Frye Fryo Jackson Boot Men’s Leather Boots $ 109.13 (about 730 yuan)

Fle Frye is the oldest shoe brand that has been operating so far in the United States, and has always enjoyed a reputation in the field of shoe making. Since its establishment in 1863, after the American Northern and Southern War and World War II, Frye made up the upper with top -level full -grained leather, with leather and high -quality rubber soles. The above quality is famous. Even Roosevelt and Wild Cavaliers are Frye boots that are simple and simple and popular.

These Frye Jackson Boot 8 -inch men’s boots have a retro appearance and traditional shoelace design. Gorgeous oil suede upper, toe and heels are polished, smooth leather lining, leather insoles, polished brass accessories, and the heel and durable leather soles. made in America.

FRYE 弗莱 Jackson Boot 男款真皮中筒靴 $109.13(约730元)


Brown color

Price in Amazon in the United States

$ 109.3

It is a good price, the delivery weight is 2 pounds, and the transfer to the hand is probably

730 yuan

(Unduned tax), the boots are still pretty good, the middle tube brass accessories are more wild, and at the same time, the retro color adds a bit of leisure. For the specific purchase method, refer to the exclusive fool -style Haitao tutorial. For more Haitao information, please move Haitao Channel.

FRYE 弗莱 Jackson Boot 男款真皮中筒靴 $109.13(约730元)

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FRYE 弗莱 Jackson Boot 男款真皮中筒靴 $109.13(约730元)

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FRYE 弗莱 Jackson Boot 男款真皮中筒靴 $109.13(约730元)