Putting on a single -board guitar within a thousand yuan, Veazen Feisen VZ200 and Enya X1 Pro are more outstanding than?

When it comes to the guitar with a start of a thousand yuan, the VEAZEN VZ200 series and the Eya X1 Pro are indispensable. Today, they are used as the protagonist of this period.

Veazen vz200



X1 Pro

First of all, from the perspective of the panel, the guitar of the Veazen Fisen VZ200 series uses Sittica Cloud Shanqian board and the Sali backplane. Enya X1Pro, its panel is also the clouds, but the back plate is the rose HPL high -voltage compliance material.

千元内入门单板吉他,VEAZEN费森VZ200和恩雅X1 pro对比谁更出众?

HPL’s material is different from our traditional folk guitar. It is not a three -layer structure (triple board), but a hybrid density board similar to a resin material. We can even understand the hybrid board. In fact, it is a fire prevention. plastic.

But in any case, the Eya X1 Pro is a “synthetic material” guitar. As a musical instrument, its acoustic performance is definitely not as good as log. The surface of the wood is printed and there is no unique texture unique to natural wood. And the sound will appear more stuffy, it is difficult to resonate with effective wood, and the treble part will appear weak.

Therefore, a single -board piano like the VEAZEN VZ200 series is a guitar made by traditional solid wood wood. It is very particular about materials and craftsmanship, and naturally the sound is more than that.

In lacquer art, the light paint surface of the VEAZEN VZ200 series can play a good protective role in the guitar itself. Isolation of wood and the outside world can make the sound of the piano sound more intense and stronger. Essence The matte paint of Enya X1Pro requires more maintenance. Because the wood of its body is directly contacting the outside world, the response to humidity will be relatively large.

In this round of competition, it can be seen that Enya’s configuration is low, and the cloud fir solid wood veneer selected by the Veazen Feisen VZ200 series is slightly higher than the raw material cost than the Yuki and HPL decorative materials of Eya X1Pro. Therefore, in the comparison of material configuration, the Veazen 200 series still has its advantages.

千元内入门单板吉他,VEAZEN费森VZ200和恩雅X1 pro对比谁更出众?

In the competition of the feel, the Veazen VZ200 series feels comfortable, the strings are standard, and the string is comfortable. The status of Enya’s X1Pro’s neck is relatively unstable, and the strings will gradually become higher. It may be that the position of the handle of the guitar changes, resulting in the poor feel in the later period.

In terms of tone, I tried the two guitars. Enya X1Pro’s sound was low -frequency, high -frequency sharp, and the cooperation of the three -tone was slightly cluttered. Compared with the traditional logs, the sound dynamic was lacking. In contrast, the VEAZEN VZ200 series is transparent and clear, warm and bright, and the Veazen 200 series also takes into account the balanced and sweet sound, and has better dynamic drivers.

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In general, the Euna X1 Pro, as an entry -level piano within a thousand yuan price, has been reduced in the material, in fact, the sound quality and sound quality have not been essentially improved. But anyway, at least with the endorsement of the brand, there is a set of guarantee of a set of service systems. In terms of quality control, compared with other miscellaneous “burning fire sticks”, it will still be a lot of peace of mind.

千元内入门单板吉他,VEAZEN费森VZ200和恩雅X1 pro对比谁更出众?

If you want to choose a comprehensive entry list with a relatively high score in the same price, and at the same time, there are certain requirements for the tone, then you may wish to consider Veazen Feisen VZ200 series! In the experience of actual performance, this piano has a very balanced expression on each style. And the face value is quite high! Don’t lose!