2018 running shoes purchase guide: New Balance running shoes recommendation, review and purchase channel analysis

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I. Introduction

The idea of ​​the system of writing shoes for the system has been lingering in my heart since last year. However, after all, there are many brands and types of running shoes (lightweight, support, cushioning, control, off -road, racing), and many models. It is really complicated to sort out. Think about it in my heart, I have never turned on the computer.

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

The first article to write the first article is also an incentive for yourself, after all, everything is difficult.

When it comes to running shoes, there are many seniors in the station, and they know more than me, and my systematic research running shoes are also in the past three years. However, after all, buying running shoes and detailed explanation of running shoes matrices and introduction of running shoes itself are two yards. Buying running shoes must involve the price of running shoes. If everyone is not bad money, there will be no difficulty in choosing. When it comes to the research of the price of running shoes, I still have the right to speak ~~~

As for why the first article introduces New Balance (hereinafter referred to as NB), it is mainly due to price reasons. NB belongs to many running shoes in China and Haitao’s prices.

Note: The NB running shoes introduced in this article does not include NB’s huge retro running shoes (casual shoes, sports shoes) sequence

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

In this article, you will be able to see the following

Analysis of New Balance Running Shoes in 2018

2018 New Balance running shoe matrix

2018 New Balance some shoe -type reviews

Analysis of New Balance Purchase Purchase in 2018

Note: This article has a total of about 9100 words. It took a week to write it.

2. Technical Analysis of New Balance Running Shoes in 2018

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

The current seven major factories in running shoes (Nike, Adi, San Kangni, NB, Article, Mizuko, Brooks), NB and Mizumo have lagged behind from the update of running shoes technology, and NB is compared to Mizumi. Even more optimistic. Below I will introduce some NB running shoes in the order of new to old.

Hyposkin upper

HYPOSKIN upper: Apply laser cutting technology to the upper. Different density laser punching. In the case of increasing elasticity, the weight of the fabric is greatly reduced, which is a high -extension upper. It is as thin as the second layer of the skin on the foot, which greatly reduces the heat of the running. (The above content comes from NB Taiwan’s official website and online evaluation)

The laser cutting technology sounds very high. At present, the Hyposkin upper is only used on the new Fresh Foam Lazr series running shoes and Fresh Foam Zante V4. From the evaluation and reviews of overseas websites, the fit is better. It is comfortable and lightweight, and the reputation is good. If it can be applied to other types of shoe types, maybe it can be used as Nike’s flying line and Adidas’s Primeknit upper.

Fuelcell midsole technology

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

Fuelcell midsole: TPU foam and nitrogen injection combination of midsole materials.

FUELCELL midsole technology is first used in NB’s current flagship lightweight running shoe Fuelcell. N2 nitrogen ospermia is generally used for NB’s high -end running shoe sequences, and the idea of ​​injected N2 into TPU materials is indeed unique.

However, FUELCELL’s midsole is stiff, belongs to a hard and bombarded foot feeling, and the weight is too heavy, so it does not set off a huge wave. Since the release of FUELCELL running shoes last summer, only the top support running shoe 1260V7, which was listed last fall, used fuelcell. The technical difficulty caused the cost and output insufficient, and some flaws of the feet and weight may be the main factor that hinders Fuelcell to become a killer. Essence

Trufuse midsole material

Trufuse midsole also belongs to the new bottle of old wine, that is, the upper layer uses good elastic ACTEVA, and the lower layer uses ABSORB cushioning. This material is currently used in two top -level sequences of 860 and 880.

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

Fresh Foam midsole

Fresh Foam midsole: It is a multi -density smart foam midsole material. Similar to honeycomb design, it plays a support function for the entire midsole. Its thicker full palm foaming material provides a comfortable foot feeling, suitable for daily jogging and medium -speed running. (The above content is from the information of this site)

The NB team has continuously collected a large amount of sports data, including biomechanics, pace stress mode, and runners’ shoes to create a more comprehensive big data cushioning technology for Fresh Foam, providing suitable shoes for different types of runners.

