Inventory 2020 | Deeply dig down these shopping centers that opened this year, each of which is a treasure

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E -commerce continues to penetrate people’s daily life, increasingly severe existing commercial homogeneous competition crisis, and emergency public health incidents allow the physical retail industry in 2020 to advance Vegan Valley. According to the statistics,

In 2020, most companies across the country delayed the opening of the new project due to the impact of the epidemic. As of now, this year, about 300 new business centers in the country opened, a decrease of about 35%year -on -year.

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏

However, in such a difficult year, many commercial real estate developers still chose to face the dilemma and move forward. Together with retail brands, they have presented many years of phenomenon -level projects for consumers and markets, providing to boosting confidence in the industry’s recovery. Strong kinetic energy. Based on this, Xingxingyun Shang launched the annual topic -the representative shopping mall or business industry that opened in 2020 to deepen the characteristics and flash points of memory of these projects, and provide reference for people in the commercial real estate industry.

Shanghai Nanxiang Impression City MEGA

One -day micro -vacation resort, refresh the quality business of the Magic Capital Mall record

Opening time: August 25, 2020

Project volume: 340,000 square meters

Shanghai Nanxiang Impression City MEGA, which was jointly invested by Yinli Group and Singapore Government Investment Corporation (GIC), is located in the core location of Nanxiang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai.

It is the largest pure commercial shopping center in Shanghai in Shanghai

Essence The project is based on the historical and culture of the millennium ancient town.

Rebove the immersive experience scene of the Magic Capital Mall


With “crane travel Nanxiang” as the cultural context, three theme atrium three theme of “crane dance”, “crane Ming” and “crane qi” were set up;

Together artists bring the new large -scale public device works to the mall space, including Zhang Zhoujie’s “Wings of the Sky”, Luke Jerram’s “Super Moon”, etc.;

Move the ecological botanical garden into the mall;

Create a 400 -meter long roof starry track …

Picture source: Rui Qiu

Shanghai Nanxiang Impression City MEGA introduced more than

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏

More than 400 all -industry brands

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏


Shanghai’s first store and brand new concept store accounted for more than 40%, and the regional first store accounted for more than 85%.

The first shop in Shanghai has happy twist, elastic orangutan, woopane bakery, fisherman, etc.;

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏

CGV theater, All -Star Skating Club, Sister Bookstore, Wils Fitness, Shangfang Hot Pot, Weilai Automobile and other well -known brands have created brand new concept stores;

It also introduced the online celebrity brands such as Starbucks Selection, Xixue’s tea, Popeyes, Sephora, KKV and other online celebrities;

ZARA, UR and other fast fashion brands;

Adidas Original, Nike Kicks Lounge, FILA FUSION and other trendy sports brands;

Jiutong, Nanjing

Big name

, Dongfa Road • Suzaku hit the furnace and other popular catering;

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏

Children’s educational and such as toy anti -fighting city, Golden Baby, Lenin and other children;

And Feng Ji Nanxiang Xiaolong, Zhan Ji, Boss Fang, Shen Dacheng and other old -fashioned brands.

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏

Hangzhou Tianmu

Writing buildings, art museums, art centers, show fields, hotels, designer brand buyers and other personalized business -oriented Hangzhou new creative landmarks

Opening time: October 18, 2020

Project volume: 234,000 square meters

Hangzhou Tianmu is located between West Lake and Xixi Wetland. It is designed by Jiangnan Buyi Group and GoA Elephanting. It is a personal business business of writing buildings, art galleries, art centers, shows, cinemas, hotels, designer brand buyers Integrated art park.

The overall plan of the project was filed by the Pritzker Construction Prize winner Renzo Piano.

In the diverse space of about 230,000 square meters, Lunzo Piano has designed 17 single buildings with different forms. Created water mirror square.

The facade of the building in the eyes of Tianmu uses clear water concrete with anode oxide craft aluminum plate and ultra -white glass curtain wall.

And green landscape

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏



Clear water concrete engineering is the world’s top clear water concrete construction team -the DOTTOR Group in Italy, more than 100 Italian technical guidance, and built in Hangzhou Governor for 5 years.

