Global 21 texture POLO brand Daquan

The previous “How to wear a POLO shirt tutorial” mentioned that a good brand is one of the great factors to get rid of the “daddy”.

Throw away those complicated matching rules,

As long as the figure is not pulled down, just one upper body will have a good effect.

Today, 21 brands are organized according to the style type. Although it is not all the POLO shirts, the POLO shirt has its best.


Lacoste & fred perry



Established in 1933, the originator brand of Polo shirt. Seven -time French Open Champion winner

Rene lacoste

Improve the previous long-sleeved sportswear into the current style-POLO shirt, and has become popular in Europe’s high-end “tennis white” dress style.

Fred Perry


Tennis player Fred Perry is a hero in the UK. He has won 10 Grand Slam and 6 doubles championships. In 1952, the retired Fred Perry also made a POLO shirt. Lacoste was athlete’s choice at the time, and Fred Perry made the POLO shirt into a shirt. The fashion items of young people make POLO shirts from sportswear.


Fred Perry M3 is still the most classic POLO shirt style of Fred Perry.




Descente/Original Penguin/Munsingwear

Descente Diste

DESCENTE, relying on skiing sports

Japan is a company that focuses on high -end “noble movements”. The Diste Golf brand has become a high -end POLO shirt brand in Japan with “Made in Japan”, “Advanced Technology Fangs”, and highlighting temperament.

Original Penguin Classic Penguin



It is well known for its legendary golf athlete Arnold Palmer,

The penguin brand has also become a representative brand for golf.


Diste’s brand established in Japan’s independent agent classic penguin,

The product is independently designed by Diste, made in Japan, and takes a high -end route. A POLO shirt is 1500 ~ 2,500 yuan. It only takes 29 knives to Original Penguin in the United States, but it is completely different.

Polo and American style


Brooks Brothers/Vineyard Vines/Ralph Lauren/Abercrombie & Fitch/American Eagle/Chaps/Hollister


American style is the main style of the POLO shirt, with Ralph Lauren Lav Laurun and Brooks Brothers Booker brothers.


Middle -class brands are the choice of successful men in the United States, Brooks Brothers



Modern shirt originator brand, founded the United States in 1818



There are 39 presidents wearing the Buck brothers’ suit at the inauguration ceremony, so they have the reputation of “President’s Royal Clothing”.

Ralph lauren

Although it is much young, it is the most successful start of the commercial route.

In 1972, there were 24 selected polo -style POLO shirts, and it was a design uniform for 8 universities of Ivy League, becoming a rising new middle -class spiritual resonance, and a representative brand of the “American Dream”.


Abercrombie & FITCH


Referred to as “A & F”, a “fast -moving brand” that is longer than luxury brands, which was born in 1892. It is good at making old Vintage style. The version of the shirt is still nothing to say. Cutting the slim body, if the body is good, it will be more prominent, and the body can also help you cover the file.


The other four brands are different from the classic American -style middle class, and they are young people.

Among them Chaps and Hollister


With A & F, the design is more lively and beautiful,


Comfortable and cost -effective.

For example, Chaps inherits many Polo Ralph Lauren experience and advantages, such as version and cutting.

Many POLO styles of Chaps can see the shadow of Polo Ralph Lauren, but the price is basically only one -fifth.


British Academy Wind


Hazzys/tommy hilfiger/beanpole

Europe and the United States are a family. British gentlemen don’t look down on these “fast fashion” brands, so many brands take British style as gimmicks, but they are real Korean and American brands, such as these three.



South Korean brand, belongs to LG, is operating in the country. The brand name comes from the name of the Rowing Club of the Cambridge University in the UK. The POLO shirt is its most important category. It is good at using stripes and more youthful vitality. The domestic style is more mature and formal.


Another giant Samsung Group was established in 1989. It has many similarities with Hazzys. In addition to the same price, BeanPole’s British style is more biased towards British retro. Essence


Tommy Hilfiger


Founded in New York, USA in 1984, it is also the two core brands of PVH Group as Calvin Klein.


Tommy Hilfiger’s POLO colors are vivid. There are basically no high -end fabrics. It is more popular in the domestic Internet circle.


Royal luxury

Sunspel/Orlebar Brown/John Smedley/Thomas Pink

Real British brand, not style brand, specific brand introduction can move “

Polo shirt brand Daquan, how many do you know?

Although the price is expensive, it belongs to the tailor brand of the royal family. Basically, it is the top fabrics of island cotton and Meru Nu wool and cashmere knitting. Very high, after all, many British are also big belly.

Cheap big name


The last two do not need to introduce too much. Where can I choose a big big name? It is Uniqlo and Decathlon. Of course, the latter fabric belongs to the type of breathable sports. Daily wear may be too straight.

And Uniqlo should choose to start during the discount season, especially if there will be more than 100 discounts, it is simply the price of cabbage.

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