Aya NEO Palm Gaming Machine Experience: Can I really play 3A masterpieces?

When it comes to the Aya brand, even gamers may not be familiar with, but for handheld users, especially players who are obsessed with Windows handheld, they should have heard of it.

In fact, there are not many handheld choices on the market. The most famous one must be Nintendo’s Switch, but most games are exclusive to the platform. It is still too difficult to play games on PCs.

There are fewer Windows handhelds. At present, there are only brands such as GPD and One Xplayer on the market. Aya Neo, which has a lot of players and few products, has attracted much attention.

AYA NEO掌上游戏机体验:真能玩3A大作?

As a hardcore player, I also recently got the first form of officially released models, and no longer need to look at the thirst. In order to make an evaluation for everyone, these days I have been on the envy of my colleagues at work time, playing the game brightly, which feels really cool.

Of course, the business is still done. Next, let me talk about some of the feelings of Aya Neo these days.

The birth originated from love

AYA NEO掌上游戏机体验:真能玩3A大作?

Before introducing this product, let’s talk about the handheld. As the name implies, the handheld is also the handheld game console. Because of the good portability, and aside from many restrictions such as cables, environment, power supply, can play games anytime, anywhere, very popular with players.

Thinking about that year, a simple Russian square machine, although there are only black and white screens, most of the keys are only cross key+AB key, and you can play on the 5th battery. How many people are the best memories in their hearts! Subsequently, from a single Russian cube machine to the world -famous Nintendo Gameboy, and then to the later NDS, PSP, PSV, the handheld grew up with 80/90, is the best partner of everyone.

The hottest Nintendo Switch today can currently be called the perfect combination of writers and handheld forms. Play, even if it is a multi -platform version, PC can still present the best play experience.

Relatively speaking, the game notebook is a mainstream portable solution, but compared to the handheld, the notebook is still a lot bulky. I do n’t say it during the journey. Even if I want to lie on the sofa at home, it is difficult to achieve the notebook computer.

AYA NEO掌上游戏机体验:真能玩3A大作?

It is because of such demands that a group of friends who love games are gathered together. Most of the new teams come from Internet companies such as Tencent and Taobao, and the per capita games are about 30 years. Based on the love of the game, with the goal of developing a high -performance game handheld, the entrepreneurial process began.

AYA NEO掌上游戏机体验:真能玩3A大作?

In fact, before Aya Neo was officially launched, the team also released a “founder version” at the end of last year, using a fully transparent shell. After the team’s long -term test and collected a large number of user opinions, the improved official version of Aya Neo also started sales on the US crowdfunding platform INDIEGOGO earlier this year.

Fortunately, it has obtained millions of dollars of funds for 24 hours, and successfully exceeds the expectations of crowdfunding. This time, I returned to China, and also publicly developed and produced in the whole process of station B. It was time to obtain player feedback and made adjustments. The official and players interacted closely. The atmosphere of communication like friends is also relatively rare in the circle.

AYA NEO掌上游戏机体验:真能玩3A大作?

“Windows Computer” with joystick

AYA NEO掌上游戏机体验:真能玩3A大作?

As mentioned earlier, this is a rare Windows handheld. Its advent is to solve the needs of players to play PC platform 3A masterpieces. First of all, the system is the Win 10 that we are familiar with, and at the functional level, it is not castrated because it is a handheld. From my experience of more than a week, the functions on traditional PCs can be realized.

Do you want to ask if you can work with it? It was natural. I tested common software such as browsers, WeChat, QQ, Office and other commonly used software. It was completely okay to use touch screen operations. If the fingers were thicker, some small buttons were still not easy to aim and it was easy to touch. However, the input can only be relying on the virtual keyboard, and it is still a bit inconvenient. You can solve the additional Bluetooth key mouse.

As a handheld, the joystick and keys are naturally not absent, and the layout is close to Switch. Because I am a senior handheld user, I like this kind of symmetrical key layout. I do n’t need to know the key position. There is no problem with it. The keystock is also very short. There can be clear feedback in the game and quickly complete the operation.

This joystick is very close to Switch, and even suspects that it is the work of the same supplier (without verification, just personal feel). Therefore, the whole operation feels very comfortable and meets my requirements for handheld.

The shoulder keys on the left and right sides are also 4 keys. I believe PS players are familiar. But unfortunately, the LT/RT button is not a linear trigger, that is, only two states are pressed and bounced. There is no process of pressing and pressing. Discounted.

The top is the power button, volume addition and subtraction, headphone interface, and two USB Type-C interfaces. It is worth mentioning that the interface on the right is full-function USB Type-C, which can be external display. And the handheld only acts as the function of the handle (of course), bringing a better gaming experience.

AYA NEO掌上游戏机体验:真能玩3A大作?

The right side is the air outlet, and there is a set of active heat dissipation system inside the fuselage. This is also the basic operation of the PC platform, because running large games requires good heat dissipation, and the handheld will naturally not be reduced in this part.

AYA NEO掌上游戏机体验:真能玩3A大作?

The bottom is the air inlet and a full-function USB Type-C interface. The official will also launch a dock (not available for sale) in the future. You can also connect the key mouse and other peripherals through this interface. Use Aya Neo as a game console to develop more possibilities.

Testing: What is the game experience?

