Cars, schoolbags, fairy tale books … Hundreds of children with severe illnesses received the New Year’s “wish gifts”

Volunteers arrive at the hospital.

The children are happy to participate in the event.

Bring gifts to children.

Half a month ago, someone said to Xiaoqing (pseudonym), “Tell me, my wish, I will help you realize it.” The 6 -year -old Longnan girl thought for a long time and put the little hand in the questioner’s ear. Loudly said, “The doll wearing the kind of skirt.” Soon, the skirt was sent to the Lan University Hospital Ward, but Xiaoqing, who had already undergone surgery, had just been discharged. In order not to let the child’s wish fall, on January 14, the skirt came to Xiaoqing’s home by the wings of love and hope.

Before the New Year, the Gansu Provincial Red Cross cooperated with the “relaxed” volunteer at the People’s Hospital of Gansu Province, the Lang University Hospital, and the Second Hospital of Lan University. Help hundreds of children with serious illnesses realized a small wish.


Netizens across the country helped Gansu children “dream”

In the last week of 2018, the Gansu Provincial Red Cross and the “relaxed” volunteers carried big bags and small bags, and quietly walked into the Gansu Provincial People’s Hospital Cardiology, Lang University Cardiuri, and Lang University Second Hospital The hematology department brings beautiful ribbons, colorful balloons, and the “gifts” they dreamed of in the treatment of child with heart disease and blood disease here.

In December 2018, the Gansu Provincial Red Cross jointly opened the “Angel -Wishes to Travel” Caring for Carefulness and Leukemia Children “public welfare activities. At the beginning of the event, volunteers went to the Gansu Provincial People’s Hospital, Lang University Hospital, and Lang University Hospital to visit hundreds of children with congenital heart disease and leukemia at the age of 14.

“A car”, “a schoolbag”, and “a fairy tale book”, volunteers quickly collected the simple and beautiful wish of children.


Help a child to fulfill a wish. Children’s various “wish card missions” soon announced on the Internet. In just three days, the wish card was claimed by the caring person.

A few days later, mail from all over the country arrived. Open the courier packaging, volunteers’ eyes are moist -it turns out that some people have claimed the wish of “schoolbag”. There are several beautiful picture books …

Children receive “wish gifts”


On December 27, 2018, the “Pig Pig Page” and “Xiong Er” played by volunteers were held in the meticulous arrangement room with the child who was treated in the Heart Surgery Department of Land First Hospital and sent them to send them. Go to “Wish Gift”.

Under the leadership of the volunteers, the children sang and played, and the little face was full of happiness. During the event, the Gansu Provincial Red Cross also presented the “heroic energy package” of the Chinese Red Cross Foundation for children, which contained color pens, building blocks, puzzles, hats and other items.

At that moment, the child’s smile was deeply moved by volunteers. The children’s heart should not only be the fear of diseases, hospitals or life, but should be full of miracles, happiness, and hope. Driving force.

It is understood that since 2009, the China Red Cross Foundation has initiated the establishment of the “Little Angel Fund” and “Angel Sunshine Fund”, which is specially rescued for children with poverty and congenital heart disease for poor leukemia and congenital heart disease. The Gansu Provincial Red Cross has carried out the “Little Angel Fund” and “Angel Sunshine Fund” project since 2013. It has funded 484 children with leukemia and principples, and funded for medical expenses of 14.235 million yuan. In 2018 alone, 115 children with leukemia and congenital heart disease were rescued through this project, and medical expenses were supported by 2.835 million yuan.

During the event, the volunteers of Gansu Mingrui Psychological Assistance Red Cross Volunteer Service Team also carried out one -to -one psychological guidance for individual families. By carrying out parent -child games, parents and children felt the power of persistence in the game. (Lanzhou Morning News reporter Zhao Hui)