in his yard, my advice sounds: when you step on the ground out of a pit, you will find that your body becomes very light lightly. It’s up to the roof in a jump.

Xiaohua squatted for a month, and her yard was cement land without any changes. However, after this exercise, Xiaohua’s leg lines are getting more and more beautiful, the hip curve is getting more and more uplifting, and I have gained unexpected joy.

This kind of light exercise is in the martial arts novel, but I have never practiced, because Xiaohua has read that book, so I would have suffered.

Xiaohua looks good. To put it plainly, it is our class flowers. Many boys are pursuing her. As the same table, I have the advantage of near the water tower, but I just persuade it, because I have no advantages in beauty and grades. Despise any elegant pseudo -mother.

I heard that the teacher arranged for me to be her table at the same table, but I felt that I had no advantages to attract her so that she could study with peace of mind.

In order to get the goodwill of Xiaohua, the only way is to pack what I have seen and heard in the escort team, and then told Xiaohua in a hype tone. Hearing it, she looked at my eyes, and it was yearning for heroes.

Our school team fights, rarely to correct justice, because after the school prestige, the social teenagers went around when they saw the school gate. It’s harmful to the public.

For example, when we eat, drink, and play, we often encounter a century problem such as “what do you dynamic, you can do it,” are inevitable.

Social teenagers must tell the elder brother that the elder brother’s face must not be able to hang up. He will send someone to fight us. The captain must also take it for the official face.

At that time, the group was staged every day. Police Shu Li often ran around the battlefield of various teenagers and was tired of cope. As soon as the police flute sounded, the two sides turned into zero, such as birds and beasts, and only the injured partners were left.

Therefore, 110 at that time, basically only two things, one was expelled, and the other was 120.

The quality of the school team was low, and the team abandoned the purpose of fighting for the classmates. Sometimes even harassing and hurting the classmates. The school was forced to dissolve the school team and established a school security team composed of laid -off workers.

After losing the activities of the activity, the food costs and medical expenses had no reimbursement. The players began to be sluggish. The group building spirit of the test of blood and fire was also invisible under the impact of the market economy.

I told Xiaohua’s martial arts story, and the factors are lacking, and they are getting more and more poor, but I have been unable to extricate myself on the way to seduce Xiaohua, and I have to continue to make up and maintain people.

Therefore, I took the initiative to find back to Yang Yang and let him continue to tell me the battle he had experienced. I needed materials and paragraphs. I need him to open it for me.

Hui Yang, as the old captain of the school team, often wore a pair of white back shoes, which was nicknamed.

Hui Yang listened to the mind, and waved his hand and said that I had already belonged to the hidden rivers and lakes, only to turn the feather into a immortal. Looking at him, I know that the history of the escort team is over. Fortunately, the flesh and blood are still there.

In order to collect materials, I plan to break through the rivers and lakes. On the one hand, I collect information before the war. On the other hand, I prepared myself in Yunnan Baiyao, iodine, gauze, and even a thin iron skin vest. No brother was beaten for me.


If you think that I want to accumulate the experience of rivers and lakes by participating in fighting, it is equivalent to raising my cultivation and degrading my IQ.

These equipment, equivalent to a rivers and lakes thief to prevent accidents when cleaning the battlefield. In fact, these protection is not necessary because I also prepare a telescope.

Na Ying sang well. I want to see this disturbance clearly and clearly.

But I have never encountered a big scene. After the school team is dissolved, other gang fights usually choose to be on the suburbs. When I get the news to rush to the scene, the rack is finished early, leaving only a few of the frightened wild dogs. Staring at humans in the cold wind shivering.

As a warrior who recovered the image of the rivers and lakes, it has been hovering on the edge of the martial arts for a long time. It is not normal. Maybe my sincerity moved God. It finally gave me a chance to return to Wulin. Essence


After school in one day, I accompanied Yang Yang to go to Sanyi Bookstore to borrow novels. I had to walk through a narrow and long hutong. At this moment, the three teenagers were bare -hearted, holding a stick, and welcoming us.

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Draw a picture

Draw a picture

Seeing this scene, I tried my best to hold my urine, knowing that there was a master of fighting Yang Yang, and it was not a problem to settle them. Hui Li Yang put his hands on my shoulder and said, we should not ask about the rivers and lakes, say that we turn around and plan to return to the original road.