Although they are the same midsole, through different density and honeycomb shapes, they can create running shoe sequences from entry to top -level, from cushioning to supporting different styles.

For example

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

It is significantly different from Fresh Foam Boracay V2 (cushioning type)

In the Fresh Foam Lazr series of running shoes, the Fresh Foam midsole has a new change. It uses laser cutting technology to effectively reduce the wall material of the shoe, improve the elasticity of the midsole, and increase the comfort of wearing. Looking at the picture, it can be clearly seen that after the laser cutting, it is no longer a bumpy Fresh Foam.

Other technology

Fantomtape upper

: Taking the “muscle effect” as the creative concept, the design is issued and issued a protection and extension support upper for women’s training shoes WX811

Rapid Rebound midsole

: High -rebound midsole technology, mainly applied to racing and lightweight running shoes. The rebound is 17% higher than the ordinary midsole.

Cush midsole

: The elastic midsole of one -piece molding is softer than EVA, providing a better cushioning effect. Mostly used for low -end running shoes sequence

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析


: The upgraded version of the top, but it is also mostly used for low -end running shoe sequences.

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

At tread outline:

The entire rubber outsole is suitable for multiple terrain, which is mostly used for off -road running shoes.

Heat Foil geothermal barrier layer

: Use the foil insulation characteristics to install the insulation foil material on the soles to form the thermal insulation layer to prevent the ground from conducting heat. Suitable for some NB running shoes for summer.

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

3. 2018 New Balance running shoe matrix (as of March 2018)

In a professional running community, the 2017 NB running shoe matrix has been described very detailed. Because of copyright, there will be no article here. You can search on Baidu according to the keywords.

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

The article was very specific, and I introduced each pair of shoes very thoroughly. I can only be regarded as a campaign, add some of the running shoes I know to get a 2018 matrix. Dare not guarantee how perfect, but try to avoid making mistakes. If there is a leak, please point out in the comments.

New Balance’s running shoe sequence is very chaotic. From the naming, it is named after the midsole, such as the flagship lightweight running shoe Fuelcell, the Fresh Foam series of running shoes that everyone is familiar with; Top -level cushioning sequence 1080 and 1260 of the top support sequence; there are also named after the characteristics of the shoe type, such as the Vazee style series that is almost eliminated, the successor of the VAZEE series Fuelcore series, focusing on the summer night night wind series of the summer, competing Quick running shoe Hanzo shadow warrior series; there are professional NBX product series, and the NBX series running shoes are named after the numbers.

In this article, I still follow the rules that everyone is familiar with,

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

According to the classification rules such as cushioning, support, control, lightweight, and racing, sort according to positioning from high to low from left to right

Make a picture.

It seems that the effect on a picture is a bit bad, so I cut the picture again

This should be able to see a little bit clearly ~~~

Fourth, 2018 New Balance some shoe -type reviews

Some of the pictures of the running shoe matrix are on the official website of the NB of NB, and some of the data and content listed below also have some of them from the NB US official website. In terms of functionality, the significance of some low -end running shoes is not significant, and the running shoes I listed in the matrix are all in the high -end series, and NB running shoes are currently very good whether it is domestic purchase or Haitao. Although the price is not necessarily compared to some other running shoes factories, it is highly cost -effective.

And there are some running shoes. Although there are still on -selling at home and abroad, they are already in the stage of discontinued production abroad. Some of these shoes are the previous generation products (such as Vazee 2090), and some are sequences that have been abandoned by NB (such as the former. The top control department running shoes 3040, racing running shoes RC1600), I did not put them in the matrix chart.

In this chapter, I will comment on some popular non -popular shoe types to let everyone choose running shoes that suits them.

