Do you need to spend one or two thousand yuan to buy a breast pump? What is the difference between expensive and cheap?

What is the difference between cheap and expensive breast pumps? How to use breast pumps correctly to use its maximum value? I come to put the facts and make sense for everyone. There are knowledge points for experience sharing and pumping milk!


The reason why everyone has this question is that there is a high probability that there are two reasons:



Worried that it won’t be long to spend money, so I don’t want to


Worried that the expensive breast pump is not better than cheaper than cheaper

If you are hesitant for the first reason, then we may wish to see what can I buy for one or two thousand yuan for the mother and baby people?

Just calculate at 1500 yuan:

△ 5 ~ 8 barrels of milk powder can be eaten in about 2 or 3 months;

△ 10 ~ 18 packets of diapers, which can be used up in about 3 or 5 months;

△ 7 ~ 10 verses of the cost of early teaching lessons can be completed in about 5 to 10 weeks;

△ 5 ~ 8 pieces of styles are relatively good for baby clothing, each clothes can not be worn at most two seasons;

△ A babies (commonly known as “two dogs”) babies can be used for about 10 months (but it will not be used every day);

△ A big brand of infants safely raised, about half a year (basically only when traveling by car);

△ It may even be a few meals. After ordering a Pizza Hut three -person set meal for Meituan, it costs more than 200 yuan. Take my younger brother to eat Xibei noodles. The family of four spent 400 yuan … Mowing

Ran Goose!

A 1,500 yuan breast pump can not only better protect the mother’s fragile breasts, but also maintain a stable milk production! Mom may be used every day during breastfeeding, and it is used many times a day!

Especially in the workplace mothers, breast pumps are necessary to go to work with milk! What’s more, a good breast pump is likely to help you save thousands of milk powder money!

Do you think it ’s okay to spend one or two thousand yuan to buy a pawn pump? Intersection

After raising the baby, you will find that in addition to the daily sales products, many things can only be used for a short time. As the baby’s monthly age increases, these things will not be used; at the beginning, you will It is not cost -effective. It is not worth it for a few months to spend hundreds or even thousands of thousands!

But slowly you will get used to it, as long as you really need good things, as long as it is safe and useful for mothers and infants, even if you are more expensive, you will still buy it! Rather than trying and error, it is better to buy the most reliable!


If you are hesitant for the second reason, then we might as well take a look at these two or three hundred cheap breast pumps and one or two thousand dollars. What is the difference?

As a first -child and second -child bottle breasts, the mothers who use breast pumping milk to adhere to Dabao and Erbao for weaning only, I have a speech on the use of breast pumps!

After I gave birth to a child, I had no experience. When I prepared for the production, I prepared a breast pump of more than 300 yuan. After I gave birth, I bought a more than 1500 yuan breast pump.

There is really no harm without comparison. It is better to know that it is obviously expensive!

的 The difference between design and structure (excluding the core technology part of the host):

Let’s take a look at the basic structure of the breast pump. As shown in the figure below, no matter what price, the most basic and most important accessories are


Breast mask (horn cover), suction silicone and suction duck brap valve (vacuum valve)

, The remaining accessories include dust cover, bottle, connecting tube, etc.

I found 3 different brands (more well -known), good sales, and price of two or three hundred yuan on the Internet.

(Including the brand I used when breastfeeding Dabao), you can find:


These 3 brands have only one standard model horn without exception, and the size cannot be replaced

This is just like you only buy clothes to buy clothes. Although you can wear the average from S to L, you can wear the average, but it is not so fit.

Is the size of the horn cover important? Very important! The horn must be matched with your breast size and nipple length!

I will talk about this later.



The suction silicone of these 3 brands is “bowl -shaped”

One of the brands simply called this accessory as “cylinder” silicone, in short, all shapes like a small hat.

3) The two suction valves of these three brands are shown in the figure below. What are the problems with this design?


I have used it, I know, that is, I can’t wash it at all!

Washing the sponge can’t get in, the straw can not be brushed,

Completely completely sanitary Jie Corner! It is simply for obsessive -compulsive disorder!

Another brand is a little better. As shown in the picture below, the texture of the silicone is slightly soft, but if you want to completely clean it, you will inevitably squeeze with your hands. If you repeat this, you must cause the valve deformation to affect the product performance.

4) There is something invisible to be invisible

A cheap breast pump does not have a special closed system, milk or moisture will enter the host parts


As a result, the host is slowly damaged, so the performance will become worse after a period of use.

One or two thousand yuan of breast pumps are based on the popular “Beruk” and “Delle” brands in the market as an example. In contrast to the above three points, let’s see how the expensive breast pump is different:

In addition to the benchmarking horn cover, there are different sizes to choose from

Moms can choose freely according to their breast conditions.

