Want to wear a pair of Timberland big yellow shoes, open a Jeep Grand Cheronaki to off -road?

This time, the Great Wall Haval Dogs and WEY Tank 300 were very hot. The reason is simple. They take the hard -to -off -road route, and the tough shape has attracted the attention of many straight men. We still want poems and distant places. When it comes to hardcore off -road, a brand can never be forgotten, that is, the originator of off -road, Jeep.

In this Chengdu Auto Show, Jeep hardcore pure medium -large SUV classic model Grand Cherokee, joined hands with fashion brand Timberland, played cross -border, creating “the same road, the same” exhibition area, and jointly conveying brand feelings. It is not difficult to understand the two brands. As the saying goes, everyone wants to have a Jeep to accompany you to fight with the End of the World. Everyone’s shoe cabinet wants to have double Timberland big yellow boots to accompany you to the world. The two brand genes are in line with. Therefore, in the past for a long time, it seems that the “tacit understanding” of old friends has already been established.

Speaking of off -road exploration, Jeep Grand Cherokee is undoubtedly the absolute classic of medium and large SUVs. The combination of the Top Ten Star Pentastar V6 engines of the National Six “Ward of Ward and the ZF 8AT gearbox is low and strong. In addition, this is also one of the few V6 large -displacement self -sucking hardcore SUVs with a large number of domestic markets. The Quadra-TRAC II full-time four-wheel drive system with a low-speed four-wheel drive mode and central differential lock function and Selec-Terrain system equipped with 7 driving modes are its iconic hardware. City travel is very comfortable. In the extreme situations such as snow, sandy land, mud, etc., Jeep Grand Cheronaki can cope with it, as flat as the ground.


The soothing and fatigue technology adopted by Timberland is both comfortable and beautiful, giving full play to the cushioning, and can provide the wearer with comfort and freedom of all -weather. At the same time, high -quality shoe body craftsmanship plus rubber grip tooth tooth tooth to provide excellent durability and grip. The smooth boots and classic color matching are even more handsome and cool. Daily going out of the street can interpret diverse fashionable styles, becoming a must -have versatile item for celebrities.


In the past “tacit cooperation” of the two, the pursuit of the water -related performance is a shot of “a little bit of the heart”. Timberland big yellow boots adopt a wire stitching glue process, with high waterproof performance, 6 inches (about 150mm) shoe body, can ensure the dryness and comfort of the to the greatest extent in commute and outdoor activities. And Jeep Grand Cherokee is equipped with Quadra-Lift integrated air suspension system. The system uses the air compressor to form compressed air and send the compressed air to the air room of spring and shock absorber to greatly adjust the height of the body to the height of the body. The entire suspension level 5 is adjusted, and the regulating itinerary reaches an amazing 95mm. The maximum departure ground clearance of 270mm in the limit state can allow Jeep Grand Cherokee to run freely in the urban water section of many vehicles that generally “lying on the nest”.


At the end

Jeep is famous in the field of car off -road. Timberland is unique in the fashion field. Whether it is the fit of the brand culture or the pursuit of product quality, Jeep Grand Cheronaki and Timberland are like a pair of old friends who constantly write their glorious years in their respective fields. Jeep and Timberland’s strong hands have fully satisfied the dual fun of consumers for urban fashion and outdoor adventure. Therefore, wearing a pair of Timberland big yellow shoes and opening a Jeep Grand Cherokee, to measure the world, I am afraid it is the dream of many men.


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