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

New Balance Fresh Foam 1080v8 top cushioning running shoes

The 1080 sequence has always been the top cushioning of NB. On 1080V5, NB has almost all the top technology to it, the midsole ABZORB+N2 nitrogen shock absorption, fantomfit upper, T-BEAM bridge stable+medial post foot feet Support, but from 1080V6, Fresh Foam began to sing the protagonist as a top cushion, and the 1080 Fresh Foam dosage is one of the highest among all NB running shoes. However, 1080V8 has no particularly big change compared to 1080V7. The outsole and the upper are almost consistent. The main change is that the laser punching design is carried out at the heel after the midsole (it can be clearly seen in appearance).

Considering that the difference between 1080V8 and 1080V7 is not large, it is recommended that you pay more attention to 1080V7. At present, the domestic promotion prices of V7 are basically below half a discount, and Haitao is limited to a low price of about 300.

New Balance 880V8 Top -level cushioned running shoes

There are two 880 sequences in NB, one is hiking shoes, and the models are ww880 (female) and MW880 (men’s); and the second sequence is the top cushioning sequence we are talking about today. 880v8 is a new model just launched recently. Compared with 880V7, the overall change is still not great. The main change is to fine -tune the upper structure. I believe it can fit the foot. At the same time Sacrifice part of the support to improve the cushionivity.

The price of 880V7 has always been high, while 880v6 has already entered the clearance mode, and the lowest price has reached less than 300. However, the upgrade of V7 is quite large than the V6. It is recommended to pay attention to the price of 880V7 after the 880V8 is available. It should be a good price immediately.

New Balance Fresh Foam Boracay V3 cushioning running shoes

The guidance price of BORACAY is 120 US dollars and the guidance price of 880 is close to $ 125, which can also be defined as the top -level cushioned running shoes. But it is completely different from the 880 style. Boracay can be regarded as the weaker version of 1080.

The price -performance ratio of these shoes can be said to be very high, with a daily price of about 350. It can be reduced to 300 when engaged in promotion. It is expected that the price this year will continue to visit. Running shoes for other large manufacturers are basically unlikely to be achieved.

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

New Balance Fresh 840 V3 cushioning running shoes

The number of New Balance models is basically regular. For example, the traditional cushioning running shoes models are ended in 80. The running shoes at the end of 40 generally belong to the control department, such as 3040 that has been discontinued, 1340, and so on. The 840V3 was attributed to cushioning sequence on the official website.

840V3 uses a large piece of ABSORB midsole material with a very thick thickness. Of course, the weight is quite considerable. The data on the official website shows that the weight of the men’s models is as high as 367 grams. The cushioning performance should be very good, suitable for general runners. This pair of shoes is not sold in China. It belongs to the relatively old -fashioned shoe type. Previously, it purchased about 350 yuan in the NetEase Koala Sea. But it is sold out now.

New Balance Fresh Foam Zante V4 Lightweight cushioning running shoes

ZANTE V4 is the recently updated running shoes. The Fresh Foam Zante series has always been a relatively popular series in the Fresh Foam series. Compared with V3, Zante V4 is still relatively large. One is that the upper uses Hyposkin upper. How can the effect be actually inspected? At least the technology gimmick is going up, and the price is consistent with the V3; the second is that from the appearance of the Fresh Foam midsole of the front palm, the laser flushing is performed. Cushioning performance. Men’s weight data is 245 grams, and there are small drops than the 249.5 grams of three generations. It is more suitable for runners who want to speed up and need a certain amount of cushioning performance.

New Balance 1260 V7 top support running shoes

Last autumn products, but so far I only found a media evaluation. New Balance is really micro -style. Even the flagship shoe type has no attention … 1260V7 compared to V6 compared to V6, the biggest change is N2, nitrogen slowly, slowing down nitrogen slowly. The earthquake is promoted into a Fuelcell midsole, and like FUELCELL running shoes, 1260V7 also uses three layers of midsoles (see the picture, the dark blue part, the white part should be ACTEVA and light yellow parts).

