“Sporting House” is not a “gymnasium”, wrong is super embarrassing

We know that Sport is “sports”,

Sporting can represent “sports”;

House means “house, house”.

But Sporting House is not a gymnasium and gym.

01, sporting house

In American slang, Sporting House means:

Brothels, casino.

Let’s take a look at the Explanation of the We’s Dictionary:


Ying [ɒBr ]θl], beauty [ˈBrɑːθl]

Noun, indicating: brothel

by the way”


“sporting house”可不是“体育馆”,搞错超级尴尬


Literal means: cat’s house, cat nest,

But in spoken language, it can also be expressed in the brothel.

In addition, “gymnasium, gym” can be used:

gymnasium, (

Can be abbreviated as “gym”


Ying [dʒɪmˈneəziəm], beauty [dʒɪmