Continuous development, Funbo i10 collaborative robot replaces labor and meets high -precision production requirements

With the continuous progress of automobile manufacturing technology and the continuous optimization of technology, glue technology has been widely used in major automotive and automotive component manufacturers. The advantages and disadvantages of glue technology will directly affect the performance of the vehicle.

In the context of the continuous improvement of the automation level of the automotive industry and the artificial glue has gradually been replaced by robotics, the Bo Bo i10 collaborative robot gives full play to the advantages of the product, and provides flexibility that can be widely used in application scenarios such as automotive gearboxes and windows. Plastic scheme.


With a small figure with a area of ​​only 1 square meter, it can be quickly deployed to the existing production line according to the characteristics of the parts and the actual space of the assembly station.

In terms of product technology, the Kobo I10 collaborative robot is based on the number of glue surface modulus, and compiled the glue trajectory procedure offline in advance to increase the qualifying rate of one time from 90%to 99%, and the glue joint shooting is half.


At the same time, the amount of adhesive guns at the end of the cooperative robot end of the i10 coordinated robot is uniform, the coarseness of the glue line, the accuracy of the glue control is ± 0.5mm, and it can quickly and accurately complete the glue of each point to improve the product qualification Rate meets the requirements of high -precision production technology of automotive glue.

It is understood that since the production of the cooperative robot in the I10 I10, it can help enterprises to improve production efficiency by 20%, increase product yields by 12%, and reduce labor costs by 30%. raw material.

In addition to the fields such as window coating, gearbox coating, engine coating and other fields, it is also used in the field of lamps and hoods.

It is understood that the use of collaborative robots to carry out high -precision glue technology is of positive significance for reducing production costs, improving production efficiency and product quality.

As a manufacturer with the top nationwide collaborative robot shipments, the Robot Robot is continuously upgraded to the original collaborative robot products, and strives to promote the further development of the automotive industry.