As soon as I turned my head, there were three teenagers behind me. They echoed the teenager in front of me and blocked me and Yang Li Yang in the hutong. The scene was like a movie.

Back to Yang Yang said without saying, his eyes closed tightly, his fingers were counted, and his mouth was still thinking. At that time, I still imagined that Ji Yang may be carrying the spirit of Dantian, letting me see what the real martial arts realm is, what is the fighting style of the old captain.

The leading boy stared at us and said, Sun Tzu, I have been looking for you for a long time, and I was finally caught today.

I didn’t squeak, I didn’t want to admit that I was a grandson, so I had to glimpse and glanced back. He also gave me a glance and lay in my ear. For a while, you put on the boy. You bless the body gold cover, and it is okay to keep you.

A person’s guts depends on the kung fu, or it can also depend on the kung fu of the generations. This day is a day when I have the courage to blast. From my joining the nursing team to the dissolution of the team, I will rush to the battle for the first time in the battle. The front line.

I took a deep breath, stepped forward, slapped, and gave the leader’s big mouth.

Guy confused looked at me with a stunned man, and he didn’t believe that I dared to make his mouth actively, which was completely beyond his understanding.

His younger brothers also looked at me, and did not believe in everything in front of him. The elder brother was actually fanned, or he was fanned by a student wearing glasses in school uniforms. This route was wrong.

I rely on, the leader of the young and doubt throwing two words, a big eye gun, overturning me to the ground, the follower of the follower also surrounded, and kicked me again.

In a scolding sound, I heard the last sentence of Ji Yang Yang: I now teach you Ling Bo micro -step, you can keep up with me and keep the society. After speaking, Hui Yang took a small run and did not have a shadow at the corner of the hutong.

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After that day, I knew that the other party was blocked by Ji Yang. He was the captain of the school team, and the rivers and lakes were too deeper.

And he and I belong to the same type of person, all the kung fu, all the records were blown out. At that time, I was still young, and the rivers and lakes experienced shallowly.

I blew into the nursing team by bragging, and Hui Li Yang became the captain by bragging, so he was better than me.

Fortunately, I was just a skin trauma. It was not a big deal. A few teenagers who hit me were not adults, which did not constitute criminal crimes. In the end, I could only find adults to private. I am lucky. After all, most of the fights can’t take the private steps, and it is the norm if it is gone.

Now, in the small flower’s courtyard, six teenagers who beat me stand in front of them, all stand upright, lower their heads, Xiaohua is fanning them one by one, and after the fan is tired, Xiaohua lets them fan themselves, while they are holding themselves, while they are at my palm of them, they are to me while they are holding themselves. I said, Dad, I was wrong.

Xiaohua asked me to hit them casually. I trembled and stretched out my fist, trying to pinch the leader of the young and confused. Instead, he said that Dad hit well.

Xiao Hua was on her waist, standing there and scolded, dare to hit me at the same table. Where can the old lady’s face go?

Yes, Xiaohua is the legendary butterfly gang Lord, the flower butterfly. Her love for martial arts is just a natural revealing of a fascinating predecessor. I didn’t notice it.

The butterfly gang never shows the public with the true face. They are harmless campus girls who are harmless to human and animals. They do not participate in disputes, but the teenager gangs dare to provoke them and will be destroyed in an instant. The largest gang with strength.

There is only one reason. Xiaohua’s father is the director of the Public Security Bureau, and the rest of the butterfly gangs are mostly children of public security. Their cracks for the juvenile gangs are targeted and precise. They can not run away.

Many times, the safety of our campus boys should be protected by a group of girls. At the time, the escort team had repeatedly dealt with it and dealt with it lightly. There were these girls silently supported.

Since knowing the truth, Hui Yang never mentioned his captain’s past, and I also completely dispelled the idea of ​​returning to the rivers and lakes, and started to study at ease; Xiaohua was still the same as before, and returned to the same table to be her quiet and beautiful girl. None of them happened.

The only change is that I dare not bragging again, and even the confession heart died quietly.

Xiaohua occasionally lying on the desk, blinking and flashing big eyes, looking at me with affection, saying: I still like what you believe when you have been bragging before.