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏

About 40,000 square meters of walls in the park are presented by clear water concrete.

Tianmu also invited Paul Kephart, a well -known American plant ecologist, and Masako Shunye, a master of Daiyami Landscape in Japan to make a unique design for the plants and courtyards of the park. From the roof tea garden, terrace garden to the landscape of tree array on the ground square, and sinking courtyard, more than 100 plants have moved in to build this three -dimensional, unique, cross -like plant kingdom.

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏

Picture source: network, global viewing study team, watching the landscape on the road

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏

Among the commercial brands settled in the project, the most influential is one of the 20 most beautiful bookstores in the world by Flavorwire, which has been in the United States.

Mainland Bookstore China First Store


Silver Salt Photo Pavilion, high -end trendy buyer store DrivePro, boutique coffee Seesaw Hangzhou First Store,%ARABICA (Percent Coffee Shop), No. 18 tavern, Chamido Hangzhou City First Store, Cycle & Cycle nationwide House izakaya, B1OCK Fashion Concept Store, Independent Cinema Sanke Piccover, Metropolitan Space, Buyer Department Store -B1OCK Sub -Store

Wait for the social circle to swipe frequently; in addition, the contemporary art museum built with world -class standards, the museum and Tianmu Hotel, will open in 2021 …

Picture source: network, travel all over Hangzhou, DrivePro

Wuhan K11

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏

The three major shock visual atriums and 30 first stores gathered a model of cultural retail body for business upgrades in Central China

Opening time: December 12, 2020

Project volume: 86,000 square meters

Wuhan K11 Shopping Art Center Hall II (referred to as Wuhan K11) is the only large -scale commercial complex that is opened in Wuhan’s inner ring this year. The total amount of the project is about 247,000 square meters. Block Avenue 11. In the space experience,

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏

Wuhan K11 has created the three major themes of “children, ladies, and men” indoors, and 5th -tier high -tech court with visual impact.

The children’s atrium is inspired by the toy production factory, using the design of the conveyor belt, the shuttle door and other shapes, so that the customer seems to be shuttled in a huge and wonderful toy factory; the ladies pink atrium consists of countless pink boxes and a variety of products. It is a blue technology space created by tough design elements such as straight lines, metal, and linear light sources.

Photo source: Hans Han Sheng, New Commercial LAB

It is worth noting that Wuhan K11 prominent “

The first store effect


More than 30 Chinese flagship stores, Huazhong First Stores, Wuhan First Stores and Fashionable New Concept Stores

, Greatly enhance the level of commercial development in Wuhan:

Beauty shop

Most influential: the first Atelier Cologne Ouquan Concept Store, Marionnaud Paris Chinese Flagship Store, Esteé Lauder Estee Lauder’s latest image store, the first Mor Aoya in Central China, the first Eisenberg Ishiger, China Home Juvena Rou Lan, Elixir Yelles nation ’s latest image shop, the first Ya-Man Yameng direct store in Central China, the first ERNO Laszlo Oloren Susu concept store, the new Chanel Chanel perfume and beauty Wuhan K11 special shop;

Fashion retail first store

There are: Huazhong’s first Zhou Dafu’s “Li” theme experience store, the first I-PRIMO in Central China, the first UNODE50 in Central China, the first Studious Tokyo, AG famous collection store Huazhong First Store;

High -end catering settled in the country’s first street • Feitai Meaning Super Flagship Store, the first spicy and joyful in Wuhan, the first two -cricket and Wanjima, fresh and new wishes in Wuhan.

Picture source: new commercial lab

Chengdu Vientiane City Phase II

Chengdu’s main urban area’s largest volume of fashion trend landmarks, over 620 brands settled in reflecting the rich content, uniqueness, and differentiation

Opening time: December 6, 2020

Project volume: 162,000 square meters

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏

The second phase of Chengdu Vientiane City is composed of three buildings, which are B, C, and D (the original Phase 1 is Hall A). Through the concept of the “Hospital”, the four buildings through the connection of 4 Dalian Gallery, 32,000 Ping Plaza, 5 Sinking Plaza, etc., so that the Chengdu Vientiane City is formed as a whole

The form of open neighborhoods and courtyards

Essence After the opening of the second phase, the total construction area of ​​Vientiane City in Chengdu was 730,000 cubic meters, and the overall commercial volume reached

300,000 square meters

, More than 3,000 parking spaces, becoming the largest commercial complex in Chengdu’s main urban area.

