Wearing this in summer, women’s flavor is bursting! 15 popular 2021 Summer dress recommendations

15 popular summer dress recommendations. Wearing this summer in 2021, women’s flavor is bursting!

1. Fun sleeve top


The elegant horn sleeves are both sweet and cool, and the white top with green pants brings a fresh summer shape.


2. Bowbal bows

The back of the back bows is a product that adds sweet women to the light -familiar woman. For pants, it is recommended to choose casual jeans. Both choose blue to create a popular monochrome.


3. Feifei sleeve top

If you are worried that your shoulders are not good -looking, this flying sleeve top is a good choice. Sweet folds can also enhance femininity, and linen materials create a natural atmosphere. Use light blue jeans with light green, refreshing and fashionable.

4. Bow on the waist bow upper


With a bow in the waist for modification, it not only looks sweet, but also has the effect of improving the waistline. The calm navy blue top with a light blue pleated skirt will make you feel the charm of a light -mature woman.

5. Simple French sleeve top

Although it is a simple tattoo knitted T -shirt, it has sweat absorption and anti -ultraviolet function. It is great to wear it in summer. This French sleeve can also help you enhance the femininity. The wide -leg pants designed with the strap are mature and wonderful.


6. Transparent T -shirt


The transparent material is one of the fashion elements that are popular in summer. Moderate and transparent feeling can enhance light mature femininity. If the accessories are also selected to be unified with beige, although the shape is simple, it is exquisite and casual.


7.Peplum top

The simple casual style of knitted T -shirts and jeans is also very cute, because this is a Peplum top with a horn -like hem. Its length is just covered with hips, so it is very suitable for women with pear -shaped figures.

8. National Wind Printing Dress

The popular ethnic pattern in summer, but this season is recommended to have more modern national wind prints. Black roller tightening the shape, allowing you to have elegant femininity.

9. Lace dress


The hollow lace dress will enhance the romantic atmosphere of wearing! Light -mature women can try this dark pink. It will not be too sweet, and there are V -neck design, which will not make you feel naive girl.


10. T -shirt dress with waist split

This dress is comfortable and casual, but it does not reduce your femininity because it has a waist and front split design. For the shape of this dark dress, colorful accessories will be very helpful.


11. Fresh green horn long skirt

In summer, the bright dress looks great! Why not try this fresh green? It gives people a sense of fashion and maturity. Use a casual canvas sneakers and baseball caps to balance the sweetness brought by the horn skirt.

12. Plant printing skirt

This eye -catching printed skirt has elegant and cute pale purple and yellow patterns. When it is matched with a gray vest, it shows a chic feeling.


13. Plaid pattern half -bodies skirt


The checkerboard pattern of the linen of linen material, the light material does not produce a sense of sweltering. You can get light and elegant femininity by matching brown tops instead of white.

14. Folding skirt

The waist is a folded skirt with a loose band, and the slightly transparent material makes it look light. With a stylish photo T -shirt, as the focus of light -colored shapes, it can avoid monotonous feeling!

15. Monochrome set

For short -sleeved shirts and horn long skirts, you can choose this popular monochrome suit, or you can use it to match other clothes. Light purple feels both gorgeous and neat.