AYA NEO掌上游戏机体验:真能玩3A大作?

For game performance, configuration is naturally important. Aya Neo is currently the only handheld on the market with the AMD Ryzen 5 platform. The main configuration is as follows:

Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 4500U (6 Cores)

Graphics card: AMD Radeon Graphic

Memory: 16GB LPDDR4X 4266MHz

Hard disk: 512GB/1TB

AYA NEO掌上游戏机体验:真能玩3A大作?

If you do n’t know about this configuration, you can refer to the notebook platform. Use the Redmibook 16 Ryzen Edition, Dell Lingyue 5000 series, etc. The price is generally around 4,000 yuan. It is currently mainly used for entry -level light and light books. Therefore, from the perspective of configuration, running high -quality 3A masterpieces may be difficult.

AYA NEO掌上游戏机体验:真能玩3A大作?

Of course, it depends on the specific performance in the game. First of all, I believe that everyone is most interested in the League of Legends. This is a very representative PC game and one of the most popular games in the world.

AYA NEO掌上游戏机体验:真能玩3A大作?

First of all, when you log in, you encounter difficulties. The account can be input smoothly. The password bar does not appear any characters with a virtual keyboard. Only external Bluetooth keyboards can be smoothly entered. In addition, because this game was designed for key mouse and mouse, the handle cannot be used. Although the touch operation can also be played, it is too embarrassing. Therefore, key mouse is a must.

In terms of fluency, because this game is not high in configuration, in the case of opening the highest quality, it is maintained above 110fps, so the performance of 4500U is enough to support this game.

AYA NEO掌上游戏机体验:真能玩3A大作?

Next is the Cyberpunk 2077, which is a fire some time ago. Under the highest picture quality, it can maintain the frame rate of 20-30fps and the special effects of sports fuzzy. But when fighting, it will be more difficult, and occasionally there will be obvious stuttering. Adjusting the drawing to medium, although the special effects are less, the smoothness can be improved a lot, and the vehicle collision and the crossfire can be stable to output.

In terms of control, this game is well adapted to the handle operation. The character movement, steering, and weapon aiming can be smoothly operated. If you often play the console game with the handle before, you can quickly adapt.

What surprised me was the performance of radiation 4. Even if the highest picture quality is turned on, it can run smoothly and stabilize above 50fps. And without any settings, you can directly operate with the handle. The interactive function keys are fully supported. After all, this game is originally a masterpiece of the entire platform, and it is very good to experience on Aya Neo.

AYA NEO掌上游戏机体验:真能玩3A大作?

But this is also because the screen resolution of its own is only 800P, which has a relatively low performance load, and it is also helpful for fluency. And this resolution on a 7 -inch screen will not have a grainy sense. If you do not observe it carefully, the perception in the game is not obvious.

Let’s look at the Blizzard game. The first test is Diablo 3. Do n’t worry about the fluency. Under the default picture quality, it will run without any stutter. The problem is that the handle does not support the handle. It can only be played through the touch operation. Fortunately, most of the process of this game is running and brushing materials. It is okay to pass the plot. It will be a bit difficult.

The Overwatch is very good. Under the middle picture quality, it can keep 70FPS operation, which is smooth enough. The operation is also well adapted to the handle, and the movement and skills are smooth. The only problem is that the aiming accuracy of the joystick is slightly worse than that of the mouse. Therefore, the hunting empty and McRele that has higher requirements on the hit rate may not be suitable. Playing Reinhart is very cool.

World of Warcraft? forget it. Although it can run smoothly, there are more than 30 skills in the game. Many people can’t operate with the keyboard, don’t think about the handle.

In terms of heat dissipation, playing for more than ten minutes of Saobu 2077 can make the fuselage temperature reach the highest, and the back of the back is close to 50 ° C. However, such achievements are not much for the PC platform, and the holding part of both hands is only slightly higher than the body temperature of the body of 37 ° C, which will hardly affect the game experience. With a little attention, don’t cover the air inlet without any problem.

PC player’s full scene supplement

I used Aya Neo to play the game for a week. From the experience of various aspects, its performance in the game is still more in line with expectations. Starting, it can meet my needs in performance and operation experience.

It is a little regrettable that its 47WH battery can basically can’t hold it in 2077. Although this result is close to the laptop that is also equipped with 4500U The old Switch is also about 5 hours). It takes about 2 hours to fully charge, and it is acceptable.

However, it is different from the use scene of laptop computers. It can be very comfortable to lie down at home, play on my stomach, and travel outside. Whether it is an airplane or high -speed rail, it can be taken out to pass the time. Than.

AYA NEO掌上游戏机体验:真能玩3A大作?

Of course, the premise of all this is that you are a player who has feelings for handheld games and is not satisfied with Switch and other handheld platforms. You want to play Windows games. Moreover, the price of 4999 yuan (500GB) is not cheap, and you can already buy two Switch.

In summary, it is more suitable for a set of Windows table/laptop with better performance. Most of the time, it can be used to play games, but it needs to be used frequently, or you want to use a handheld manager to fill in some lightweight games that are lightweight games. Users (such as repeated mechanical brush equipment) users.

If AYA will launch a higher performance configuration later, or optimize the handle operation in its own system, so that it supports more Windows games that did not adapt the handle, maybe the market prospects will be better.