Picture source: project, commercial real estate record

Chengdu Vientiane City Entry Brands

More than 620

The second phase includes 320 brands

, Brand topic and competitiveness are reflected in two levels: first

The same brand opens “flagship stores”, “concept stores”, “experience stores” or “commemorative stores”

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏

, To express the richness and uniqueness of the content; the second is

Brand combination is more comprehensive and practical, highlighting differentiation

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏

For example, the clothing brand has different styles and prices such as light luxury, tide brand, fast fashion. Among them, Ted Baker, Karl Lagerfeld, GentSpace, Starbucks ™ coffee • Winery, Huachao, Daqin Xiaoyan and other first stores in the Southwest/City Store, the first Huawei flagship store in the southwest, the first WooderFullife experience flagship store, POPMART, Popmart Urban concept stores, Xiaomi House flagship stores, adidas mini Brand Center, Nike Beacon 1200, and clover FDD and other new city flagship clusters.

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏

Shenzhen Maritime World • Huigang Shopping Center Phase II

New samples of Shenzhen Binhai Fashion Center, condensed in the history of the local business district

Opening time: August 28, 2020

Project volume: 60,000 square meters

Sea World • Huigang Shopping Center Phase II Invitation

British Tomaster Master Tomorrow

As a general adviser to public art, lapse

635 days

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏


7 international cross -border artists

Cross -border construction

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏

12 interactive art devices

Create a new sample of “Art and Literature Energy Center” with cultural and artistic connotation, integrating consumption and living experience. The exclusive project of the project is based on the theme of “Shekou in the Earth Love”

The “Snake Holiness” in the block

The block contains four characteristic interactive scenarios, including Plaza, Haiqi Sales, Wheels of Time, Time Plaza, and combines LED technology elements with Shekou’s unique elements to bring consumers an immersive sensory experience. For example, through the fusion of scientific and technological methods, participating in cycling interaction can travel through the style of the historical changes of Shekou from 1979-2020, and vividly and interestingly restore the development process of Shenzhen Shekou.

65% of the project’s first entry brand

: Show Tangning Bookstore, Zhongcai, Rupert by Rupert Sanderson, BSIJA, Yuewang, and introduce international boutique brands such as Louis Quatorze and Weledn. In addition, there are unique landscape stores surrounded by classic catering brands such as Haidilao, Diandu, Qinghui Xiaoyuan, Xibaiba Noodle Village.

Shanghai Xintiandi Fashion I

Lao Shiku Gate’s existing commercial transformation representative, with Neo Luxury as the core to reshape the trendy new landmark

Trial business time: November 16, 2020

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏

Commercial volume: 24,000 square meters

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏

Shanghai Xintiandi Fashion I upgraded from the former Xintiandi Nanli Mall

Building appearance adopts large -scale glass curtain wall design

, Highlight the transparency, and the core concept of the “open neighborhood”


A large number of logs and green plant elements are introduced inside

, Flexible indoor and outdoor, create an immersive “garden” concept.

Xintiandi Fashion I take Neo Luxury as the core, and is committed to creating a new trend -social landmark of “playing with fun”.

The number of brands has increased significantly from 37 before the transformation. The number of catering choices has increased to three times. The proportion of retail industry has increased by 20 percentage points.

Essence America’s first store, Lenitre Renault French West Point China First Store, PRO101 East China First Store, Public Tokyo Shanghai First Store, United Tokyo Shanghai First Store, Agete’s first flagship store, Cailan Hong Kong -style dim sum shop, Butterful Creamorous Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai Shanghai Black label first store, Tom Dixon’s first brand flagship store in the Mainland, 3CE Shanghai first store, and I.T Xintiandi flagship store, UME Studios Shanghai flagship store, Xiaolongkan 2.0 global flagship store and other regions and nation’s first stores, it also created Foodie Social Southern Food Collection.