2) Suction silicone is not bowl -like, but as shown in the figure.

This is actually a technical innovation. The suction of this design will be more gentle but powerful

To a greater extent, reduce pulling and increase comfort.

Berk’s suction power silicone

3) The best point of Beruk is the design of the suction valve. It is

Made by the very soft silicone material, it will open the mouth gently when you press it gently

It is very convenient to wash with a soft hair straw! Moms who often pump milk with breast pump know how annoying it is to brush the breast pump and bottle several times a day! so,

It’s really important for easy cleaning, no dead horns, dear friends

Intersection (Delle Si Yun is also very easy to clean, 360 ° without dead ends)

Berk’s suction valve


The host is closed well. The built -in isolation valve can effectively prevent milk and moisture from entering the body

, The absorbing cycle mechanism is not easy to be affected, and it can maintain good breast absorption power for longer.

别 The difference in experience in the experience:

All mentioned above are intuitive differences. We don’t know much about the core technical level.

The advertisements of each brand’s own advertisements are extremely exquisite. It seems that the functions of a breast pump of one or two thousand yuan seem to be a few hundred dollars.

Essence But as the saying goes, “

Do not look at the advertisement to see the curative effect

“, Let’s use the experience.

◎ Use more than 300 yuan breast pump during breastfeeding:

Fortunately, I had dredge the breast tube after giving birth, and the milk was relatively sufficient. I have always insisted on pumping milk on time and emptying the breasts on time. However, there is no problem with less suction and severe milk. However, the process of pumping milk during breastfeeding is really hard and difficult.

1) I bought a unilateral breast pump. After each pump milk is adjusted to the gear that suits you for one hour (30 minutes on each side) or even more, I can feel that the breast milk is basically removed;

2) It is probably that the horn cover is not suitable for me. After pumping milk, the nipples are pulled deformed, red or even red, but I don’t know at the time because of the problem of the horn cover. Woolen cloth.

3) Although it has a massage function, the massage effect is not ideal, and it cannot effectively stimulate the occurrence of milk array.

4) After pumping milk, the breasts appear “small buns” many times, and it hurts when it touches. This is caused by the breast ducts of that part of the area and local milk blocking. After two to three pumping milk after passing, it can be relieved.

5) The noise is really strong and the vibration is strong. Although the web page is written with “mute milk”, it is actually not quiet at all. In order not to affect the baby’s sleep at night, I have to wrap the host in the quilt to reduce the decibel.

Now I want to come, at that time, I really had strong endurance and determination to endure these day and day, and silently insisted on breastfeeding.

◎ Use more than 1,500 yuan breast pump during breastfeeding:

When breastfeeding, I was milk the next day after giving birth. The breast duct was completely blocked, and the pain was dying. I rely on the professional dairy artist to squeeze out the milk manually. At that time, the baby’s small mouth could not breathe, and my milk was very large. The dairy master said that he quickly bought a better breast pump. My husband did not say that he placed an order of more than 1,500 yuan of breast pumps directly on a certain east, and it was used on the day of receiving.


I have to say that this expensive experience is really good. It is definitely not a psychological effect, but it really feels its goodness.

First of all, the size of the horn cover is suitable for you, and the nipples no longer have a sense of pull and swelling; secondly, the massage function of the breast pump is very useful. Massage for a while before pumping milk to better promote lactation; during the pump milk process The amount of milk can be adjusted back to the massage mode, which can effectively stimulate the next milk array. Basically, it only takes 45 minutes to suck both sides.

The noise is also very small during the pump milk. When used at night, the baby was not affected at all.

The most important thing is that during the full breastfeeding period, I never had milk blocking. Only occasionally because the pump milk was not timely and the breasts were too high. You can dredge it for a while.


I asked these friends who used Beruk S1 around me. Their feelings are similar to me, and they all feel very efficient and comfortable. Especially with bilateral breast pumps, it is done for 15 or 20 minutes of pumping milk. While sitting with the baby to play with the milk, it is a artifact to liberate the breastfeeding mother! One of the Baoma first used the other five or six hundred yuan of breast pumps to often buy this Beruk. In her original words, “sucking is very clean, it doesn’t hurt at all. ! “”

The Beruk S1 has a 5th frequency and the 12 -speed suction is adjusted.

In the massage mode, you can simulate the baby’s fast and shallow sucking method, thereby promoting the production of breast spray reflection; in the lactation mode, it can also simulate the baby’s slow and deep sucking method, helping to remove the milk more fully to remove the milk.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that the Beruk breast pump can be installed with a built -in rechargeable battery, which can be used for 3 hours after full charging! Ordinary breast pumps can generally only use battery 5 without a power supply, but

Professional breastfeeding guidance pointed out that when using ordinary batteries, the performance of the breast pump will be affected, and the absorption and frequency will not achieve the ideal effect; while the original built -in battery of Beruk can effectively avoid this problem.