I don’t know what the effect of these three layers of midsole, but the shoes must be dripping, and men’s shoes weigh as high as 334.2 grams …

New Balance Fresh Foam VONGO V2 Top -level support running shoes

The same Fresh Foam midsole can derive various types of shoes, which is actually quite powerful. The main changes of the VONGO V2 relative generation are on the upper, which reduces the external plastic support bar in large numbers, and is changed to the inner surround support bar to strengthen the upper. The midsole uses high -density design to increase support.

The guidance price of VONGO V2 is as high as US $ 135. At present, the price of the second -generation VONGO is high, and the minimum price of the first -generation Vongo has exceeded more than 200 yuan. It is basically unlikely to be implemented (alas, this sentence seems to have heard it where he heard).

New Balance 860 V8 Top support running shoes

In terms of technology used, 860 and Vongo are not related. The Trufuse material continues from 860V7 to 860V8, while the inner part of the arch of the arch is added with the Medial Post high-density EVA midsole, and the T-BEAM mid-bridge stabilization system and Asym Counte. High -heeled protection provides strong support. It is very suitable for runners who turn around.

However, 860V7 and 860V8 have not been very suitable for prices. On the contrary, the prices of V6 and V5 in previous generations are pretty good. Considering that V5 and V6 are far away, and the midsole is not upgraded to Trufuse. If you like this sequence, it is still or Waiting for the good price of V7 and V8 is more suitable.

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

New Balance 940 V3 supports running shoes

840 was placed in the cushioning sequence by the official website, and 940 was placed in the support sequence. The full-handed ABSORB midsole, high-density Medial Post combined with the T-BEAM mid-bridge stabilization system. In terms of support performance, it exceeded 860 and has biased the control system.

This pair of men’s models with high weight of 408 grams can be seen that it is definitely real material, but most of them are not suitable for this pair of shoes. If there are serious feet, you can consider a pair. These shoes are not available in China, and the price of Haitao is not cheap.

New Balance 1540 V2 top control running shoes

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

Although these shoes are called top -level, the price is also the most expensive in the control department (the guidance price is as high as $ 165), but it is not as good as 1340V3 in performance. The positioning on the official website is to control running shoes.

The 1540 model is the same as running shoes such as 990, 993, 20140. It is made of US products. Because the price is more expensive, the force is high, and there are many dignitaries of Niu X, so they are named for slow running shoes in China. These types of shoes are not functional, and 1540 is closer to traditional running shoes.

New Balance 1340 V3 top control running shoes

Compared with 1340V2, V3 has undergone tremendous changes, cancel N2 nitrogen slow shocks, and then enlarges ABZORB, making these shoes more like the enhanced version of 940V3. Coupled with the T-BEAM bridge stabilization system and Stabilicore support technology, the stability is extremely powerful. Friends who are seriously overwhelming can consider.

The control department running shoe is not available in China, and the price of this pair of shoe is not cheap. If you need to buy friends who run the control department, you can consider the 3040 series that has been abandoned, which is also top -level control, but the price of clearance is extremely cheap. Haitao can achieve a minimum of 300.

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

New Balance Hanzo S Shadow Dancer Series Racing Shoes

The New Balance Hanzo Shadow Warrior Series is the ultimate running shoes designed for the Marathon runner for the Marathon. The Hanzo series is divided into three shoe S (SPEED) models suitable for long -distance marathon runners, R (RACING) models in mid -range, T (Training) models are suitable for runners’ daily training.

As a long -distance racing running shoe, the New Balance Hanzo S series uses a 4mm gap design of the front and rear. The entire sole is relatively thin and the thickest part is less than 20mm. It seems simple, in fact, the technology of New Balance Hanzo S series long -range racing shoes is still very rich in technology. The forefoot uses Rapid Rebound midsole. This front palm midsole has the characteristics of quickly rebounding after cushioning. In the main force area of ​​the front palm, the Dynaride high -grip outsole is loaded. The structure of the outsole micro -triangle is tough and the edges and corners are clear. From the side, it is similar to the nail shoes. The rear palms use Revlite lightweight cushioning midsole, and increase wear -resistant rubber on the surface of the main stress area. The front and rear palms are connected to the transition system of the palm of the front and rear. The support stable film of the middle bridge combines the low difference between 4mm to provide basic guarantees for natural, smooth and stable gait.