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏

Foodie Social Nanli Food Collection is located on the third floor of Xintiandi Fashion I, occupying the area

3000 square meters

, Introduce

More than 30 catering+retail brands

30%are regional and city first stores

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏

Including more than 400 existing foods and many “Xintiandi Cross -Border Old Same” renewal products. Including Mary’s Noodle, Jinhemen Shanghai BrewEry Group, Dajiya Japanese Studios, 3 Chinese Stores, and Haya Bazai’s roasting Dragon roast, exquisite Sichuan cuisine American representative Mu Furong, Taiwan old -fashioned Junyue pork ribs The newborn brand “Dolphin”, the cool and interesting Tangfeng tavern bite gold, etc. According to Xintiandi Fashion I, Foodie Social Nanli Food Collection will carry out cross -border cooperation with various cultural projects in the future. Business strategies will be coexisted with community operations to present a comprehensive social space with food as a language.

Guangzhou Yuehui City

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏

Lingnan Culture, Black Technology and Building Space clever integration of the largest shopping center in western Guangzhou

Opening time: September 26, 2020

Project volume: 280,000 square meters

Yuehui City is the second largest and largest single shopping center in Guangzhou. The project is located at No. 150 West Bay Road in Liwan, Guangzhou. In the design of the theme space of the building, the “Yueyou Garden” is the creative concept, combined with Lingnan characteristics, and the science and technology pioneer with science and technology pioneer. The technique combines natural and local culture and architecture.





盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏


盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏


40,000 square meters

Water Plaza and Shopping Mall created super

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏

2000 square meters

The immersive experience atrium–

Butterfly Dance Square

In addition, it has shaped the northern atrium of the long -flowing time waterfall in Zhushui, and also created the special theme space such as Boyue Ting, Diequy Garden, Huaxing Hall, Caiyun Jian, Tongmengtian Earth, and Dynamic Chao School to create a strong sense of sensory experience.

The consumer group of Yuehui City is positioned with two pillar customer bases mainly family parent -child and young people.

Nearly 300 brands introduced by the project

Including CGV laser IMAX flagship stores with a total area of ​​over 5800 square meters, the first 3.0 new image of 7FRESH, the largest flagship store in South China, Tao Taoju nationwide, the nation’s first banquet theme store, KKV, color tensor nationwide, the first domestic room, the first domestic room Global handles X11 flagship store, Uniqlo city flagship store, Nike Guangzhou’s first SPORT L flagship store, of which nearly 50%are South China or Guangzhou flagship store, and over 60%enter the city west business district for the first time. On the first day of the project opening, more than 300,000 passengers arrived, and in the 8 days after the “National Day holiday” after the opening

as well as

Harvest 1.5 million+passenger flow.

Shenzhen Xilibao Global Exchange

Regional experiential social center with ingenious integration of characteristic space and natural elements

Opening time: September 26, 2020

Project volume: 138,600 square meters

Xilibao Global is located in the area of ​​Xili University in Shenzhen. It is connected to the exit of Tanglang Station D in Metro Line 5. It surrounded by well -known universities such as Southern University of Science and Technology and Shenzhen University Xili Campus. It is the largest shopping center in the area. Essence Project positioning “Full Scenario Art Experience Mall”, with the “double first floor, two blocks, four venues, a ring outdoor leisure square” building space combination,

Significantly blend natural elements with business experience

Essence The specific manifestations in Xilibao Global Hui will have a commercial project, which creates the original IP image “Mr. Rolling” for the project, and integrates the image of the IP image, combined with space attributes, and create a dream scene in many places in the shopping mall to create in order Social interaction and interesting photos and punching cards form a different memory point. On the circular square with a volume of 10,000 square meters, landscape sculpture, art interactive device, cool lights, and fantasy gardens are cleverly integrated with natural elements such as water and wood, which is a good interpretation project as a three -dimensional art experience mall.

