Both sound quality, wearing comfortable sports Bluetooth headset Sony Wi-SP500 out of box opening experience

Exercise is the source of all life.

—— Da Vinci

As the footsteps of summer are getting closer and closer, in May, they do not lose weight. It is always boring to run alone. While sweating, some passionate music will reduce fatigue and bring a trace of comfort to your persistence. At this time, it is especially important to get rid of the restraint of the headset cable and make the exercise more free. It is particularly important to choose a suitable Bluetooth headset.

When choosing a headset, put on the three keywords of exercise, wireless, and waterproof. So wandering in Sony’s wireless waterproof sports headset sequence. At about 500 yuan in disposable expenditures, the eyes fell in the following two: Sony MDR-XB80BS and Sony Wi-SP500/WQ. The two headphones of Dafa are similar, and the difference is mainly reflected in the shape and waterproof level. The MDR series of waterproof sports positioning feels slightly higher than the Wi series, but no waterproof level when swimming. Therefore, it feels similar to splashing/anti -sweats and anti -dampness. And the shape of the Wi-SP500 capsule is my dish, so the Wi-SP500/WQ may be more suitable for my choice. Beautiful colors, good sound quality, comfortable wear. This is the way of sports and internal appearance and inner. This is the way of sports products.

JD order screenshots are as follows:

不俗音质,佩戴舒服 运动蓝牙耳机SONY WI-SP500开箱体验

Beginning with face value, being in talented, loyal to character, being infatuated with the flesh, fascinated by sound, drunk in affection.

Boxing map:

不俗音质,佩戴舒服 运动蓝牙耳机SONY WI-SP500开箱体验

Fig 1. Appearance. Just like Sony’s simple wind.

不俗音质,佩戴舒服 运动蓝牙耳机SONY WI-SP500开箱体验

Fig 2. Capsules. It is also the most attractive. Forgot to say, this is white ~

Fig 3. Features. The most memorable thing is the NFC connection. Ding ~ Even the IP4X waterproof, it doesn’t matter if you sweat or something.

不俗音质,佩戴舒服 运动蓝牙耳机SONY WI-SP500开箱体验

Fig 4. Family portrait. These things are accommodated by small boxes. The main body is a headset with two different types of earbuds and headphones carried.

The appearance part (PS: headphones to take pictures are too difficult, and the wire is difficult to reason.)::

Fig 5. Small capsule, the main body on the right, NFC induction area, below is the boot, suspension, and telephone connection to hang up the button.

FIG 6. The outer ear canal of human -machine engineering is soft earplugs, giving the most comfortable wearing posture. The right ear is marked with red, and the left ear gray comments.

不俗音质,佩戴舒服 运动蓝牙耳机SONY WI-SP500开箱体验

Fig 7. Ploping for Sony Dafa, guarding his uncle’s smile QAQ.

不俗音质,佩戴舒服 运动蓝牙耳机SONY WI-SP500开箱体验

Fig 8. Master (right) headset. With two integrated buttons and noise reduction MIC. You can cut or adjust the volume ~

Feeling feelings:

不俗音质,佩戴舒服 运动蓝牙耳机SONY WI-SP500开箱体验

1. The overall feeling is very comfortable, but in order to maintain a high stability in the exercise process, the overall earplug production will be large, and the surface of the earplugs will have raised particles to increase the friction with the outer ear, which will have a sense of expansion. The capsules are very comfortable, and there are anti -slip design on both sides, which will feel a strong texture.

2. In order to run when running, you can detect the surrounding environment. There is no noise reduction design, and the ear canal is not completely separated by the earplugs. Therefore, the noise of the outside world is almost invisible, but you can still hear the whistle of the car. Scarce voice.

3. The operation is very convenient. The connection is through the NFC. It is very simple. It is worth mentioning that it can start the voice assistant and Siri/Bixby perfectly get it.

Summary: It is comfortable to wear, simple operation, and sound quality. Sony is an expert in terms of sports. If you pursue your personality, get rid of the restraint, and make the exercise more free. Perhaps, this headset is the best choice.

不俗音质,佩戴舒服 运动蓝牙耳机SONY WI-SP500开箱体验

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