It must be much stronger than we bought the 5th battery ourselves!

Regarding the problem of buying bilateral or buying one -sided, I personally recommend buying bilateral, because I use unilaterally, which is very time -consuming and laborious.

Data show that the use of bilateral breast pumps can save 50%of time and increase the amount of milk by 18%. In addition, you don’t have to worry about the ones on both sides at the same time.

In short,

Under the circumstances that economic conditions can be allowed

, Still try to buy expensive ones. Compared with cheap, its core technology, design and development are definitely more advantageous.

Moms try to treat themselves as much as possible. Don’t be reluctant to spend money for yourself, especially when breastfeeding, you must protect your fragile breasts. Otherwise, if you have any problems, it will be our ourselves!


After talking about the difference between expensive and cheap breast pumps, I also want to popularize some knowledge points with you. After all, it is not useful to buy the best equipment!

The following uses the method of quick questions and quick answers to help everyone get the focus and essentials quickly. All content is based on the proposal of professional physicians’ parenting platform and breastfeeding guidance.


How to choose the right horn cover?

The horn cover is too large: the areola is pulled too much, the nipple expansion is not fully expanded, which will cause poor milk and areola edema;

The horn cover is small: the nipples will be rubbed in the pipeline, and the nipple or nipple root will turn white, causing insufficient milk and nipple edema.

The horn cover is suitable:

In the nipple, you can move freely in the pipeline. There is a distance of 1-2mm between the nipple and the wall of the pipeline.

; No or only a few areolas are pulled into the pipe; there is no pain such as pain, redness and swelling of the nipples and redness after breast absorption; the milk becomes smooth, and the breasts become soft after pumping.

Mother breastfeeding mothers who use bilateral breast pumps need to pay attention to, and the breasts on both sides are also different, so they need to adapt to the horn of different sizes.


Is the breast suction device sucking more easier to suck more milk?

No! NO! NO!

Whether the breast pump can suck enough milk is not “sucking”, but simulates the baby sucking to stimulate the areola and form milk array.

If the pressure suction pressure is too high, it will cause breast discomfort, affect the production of milk array, and even cause nipple edema and damage. When stimulating the milk array, it should be gently inhaled; when the milk array appears, it must be adjusted to the maximum negative pressure that makes you feel the most comfortable.

Q3. The longer the suction time, can the more milk be sucking more milk?

of course not! Again

If there is no milk array, the breast pump cannot suck a lot of milk

Essence The suction time is not easy to stimulate the milk array, but it can also cause breast redness and pain. The control of the breast suction time on each side is a reasonable range in 15-20 minutes.


How to arrange pumping time?

My experience is that the interval between the baby is basically consistent

For example, if the baby eats a meal of milk for 2 to 3 hours within 1-3 months, then the mother also needs to pump the milk once every 2 to 3 hours; and the 4-6 months babies eat each meal every 3 to 4 hours. Milk, then the mother pulls the pump milk interval, pump milk once every 3 to 4 hours. Breastfeeding at night according to the baby’s situation. If the baby breaks up early, the mother needs to start the night pump milk to prevent the milk from blocking milk.

For mothers who want to chase milk, they need to frequently suck breast suction, and move out milk as much as possible each time to increase milk production.



Will the use of breast pump hurt the breast?

Choose the appropriate horn cover, the appropriate negative pressure and frequency, and pump milk on time. In this case, it will not hurt the breast. Therefore, I recommend that you buy a good breast pump and be responsible for your health. Once the milk, mastitis, etc., treatment measures should be taken in time. In some cases, blocking milk is caused by the mother’s own breast duct or too sticky milk. It is not a problem of breast pumps.



How to clean and disinfect breast pumps?

Every time you suck the milk, you should clean the breast pump. Be sure to remove all the parts and clean it. Do not leave the dead corner of hygiene. It is recommended to use the baby’s bottle detergent for cleaning, and it cannot be rinsed with water. After cleaning, put it on the drain frame and dry it naturally. No need to disinfect it every time you use it. It is enough to disinfect once a day! It is recommended to use high -temperature steam disinfection or ultraviolet disinfection cabinet.


Can the second -hand breast pump can be used?

Just like the milk suction pump milk mentioned earlier, milk and moisture will enter the host. At the same time, viruses, fungi, and bacteria will also breed and spread. Although the more expensive breast pump will do It is better, but it is still not recommended to buy second -hand. In addition, the service life of the breast pump is limited.

Unless it is a new or only second -hand breast pump that can be used only a few times, this premise is to ensure that the information provided by the seller is real!

Finally remind everyone that you must read the instructions carefully after buying a breast pump! How to assemble, disassemble and clean, massage and lactation mode, etc., be clear and clear!

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