Free remote control AI far -field voice control cool 65 -inch P70 smart screen TV

During New Year’s Day, many manufacturers will conduct e -commerce promotions. There are also discounts on the cool P70 smart screen. The 65 -inch P70 uses a 65 -inch 4K LCD screen, with HDR 10 decoding, MEMC dynamic optimization, optical anti -blue light and other color picture quality technology, with the JBL full audio sound system, plus 3+32GB memory And A73*2+A53*2 high -performance processor, the overall configuration is good. Let’s take a look with Xiaobian.

免遥控AI远场声控 酷开65吋P70智慧屏电视

Cool Kai P70 Smart Screen

免遥控AI远场声控 酷开65吋P70智慧屏电视

Optical anti-blue light: high-energy short-wave blue light (wavelength 415-455nm) energy strength released by electronic screen screens such as tablet computers and ordinary TVs is second only to ultraviolet rays. The harmful blue light can reach the retina directly, causing irreversible damage to glasses. Cool Kaishi Lighting Anti -Blu -ray technology adopts spectral translation method. It only translates the harmful high -energy short -wave blue light into harmless long wave blue light. The color gamut coverage is not reduced, and the picture quality is always excellent. Cool Kaikai P70 new flagship sound control smart screen adopts optical anti -blue light technology. After the German Rhein TUV professional certification product screen eye protection function, its Blu -ray standard covers 6 major display areas. By adopting spectral translation, it only translates harmful high -energy short -wave Blu -ray translations. For the harmless long wave blue light, the color gamut coverage is not reduced, so as to really prevent blue light protection, and can enjoy excellent picture quality, which does not affect the visual beauty at all.

Optical Anti -Blue Light

Color image quality: Cool Kai Kai P70 has MEMC sports compensation technology, inserting new sports compensation frames in the original screen sequence, making the sports quality more clear and smooth; equipped with the COO-VISION ultra-picture quality engine, from contrast, clearness, clearness The five dimensions of the degree, color, sports, and noise reduction have been scientifically handled; there are also intelligent partition optical control technology, divided the screen into 5,184 partitions, equipped with 4096 level backlight adjustment, precise control of the light and darkness of each area of ​​the picture, so that each area can be allowed This district can automatically adjust the brightness according to different periods, improve the sharpness and contrast; the intelligent details compensation technology of the super -clear impression processing, enhance the sharpness of the picture, improve the low -definition picture; color.

Picture quality display

Intelligence: Cool Kaikai P70 Sound Control Smart Screen combines AI intelligence, with remote control sound control, and an intelligent housekeeper function. Intelligent voice interaction 180 degrees all -round radio, more than 10 meters long distance recognition, quickly responded at 0.5 seconds, the accuracy rate of recognition is as high as 99.96%, and can connect more than 60 equipment to easily wake up the whole house smart appliances; in addition, cool The P70 also set up a family message board function. Just connecting the mobile phone, you can send a message to the elderly parents in front of the TV, reminding parents for memo.

Metal tripod

Scenario Voice: Cool Kaishi P70 is equipped with Baidu data background, covering 100+ scene services in daily life: hotel, ticket booking, Baidu Encyclopedia, garbage classification, recipes, film and television, life encyclopedia, search and query … you can consult TV for any questions Essence Support 8 rounds of dialogue, 6 dialect recognition, voice map search and other intelligent voice interaction functions. A variety of voice methods can not only perform voice control through mobile phones and remote controls. If the remote control can not find a long -range voice control method, it can also be convenient to be convenient.

免遥控AI远场声控 酷开65吋P70智慧屏电视

Smart home

The voice function of Cool Kaikai P70 is based on Baidu’s artificial intelligence voice assistant, achieving far -field voice interaction with a limit of 10 meters, 180 ° recognition angle, and 99.96%recognition rate. Stand -standing wake -up, user voice instructions can be recognized in a power -powered state. You can use it directly through the shortcut keys of the remote control, or you can use the “TV school” of the mobile app, or you can say “Xiao Wei Xiaowei, what do I want to do”, such as “Xiao Wei Xiaowei, I want to watch movies “Xiao Wei Xiaowei, I want to listen to music” and so on. In the screen state, it can change the speaker in seconds, saying instructions such as “standby” or saying “turn off the screen, turn off the screen, and standby” to Xiao Wei Xiaowei. The response is very fast, and the content recognition is also accurate.

Cool opening system: The system interface of Cool Kaikai P70 is very concise and clear, minimizing the steps of the user’s reaching the content of the content, and supporting custom display. You can increase or reduce the homepage menu according to actual use needs. The system of cool 65P70 new flagship smart screen is rich in content, integrating my, AI entertainment, search, cool circles, selection, film and television, children, VIP, shopping, application, education season (education), sports, games, shorts There are 15 major sections such as video, 4K, etc., and there are nostalgic special sessions, ice and snow, opera, Hong Kong theater, etc. that have not been displayed on the homepage, you can customize the adding plates. The content operation is simple and easy to get started.

免遥控AI远场声控 酷开65吋P70智慧屏电视

More voice functions

免遥控AI远场声控 酷开65吋P70智慧屏电视

Audio: Cool Kaikai P70 supports Dolby panorama, JBL adjustment audio, 40Hz overweight dive, turbine diffusion; creating three -dimensional stereo sound fields, wide range of sound fields, even a large living room of 30 to 40 square meters can be covered; , Support voice adjustment volume.

免遥控AI远场声控 酷开65吋P70智慧屏电视

sound system

Design: Cool Kai P70 adopts the boundless full screen design, the screen is 98.6%, and the greater field of vision brings an immersive viewing experience; the cool P70 sound control smart screen also uses “Sunrise · Impression” as the source of inspiration, and uses hot printed gold as a use as a gold. Border design adds an artistic temperament to the exquisite appearance.

Price: Cool Kai 65P70 currently offers e -commerce at 3499 yuan, which is hundreds of hundreds cheaper than before.

免遥控AI远场声控 酷开65吋P70智慧屏电视

Editor’s comment

: Cool Kaikai P70 is a mid -to -high -end product, which is often sold. Its positioning crowd is urban youth and likes to play. The new cool gameplay of this TV is suitable for them. Yuanchang acoustic control, optical anti -blue light, 3+32G memory combination, full scene AI voice, AIOT, comprehensive function and worth choosing. As a 65 -inch mid -to -high -end smart TV, the price of 3499 yuan is affordable and can be considered.