Rainy plays for creative trendy people is more “tide”

■ Don’t think they are wine bottles or furnishings, they are all umbrellas.

Fashionable umbrella.

Reporter Wang Yingda

雨具玩创意 天潮人更“潮”

Recently, Xiamen opened the rainfall mode, and when the rain gear was used, the rain sets in the shopping malls and supermarkets were selling happily. For young tide people, rain tools are not only simple to block wind and rain props, but also show trend and fashionable equipment. The reporter found that there were many fancy rain gear emerging on the streets of Xiamen, which made people shine in terms of creativity, styles, patterns and other aspects.

Before the rainy season arrived, Xiamen merchants prepared all kinds of rainy season supplies early. However, the previously clear weather made the merchants anxious. Yesterday, the reporter visited a number of supermarkets and boutique stores in Xiamen and found that there were still many merchants who were currently promoting rainware.

The person in charge of a supermarket said that unlike in previous years, there was almost no obvious rainy season in Xiamen this year. Recently, the rain may soon end. It has to sell more goods while rainy days to reduce inventory.

雨具玩创意 天潮人更“潮”

“Bottle Umbrella” becomes a new favorite

Don’t think that umbrellas are always like that, in fact, where there is demand, there is innovation wherever there is.

What umbrella is the most popular on the market today? That’s right, the oversized is enough. In the past few days, reporters can always see a few large umbrellas from time to time on the streets. Each of them has a large area, which is enough for three people to use them together. During the rainy days, we brought such an umbrella with a high return rate.

The “wine bottles umbrella” is also a new favorite of young people. This kind of suspected wine bottle is difficult to remind people of a umbrella hidden inside. In addition to the traditional beer bottles and red wine bottles, lipsticks, sports cups and other shapes also appear. When this umbrella is put away, even if there is water on the umbrella, it can directly stuff it into the bottle. Not only is it portable, but it can avoid raining rain on others.

In addition, many creative umbrellas are also very popular. For example, when a sun umbrella, a “magician” color -changing umbrella that transformed into a discolored colorful day. After this umbrella is in water, the original solid umbrella surface will appear pattern. It will disappear again.

It is necessary to remind people that there is a “glowing umbrella” on the market. The umbrella handle is made of LED lamps. Just put the battery inside the handle and press the button. The passing driver sees himself clearly and reduces the risk of travel. This kind of umbrella also has a variety of colors such as blue, red, green, etc. It is believed to meet the personalized needs of young people.

Rainwear to make a trench coat shape

雨具玩创意 天潮人更“潮”

Early raincoats were relatively thick, and most of them were uniform in cloaks, which made people’s inconvenient activities. Nowadays, there are more creative and fashionable raincoats. For example, the raincoat of the windbreaker shape is favored by young tide people.

The reporter found that there are many unique designs of the windbreaker style. For example, some styles are designed with rainproof zipper bags on the outside for wearers to place common small objects such as keys; The body is also conducive to windproof and cold; others have designed adjustable buckles in the cuffs to reduce the embarrassment of wetness in the raincoat clothing, which is very intimate for girls.

In addition to the raincoat of the windbreaker, transparent raincoats have also become a good companion for rainy days. In addition, there are candy -colored semi -transparent raincoats, as long as they are worn with the same color, they look very dazzling.

Fashion rain boots exquisite and beautiful

When it comes to rain boots, the black old image of the citizen impression is too outdated, and now the rain boots can be “flower”. Exquisite heels, almost the same modeling, matte, decorative bands, metal buckle, lace on the well -known brand women’s shoes … Some fashion elements on fashion women’s boots, rain boots are also available, some even crocodile The skin dark lines can also be imitated.

For citizens who like gorgeous colors, fashion rain boots are even more fashionable partners. Jelly colors, dots of size, painted flowers, plaids in various colors … Some online shops selling rain boots, some rain boots are also deliberately designed as round -headed doll shoes with colorful stockings. If girls are matched with lively super skirts and cute umbrellas, the road must be super eye -catching.

Waterproof shoe cover sports style

The impression of waterproof shoe covers is that the rubber paper similar to socks is covered on the shoe, and it is not afraid of stagnant water in the rain. Wearing such shoe covers can still accept it in and out of the room. It is too “earth” to wear on the street. Today’s shoe covers are still full of tricks, color, pattern, and styles, which can be selected at home.

It is more creative. It seems to be wearing a pair of sports shoes. Do n’t worry about the shoe dirty, soaked in water on rainy days, dry it indoors, and you can carry it with you. It is very convenient.


Rainy tricks style Multi -consumer choice to choose room

“I really want to buy one each color for these candy -colored umbrellas.” In the Wal -Mart supermarket in SM, Miss Wang said that she not only purchased the umbrella, but also the “head” of other rainy days, such as high heels, such as high heels. Special shoe cover.

“I usually wear high heels to go out. Although I bring umbrellas and raincoats when it rains, the shoes are suffering and often wet.” Ms. Wang said that with high -heeled shoes, it was difficult to solve.

The reporter saw that the color styles and optional spaces of these high -heeled shoe covers are more, especially on the Internet, you can also buy some translucent, floral or pattern designs.

“Even the shoe cover has become a kind of accessories, which looks much better than the original solid color, and does not need to wear rain shoes, which saves a lot of trouble.” Ms. Citizen Ms. Wandering said.

As for the rain boots, various fashion elements are also injected. Some styles are changing, and the colorful rain boots are selling popular online. Online shop owner Ms. Chen said that the price of rain boots she sells ranges from tens to hundreds of yuan, and the monthly sales are hundreds of pairs.


Style color “Too young” Middle -aged and elderly people with rain boots difficult to find

雨具玩创意 天潮人更“潮”

In another supermarket, the reporter encountered Miss Zhuang, who took her mother to buy rain boots. Although there were many on -site products, they did not choose the right style.

“We have already visited several supermarkets and went to a lot of shoes for shoes, but the styles and colors look young. In fact, my mother just wants to buy a pair of dark rubber shoes or rain boots. Why is it so difficult?” Ms. Zhuang said helplessly that there would be counters specializing in rain boots and raindrops in the mall, but it is difficult to find now. In the next step, they are also preparing to go to the grocery shop around Zhongshan Road to find it. “If you can’t find it, you have to watch it online.”

The reporter found that the rain boots in the supermarket this year are mainly slippers, sandals, and a small amount of rubber shoes, but the styles tend to be younger, and the color is mainly based on more lively candy colors and translucent. In the past, it was monochrome and dark, and there were no patterns. It was suitable for “old objects” such as rain boots and rubber boots worn by middle -aged and elderly people. It was difficult to see in supermarkets and shopping malls.