What brand of treadmill is easy to use? What brand of choice is better?

What brand of treadmill is easy to use? Many people are asking “What brand I should buy”? With the growing development of society, there is a lot of brands, and the treadmill is the same. The brand is very important. Many people now use the brand to choose the running machine. Big brand can bring a lot of guarantees to consumers, such as quality and security, there are so many brands worthy of trust. .

Treadmills can be divided into several major categories: domestic low-end brands, international high-end brands, European and American international brands, domestic well-known brands, Amoy brand

Amoy brand: (not recommended to buy) Amoy brand is e-commerce, generally no line of physical stores, repair service points

Domestic low-end brands: (careful choice) Most of the customers are commercial customers, the price is more like: Kangyi, Junxia, ​​a beard

Domestic well-known brands: (can choose) The general production line is particularly perfect, household commercial, aerobic power, quality is more important, such as: Shuhua, Daiyu (Taiwan), British, Joshan (Taiwan), Good Family, Oma, etc.

Europe and the United States International Brand: (recommended) Work quality has reached superior, comparable to high-end brands such as: Reebok, Speed ​​Sole, Aikang icon, It is necessary for Precor, Bh, Harison, Green Greenwillie, Shi Di Fei Steelflex, Lai Shi Bang LifeSpan, etc.

International high-end brands: (more expensive) tens of thousands to more than ten million, such as: Li Jian Lifefitness, Star Star Trac, Terino


Treadmill brand is like Aikang, BH (Bi Aqi), Jin Shis, Star, is necessary, Billion, Sole, Qiao Mountain, Shuhua, Huixiang, etc. are good.

International Brand, a relatively high recommended price: Recommended reason: big brands, lasting, after-sales

Recommended cost-effective domestic brands: Shuhua, Zhengxing, Schphite, etc. Recommended reason: Strike: Quality is in front of the same price, good after sale, motor stable star: can be folded, intelligent Schya Special: The price is moderate, the quality is better in the same price


There is a problem with a problem in the recent network: domestic brand running machine is good or foreign brand running machine? 1. It is better, quality, workmanship, and technology of treadmill production, and the performance of the use of the foreign brands, the smoothness is better, and many old-fashioned treadmills are still used for more than ten years. Quality is The problem, but relatively, the price is not cheap, its price is also more expensive, the same level of treadmill, foreign abroad is more than a good time, it also has some drawbacks: Of course it is also more suitable for European and American people The body, the volume is large, and there is a lot of brands without after-sales service. It is not responsible for repairs; and the domestic brand has a certain after-sales protection, people have bought very relieved, and the domestic brand treadmill in recent years is also rapidly developing. The advantage is that the cost-effectiveness is relatively high. For now consumers, 2-3 thousand can buy a treadmill that all aspects are good, domestic brand treadmills are more in line with the requirements of Chinese consumers and consumption, and the shortcomings are stable. Sexuality may not have foreign brands, sometimes they can’t catch up with foreign brands, but they are very good, and the treadmills of these brands are better, and they are particularly good. Several brands worthy of starting.


The brand of running the train is as important as the selection facade. Everyone can choose the corresponding brand according to their own budget! If you have a physical store nearby, you will go to the physical store to experience your experience! Choose the brand that is right for yourself according to the results of your own experience! Of course, the treadmill has to consider the treadmill configuration in addition to the brand, such as the runner motor, treadmill bandwidth, shock absorption, mute effect, etc.! All in all, I have experienced that myself is good! For the present, the treadmill is a very good fitness equipment, not very big or not, it is also very convenient, you can do aerobics at home, now running in most people in most people. It has been known as the best way to lose weight. For many people, running can exercise, strengthen the body, let people get a tired of the body to relax; for women, they can lose weight, but also have body shaping The effect of the plastic, can also slimly legs; for men, it is good for the health of the body, exercise the chest muscles, abdominal muscles, and the muscles, let themar the strong, but also make physical and mental, so choose a A good treadmill is especially important, choose a good brand more important.