Low -priced group Toi travel set, five classic board games, so that children can enjoy the fun of the game, but also improve their thinking

Parents who brought the baby have been tangled: the baby is in trouble, I really want to pull out my mobile phone and turn on the TV. I have come to several episodes of “Pig Pig” and “Wang Wang Team”.

Are there a kind of sadness that I have known each other?

But can’t help but drumming: Children always stare at the cartoon, will it hurt their eyes? Looking at the screen every day, it has always been passive receiving information, which has limited help to the baby’s mental development.

It’s better to come with some high -quality, interactive puzzle games! It is more beneficial to children’s growth.

Today I recommend a good board game that is very suitable for Chinese children–

【Toi Thinking Period Tour Travel Set】

It has five sets of sets to choose from, compact, portable and fun, so that children can enjoy the fun of the game, they can also improve their thinking.

Five classic board games–




, Catch



Each is a popular popular model, which combines a variety of gameplay. The difficulty setting meets the child’s growth needs and ability to improve, so the time span can be played longer.

This board game allows me to help my children the most mindfulness to help children train logic and language.

△ Children’s super love for thinking games, play smart anytime, anywhere




Learn ta in one minute

1. Five classic games, comprehensively improve children’s thinking;

2. The rules are simple, and the young children are easy to understand and get started quickly;

3. The canvas storage bag is strong and durable, easy to carry, and can play everywhere.

Improve your child’s mind

In the toi thinking board game travel set, the most classic is “

“and “


“These two.


Adults can be addicted. With its brain hole, not only decompression, but also a lot of interesting ideas.

After the child gets the hand, give it first

Paste the cute pattern on each side: the fairy tale characters, fairy tale animals, physical movements, daily items, place scenes …


Recognize pictures, read pictures, talk about dragons, brain holes association …


At the beginning, it was very simple. For a while, the child’s thinking and expression would be very different. The content is getting richer and richer, and the sentence pattern is complicated:


This is a dinosaur;

This is a green dinosaur baby, very cute and cute;


This is a green dinosaur. It grew up and broke through the dinosaur egg. It blinked. It was a little hungry to find some food.


The best thing is that these stories are very natural and vivid, bringing children’s unique aura.

You will be amazed, how can there be so many wonderful thoughts in the little brain? I can’t help but envy the imagination of the TAs, and the unrestrained leisurely relaxed.

Occasionally, a few high -level words (such as unreasonable and furious), using the vocabulary and story of new learning is another surprise of ideas!

You don’t need to give a look at a glance, the child can naturally express his thoughts and make the child want to say, speak, and dare to say.

Many European and American schools even use stories

As a child’s spoken expression and writing ability training.

Apart from”

“The other four popular board games also have their own strengths. Five thinking games, covering their thinking ability, each has their own thinking ability, advanced gameplay from easy to difficult, baby thinking ability is more scientific, the smarter the more smart.

Parents who have not been exposed to board games before. If they want to try board games for the baby, they will definitely not be wrong with their eyes closed.

The rules are simple, creating “see-want-move” closed loop

This set of TOI thinking board games is probably the easiest to play and accessories in all the board games. Just open the bag and play. You can get started without setting up scene props.

Take the CATCH game as an example, to find the same pattern, and then answer them quickly, winning the card.

1 Look: Observation card pattern information;

2 Think: Brain -moving judgment, comprehensive thinking;


3 Action: Shout the same pattern and take the card.

This seemingly simple game process requires children to focus on, observe the characteristics of the graphics, quickly find out the same pattern and call out its name. Inside, the eyes and the brain are indispensable to promote children’s concentration.

Why is the Catch game as a classic? It turns out that it also hides an interesting mathematical principle.

The prototype of the Catch game was designed by Jacques Cottereau in 1976. The game is based on a well -known interesting mathematical issue -Corman’s female student problem (also known as women).



Check card,



Symbol, each card is available



Different symbols.



Two cards have the same symbolic pattern.


How to achieve this? The mathematics mysteries hidden here have long attracted many mathematical enthusiasts.

Small and portable, you can play everywhere

This set of board games is specially designed for travel. The exquisite design storage bag. The child can close the cotton rope and go away!


Well, the bag is also very small, almost as big as the palm of the adult.


The card is also relatively small, and the accessories are small. It is not difficult to carry it for children.


Babies can play at home. Family gatherings and go out to take it out, and immediately make a group of children quiet. No, it’s a brain.

There are many ways to play, and you will not get tired for a long time



Logical thinking-Dinosaur Nursing Institute



What makes me the best is to help children train logical thinking ability.

Eggs, eggs, and dinosaurs of the same color can fight together.


Baby and dinosaur baby of the same color cannot fight together. Different colors cannot be spelled together.


The more cards that are spelled out of the pattern, the better the grades. After mastering the rules, we will continue to summarize, summarize more efficient spelling, and exercise logical thinking ability.

If you can already spell a lot of cards, you can also try more difficult graphics challenges, try to spell various graphics!


Gathering pair-fruit pair

Choose a fruit card you like, and then find a fruit card with the same pattern from the table on the table, and stack them together.

Repeatedly until all cards were robbed. People with a lot of cards in their hands win.

This is a competition with speed and eye power to exercise the ability of children to gather.

Regardless of the illustration style and card size, the children’s preferences and habits are considered. When the TAs were playing, they stacked one by one, and they couldn’t stop at all, and they focused on it for a long time.


Yan value-WHO AM i

Good children’s puzzle products should be designed as quiet and flat as possible, reducing excess screen factors, and allowing children to have better focus.


As a face -to -party party, at first glance, I was attracted by Meng Meng’s little monster, which melted my heart! The screen is clean, the appearance is cute, and the vivid place is vivid, just like the characters in the story come out, it is the style of painting that children will like at a glance.

To play with these 12 little monsters, give them a suitable name first!

In the game, you have to name it to the little monster you draw and keep in mind that when you encounter it again, whoever reports it first, who will return all the little monsters in the two cards! See who wins the most small monsters!

This game tests memory. You can name it according to the characteristics of the little monster, which is convenient to recognize it again.

For example: related to appearance (big mouth, long legs)

Related to color (oranges, red beans)

You can also use this card to enlighten English for your children, such as reviewing words and exercising children’s speaking.

Children can take a familiar English name, or the names of the familiar or newly learned vegetables, fruits and fruits, daily items and other names.

I secretly tell you that in the early English teaching class, there will be such a card as a game teaching aid for spoken language.

Big name quality, use it with confidence

This set of thinking board games, TOI from the American puzzle toy brand. Whether it is design or texture, it continues the brand’s consistent high quality.




High -value illustration, improve your baby’s aesthetics from an early age

Mr. Mu Xin, a Chinese contemporary writer, once said, “No aesthetic power is terminally ill, and knowledge cannot be saved!”

The aesthetic thing naturally needs to be grabbed from a young age. Toys that are playing every day, the impact on the baby’s aesthetics cannot be underestimated.

The Toi travel set is such an ultra -high -value children’s thinking board game.


Native environmentally friendly pulp, strong and durable

All cards are suppressed by native white card paper, which guarantees safety from the source of the material. Thickening cardboard is not easy to bend, strong and durable.



Safety test, use it with confidence

Regarding the security issues that parents are very concerned about, we have tested this board game to ensure that the product is non -toxic and harmless, and can give children with confidence.


product details

The rules are simple and small, and children over 3 years old can play! It is particularly suitable for children who have just introduced Zhizhi board games.


Ten minutes a day, playing board games with your children, can not only enjoy high -quality parent -child companionship, but also exercise the baby’s thinking ability, endless fun!

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