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏

Sili Baoneng Global Exchange introduced 300+ special brands, including Wanmai Supermarket, Baoneng Studios, Xiaopa Children’s Children’s Entertainment, New Power Fitness Club, Xinlefang KTV and other main and secondary stores.

Yita Holiday Outlet

400 domestic and foreign brands blessings, MALL+neighborhood architectural form creates South China flagship Outlet

Opening time: August 28, 2020

Project volume: 160,000 square meters

Yitian Holiday Outlet is located in the Grand Canal city -state at the border of Shenzhen. The project is presented in a concentrated Mall+open North American rural style commercial district.

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏

Through the number of social and leisure spaces in series through multiple models, to realize multiple interactive experiences of indoor and outdoor


盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏

International famous product discount+full -format experience type

“Ole form meets the cost -effective consumption needs of the whole family.

Picture source: project, see watermark

The project is divided into north -south districts, introducing domestic and foreign countries at home and abroad

More than 400 brands

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏


90,000 square meters of North District Mall focuses on light luxury fashion, and the merchants have the first COSCIA luxury department store Ole Store in South China

Including the world’s first -line famous products Gucci, Burberry, Emporio Armani, MaxMara, Jimmy Choo, Chloe, Kenzo, etc., as well as international famous stores such as See By Chloé, Agnes B, Sammy, Calvin Klein, David Naman, Daniel HeChy, OSP Light Luxury Collection Store.

The theme of the southern district of 70,000 square meters is based on the movement of the movement

, Bring together head sports brands, such as Nike Shenwanghui’s largest Olai flagship store, Adidas South China largest Olai flagship store, FILA, PUMA, Under Armor Sports directly -operated store, Anta South China largest Ole shop, etc. According to Xing Yunshang, it is learned,

On December 12, the opening scene of the 1500 square meters of Nike double -layer flagship stores was hot, causing a tide of punching cards

Picture source: see watermark

Chengdu Sunacoma

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏

Under the empowerment of cultural tourism, all -guest immersive experience business masterpieces

Opening time: September 19, 2020

Project volume: 130,000 square meters

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏

Chengdu Rongchuangmao is the commercial part of Chengdu Rongchuangwen Travel City. Others also include the world’s largest indoor ski resort, the world’s first Tibetan 羌 ice and snow theme water park, the world’s first Shu cultural theme park, high -end hotel group and other formats. “A Chengdu was opened in nine days, and thousands of households entered the picture.” Chengdu is a poetic city, which has accumulated thousands of years of cultural heritage. The unique terrain and suitable climate of Shu Land are naturally tourist destinations. Regarding the integration of cultural and business travel, industry insiders once said that the three have inseparable inherent connections in culture, commerce, and tourism. The travel is the hub to solve the traffic of the coverage radius; The stickiness of traffic. and

Chengdu Sunac Mao has achieved good realization of “Wenxing Travel, Promoting Merchants with Travels, and Combat Business Travel”

, A rare representative work for the industry and travel industry circle.

Chengdu Rongchuangmao fills regional commercial gaps and introduced

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏

75 Dujiangyan first entered brands

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏

Including Yonghui Supermarket, Wanda Cinema, Skela, Kela Dot, Traveling around the Carnival Parent -Child Entertainment Experience Store, UR, Carl Speed, Southwest Famous Church, and the largest local gourmet theme group in western Sichuan “Taste”. The most worth saying is

Zhongshuge’s most beautiful bookstore’s first shop nationwide first store

盘点2020 | 深挖今年开业的这些购物中心,每一个都是宝藏

The beauty of the store is extremely designed, as if the towering skeleton of the three -dimensional cities in the future, the internal structure of Eshangle style, supplemented by the iconic lights and mirror effects of the Zhongshu Pavilion, creating an unforgettable dream space. It is understood that on the day of opening, punching waves on online platforms such as major news websites, Weibo, Douyin, and Xiaohongshu.

This article was originally created by the Xingxingyun New Media Center. Author: Li Min, the copyright of the article is owned by Xingyun Yunshang; the picture comes from the project party or the network and is not commercial.