Since its release in 2017, the HANZO series has achieved good results in many marathons. HANZO S is more suitable for elite runners, weighing only 185.6 grams, similar to the positioning of the RC1600 series that has been discontinued. Malaysias can consider the master’s pace within 330.

In January of this year, NB announced the signing of the global cooperation agreement with M.Lab, and M.Lab’s therapist is the “Shoe God” Sancun Renji that everyone is familiar with. After creating a very popular Takumi series for Adidas, Sancun Renji and NB have recently performed a new interpretation of the Hanzo series. New Balance M.lab Hanzo has appeared in the Tokyo Marathon.

New Balance 1500 V4 racing running shoes

The 1500 has always been well received in the RC series, mainly because the weight of 1500 is lighter, and the stability is relatively good. Compared with V3 or even V2, 1500V4 is not large. It also uses Fantomfit seamless upper+Revlite lightweight midsole+TBEAM mid -supporting film, suitable for a pair of training racing shoes.

In terms of price, domestic V4 has not yet been listed, and the price of V3 is high, while 1500V2 has always had a good price. Considering that the upgrade is not too large, it is also a good choice to buy 1500V2.

New Balance 1400 V5 Racing Running Shoes

The 1400 series is also a more popular racing running shoes, and there are special New York marathon. I personally think it is pretty good. Use Fantom Fit seamless upper+Revlite midsole. And these shoes are relatively good in racing running shoes. The official website shows 223g, which is pretty good for racing running shoes.

There are already good prices for this pair of shoes, but it is currently known that the original price of 819 yuan is known in China. If necessary, you can pay more attention to the price of Amazon in the United States.

New Balance Fuelcell Top Light Running Shoes

From the technical point of view, these running shoes are definitely worthy of the flagship name. However, the weight is too heavy. Although the official positioning is still lightweight running shoes, the official data shows that the weight of the male model is as high as 295 grams. Lightweight”. You can think of this pair of shoes as a pair of mitigated running shoes. After all, the foot feeling brought by the three -layer midsole should be good.

New Balance 890 V6 Top Light Running Shoes

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

890 V6 is a secondary sequence. The official data of the male model is 255G, which is a lot lighter than Fuelcell. The midsole uses a large piece of Revlite midsole. The shock running shoes, although the amount of Revlite is large, but the weight does not increase, mainly because the weight of the Revlite itself is lighter. The seamless upper and the TPU reinforcement of the forefoot and the outer edge of the front palm are guaranteed to start speed.

At present, the price of this pair of shoes has not come down, but the price of the previous generation V5 is very considerable. At present, the Tmall official flag is the price of 299. It is estimated that it can be cheaper when engaged in activities. V5 and V6 are not the same, but V5 at the dual density midsole is also worth starting.

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

New Balance Vazee Pace V2 Lightweight Running Shoes

The product of the Vazee series has been stopped or replaced by the FUELCORE series one after another. PACE is the highest -end model except for Vazee 2090. The midsole uses REVLITE materials. The V2 and V1 comparison upgrades are not very obvious.

PACE V2 has been a product of 16 years. It has not been updated in 17 years. It may be a singular singing, but in terms of price, low prices at home and abroad are more than 200 yuan. The cost performance is very high. It is suitable for daily training.

New Balance Fuelcore Sonic lightweight running shoes

The Fuelcore series is the successor of the Vazee series, and it is also the main light. Among them, this SONIC personally thinks that there are so many pairs of FUELCORE running shoes, the most handsome is BOA automatic straps, which looks cool. In general, these shoes are like Rush V3 plus BOA turntable.

