What do you say about the English words of the table lamp?

How to say the English words of the table lamp:

desk lamp interpretation: table lamp; table lamp

Phonetic symbol: British [desk l 英mp] beauty [desk læmp]

table lamp interpretation: table lamp

Phonetic symbol: Ying [ɪTe [bl lˈmp] Beauty [ˈTeɪbl læmp]

Reading lamp interpretation: table lamp; reading lights

Phonetic symbol: Ying [ːRi [dɪŋdɪŋMP] Mei [ˈriːdɪŋdɪŋlæmp]

How to say the English word of the table lamp:

1. The desk lamp fell to the foot with a crash.

The table lamp fell to the ground with a rushing.

2. A design of constant Current Led desk lamp controlled by touching.

The design of the Hengliu source LED touches.

3. How about desk lamp? We make it by our our.

How about table lamps? We do one by our own.

4. Wall Lamp, Floor Lamp and desk lamp can make local lighting use.

Wall lamps, floor lamps and table lamps can be used for local lighting.

5. TAKING OUT A New Pad of Paper, he bet the desk lamp down a bit.

He took out a stack of paper and pulled the bench lamps lower.

6. Doodle will turn my desk lamp, dark room.

Dudu will turn off the lamp on the bedside, and the room is dark.

7. Desk lamp. Attach to office panels, Walls, Desks, ETC.

desk lamp. Fixed on office panels, walls, desks, etc.


8. On the level of the computer is a dictionary, a telephone and a desk lamp.

On the left of the computer is a dictionary, a phone and a table lamp.

9. TOM: How About desk lamp?

How about table lamps?

10. Returning to his room, he turned on the desk lamp and too up richthofen’s China.

He returned to his room, opened the lamp, and picked up Li Xipifen’s “China”.

11. The Desk Lamp of Aureate Entablement Also is Communicating Implicative Costly Style.

The golden table lamp also conveys a subtle luxury style.

12. Intropouch of a Kind of Simple Automatic Switch Box of Table Lamp.

A simple desktop automatic switch box.

13. You can lead the table lamp on.


You can let the table lamp turn on.

14. There was a capoon to learn the table lamp and some books.

Learn a cartoon table lamp and some books on the table.

15. I am a table lamp!

I am a table lamp-this is my photo.

16. Or a table lamp.

No longer a table lamp.

17. Still Groggy, Woltz Reacked and Flickled on the Night Table Lamp.

Waltz stretched out his hand and opened the table lamp on the table.


Street lamps, table lamps, bicycle car lights. Flash lamp bubble flash bulbs.

19. Reference Books, Stationry, and Reading Lamp are all arranged properly on the desk.

There are table lamps, stationery and reference books on the desk.

20. Switch to Choose Reading Lamp, Flash Alarm or Turn OFF.

Promote the switch to choose to turn on the lighting alarm or book lamp, and turn off the power.

21. OR PERHAPS It COULD Serve as a Reading Lamp for Digesting Books in the Field.

Or you can use it as a table lamp and make a fine book in Makino.

22. by unfolding it up to make it a reading lamp, good for bedroom and traveling lighting.

Disassembling is a book lamp, suitable for home bedrooms, travel and other lighting.

23. In Sleeping Rooms An Electric Reading Lamp Should Be Installed at the Head of Each Berth.

In the bedroom, a table lamp should be installed on the bedside of each shop.