Yang Chao is a good fairy, white long skirt+curly hair style, fresh and sweet like a fairy

White seems to give people a purity of immortality, a white shape, beautiful in the sky, Yang Chaochao’s white dress, bubble sleeve design, fresh and sweet and young, plus the layers of the skirt, there is another kind of one another, there is another kind of layer of the skirt, there is another kind of layer of the skirt. The cake skirt feels, the waist is transparent, sexy and full of feminine charm.

Such a light and elegant shape, so pure, and her hands holding roses, blooming in the wilderness, like a fairy.


Dress matching: According to the fairy dress that everyone wants to see recently, three shapes have been compiled, namely

Long dress, gauze skirt and suspender skirt

Essence Provide you with some matching styles about skirt ~

Not much to say, go directly to the topic!

White dress

If it comes to the immortal item, a white dress is essential,

Lotus -like sleeve design



Waist style



The elegant flying field, the moderate length is just between the calves, which is very temperament. Therefore, let’s talk about the fairy style that makes you beautiful again in this issue.

The white dress is the most immortal single.

▲ Don’t forget


High heel

Intersection Various

Jewelry, accessories

It is also the key to presenting the fairy.

White dress+same color system high heels

, Fairy and tall, and you can also match the same jewelry on the accessories. It is eye -catching and not good.

Lace white long dress

Probably the most immortal and sexy charm in all skirts.


After sexy, it is full of feminine charm, and versatile can switch various shapes, which is very favored.



Design, plus




The skirt is a gauze skirt

Design, with a pair

Crystal high heel

, It’s the focus of the audience, matching

The same hand bag

, Fairy is immediately presented, it is really eye -catching.


White gauze skirt

Lace top+fairy skirt

, I think this is the simplest, convenient and comfortable match ~


Except for lace tops,


Floral element

It is also a good helper to increase the sense of detail.

To sum up for everyone, if you want to wear this immortal style, try the following two matching elements.

Light color+light; light color+intermediate color

▲ Between these two colors can be combined at will, none of them will be wrong.

In addition to the fairy skirt, there is


Gauze skirt

The appearance rate is also very high.

There are many basic items that can be worn in the closet! With a fairy skirt, it really looks good.



In addition to wanting to wear a fairy and a little sexy young lady, choosing such a shape will not make an error, but you can be dignified and elegant, and you are full of fairy.

It is one of the most suitable items in this shape!

▲ The graceful, the immortality is fluttering, it is also suitable for small girls

The suspender skirt should be very classic, like

Pure color, pattern, wave dot suspender skirt


Essence It will not be too fancy to highlight the little sexy.

So if you want to show the immortality and be small and sexy,

Middle long suspender skirt

You can make a reference.

Because the fairy style mainly highlights the fairy sense, it is very suitable for choosing medium and long skirts.

The simple and pure fairy style, beautiful and touching, whether it is usually wearing or traveling, it is very suitable.

When the weather is cold, you can also match a small suit or a small shawl, which can be easy

Highlight the sense of OL, daily commuting

No one ~

▲ accessories selection, with a color or near -color system

Bow or hair accessory,

Add a sense of beauty.