Sonic upper is made of elastic fabric, and plastic materials are added to the upper to increase stability and highlights of the upper. The integrated tongue, with the newly launched BOA lace system, wraps and locks your feet to increase stability. Boa lace -up system and PUMA DISC system are very acquainted. Rotate the turntable to tighten the steel cable to tighten the upper. The midsole uses REV-Lite Yueyue light midsole, lightweight cushioning; the sole rubber material, non-slip and wear-resistant.

At present, these shoes are high in China, but there are often good prices in Haitao, and there are many joint models in FUELCORE SONIC. The joint model will look better.

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

New Balance Fuelcore Rush V3 Lightweight Running Shoes

Fuelcore Rush V3 is the third generation of Rush. The first two generations of Rush belong to the Vazee series, and the third generation belongs to the Fuelcore series. The midsole is still the constant RevLite.

This Fuelcore series Rush V3 running shoe has just merged into the Fuelcore series from the Vazee series. The upper is made of integrated engineering network cloth, which has stronger ductility and breathability. The midsole adopts the signature Revlite lightweight midsole, which is comfortable and light cushioning. Institute of anti -collision protection, stabilized TPU film later, effectively protecting both feet.

Rush V3 is currently good at Haitao, and the domestic price in Rush V2 can even fall to a low price of about 200 yuan, which is quite cost -effective.

Fifth, 2018 New Balance Purchase Purchase Analysis -Domestic Article

In this chapter, I will introduce some ways to buy New Balance in China. I hope everyone can buy cost -effective and favorite running shoes. If you have any questions, you can search on this site if you have any questions. You can see historical prices and encyclopedia.

Tmall official flag & Jingdong official flag

The reason why Jingdong and Tmall’s official flags are put on the other, mainly because these two stores are a merchant, and the main body of the store companies is New Baren Trading (China) Co., Ltd.

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

During the promotion, the price is basically the same. Of course, sometimes it will engage in brand day activities on Jingdong, and sometimes it will engage in brand day activities in Tmall.

And buying NB running shoes from JD and Tmall’s official flags, the main thing to see is

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

The strength of coupons.

Because the daily running shoes promotional price is basically the same, and the intensity of coupons depends on the final price of most discount running shoes. Generally speaking, during the period of March 8th, 618, Double 11, Double 12, and Dan Dan, Tmall will issue shopping allowances. At this time, it is cost -effective to buy NB running shoes on Tmall. It can appear a particularly good price.

And Jingdong will also issue platform coupons at the same time, and sometimes a large amount of large coupons will be limited, such as 618-500 or 618-300. Essence

Products that are more suitable for purchasing in JD & Tmall’s official flag include the top 1080 series, most of the Vazee series products (PACE, Rush, and Caost), Fresh Foam series running shoes, some low -end running shoes, etc., which are more suitable for buying some times. Top products, such as Fresh Foam Vongo, 890V5, Fresh Foam Boracay, are all 200-300 price interval, and the cost is prominent.

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

Suning Online Market

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

Suning Tesco NB is shipped by famous shoe libraries. Many friends will worry about fake goods. According to the product of the well -known shoe library, it is still positive. Mainly because Suning Tesco often releases large coupons like 599-300, 399-200, and often appear good prices of NB running shoes. As long as Suning Tesco has released the ticket, it is a good time to buy shoes.

NB running shoes that are more suitable for Suning Tesco include Fresh Foam Cruz, Vazee Rush V2, and so on. However, Fresh Foam Cruz’s shoes are mainly casual sports. If you really want to pursue the functionality of running, it may disappoint you.

Amazon China

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

The law of promotions in Central Asia is that there is no regularity, and the Central Asian promotion can hang Tmall and JD. Some time ago, Central Asia cleared the warehouse, and running shoes can actually be three pairs and 20 % off. In addition, it is as low as 5 as low as 5 The discount quotation directly made a lot of historical low prices. And it is a low price of a low price before the hanging price.

