Photography novices can also easily shoot VLOG, Panasonic G100K micro single camera

Many novices of photography do not know how to choose when buying cameras. I think that the VLOG camera that is not wrong for novices to buy by novices is it, Panasonic G100K micro single camera, picture quality, focusing, color, and volume. It is recommended to shoot vlog shooting. People who need to start!

Let’s talk about the picture quality. The sensor of the Panasonic G100K micro single camera is 1.93 times of 1 inch. It can support 4K 30P/25P and FHD 60P/50P video recording, which is rich in color. The operation is simple, and the novice Xiaobai can also easily adjust it. Like the picture quality requirements of various social platforms, it can be easily satisfied. The performance can be said to be very strong.


Vlogger with outdoor shooting needs must try its five -axis image stabilization function. Under the blessing of the body’s anti -shake, you can also get a stable screen output while walking. And its weight is also very light, 412G is equivalent to the weight of a cup of coffee! It will not be sore for a long time, and it will not take up space in the bag. It is convenient to carry it in the bag. It is very convenient to carry it. Although the camera is small and light, the function is very powerful.


The most important thing is that Panasonic G100K micro single camera can also focus on sound! To put it plainly, it is to automatically adjust the recording range through face recognition. The radio is clear and does not need to rely on external equipment! This camera is very suitable whether it is given to the VLOG by himself, and it is very cost -effective.