And even in normal times, some running shoes will have very good prices, especially when some new shoes, when Tmall, JD.com, and even Haitao are high, Central Asia can always start the first shot of price reduction, especially in particular, especially It is the first half price of the top sequence running shoes. The first half of the 1080V6 and 1080V7 appeared in Amazon China.

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

The more suitable running shoes include some new NB running shoes. When domestic and Haitao sells the original price, Central Asia often has a 50 % discount. In addition, it is appropriate to buy any shoes during the promotion. When Central Asia wants to clear the position, it is the best time for everyone to pick up.

Offline physical store

Don’t underestimate the physical stores, especially the days like Double 11, some shoes of online stores are not discounted, and physical stores may be 50 % off. For example, my previous pair of 1080v6 was purchased at the NB counter in Hangzhou’s Yijia NB. At that time, I only remembered the crowd of people. Everyone bought shoes and picks vegetables, and there were many optional running shoes.

I heard that some Outlet’s NB sold cheaply, and many of them are more cost -effective than online purchases.

Ole purchase

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

The offline physical stores mentioned above, so here is the online Ole store -Ole Shop.

Ole Buy will sell some replacement NB running shoes, but the promotion time is not regular.

Some time ago, there were activities with a uniform price of 259 yuan, such as PACE V2, BOORACAY V2, and even 880v6 for only 259 yuan. 259 you ca n’t buy losses, 259 you ca n’t buy it.

6. Analysis of the Purchase Purchase of New Balance in 2018 -Haitao Chapter

Speaking of domestic channels, naturally I have to mention a Haitao.

First of all, it is necessary to clarify a argument: the price of most NB shoe type Haitao is not available in China

Therefore, as long as you don’t want to buy some specific shoe types, there is really no need to be sea Amoy.

Here I will tell you about Meiya and Joe’s NB Outlet, but neither of these websites can be directly mailing. If you want to buy, please transfer it ~~~

American Amazon

NB women’s models often have a limited size price in the United States, but they are more concentrated in the three sizes of US code 5, 5.5, and 6.

Some running shoes that are suitable for buying include fuelcore Sonic, Fuelcore Rush V3, 1080V7, Fuelcell

These four pairs of shoes are currently not discounted in China, except for 1080V7, and there are often low -scale low prices in Meiya, sometimes even more than 200 yuan.

In particular, it is necessary to talk about Fuelcell. The domestic price has been stable at the original price of 1199 yuan, and the price has long been below the valley at the United States and Asia. I bought a pair of women’s fuelcell only spent more than 200 yuan. Of course, more than 200 is the price of God, and the price limit of more than 300 yuan is actually a lot.

Joe’s nb outlet

Joe’s NB Outlet is equivalent to NB’s official online discount store.

In addition, there is an official eBay store with the same name, but there is no cost -effective thing to sell on the eBay store.

Joe’s NB Outlet has activities all year round, and the shoes inside are basically the shoes of the previous generation. From the perspective of professional running shoes, professional running shoes that often produce special offers include Vazee 2090 and Fresh Foam Vongo. Generally speaking, the price advantage is not great. On the contrary, casual shoes like Trailbuster will sell much more cost -effective than domestic prices.

Seven, summarize

NB was hit hard in China not only lost the Chinese name of New Balen, but also pushed weakly in front of the cottage brands such as New Baren and Newbaron. The brand premium rate has been reduced to a very low level. From the current point of view, NB running shoes have gradually been slightly slightly slightly, and the reputation is getting worse, but it does not prevent the cost -effectiveness of NB running shoes, and at least the masses’ recognition of NB’s brand is acceptable.

This article simply sort out the purchase of NB running shoes, hoping to help you runners.

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at last,

2018年跑鞋购买指南:New Balance 跑鞋推荐、点评及购买途径分析

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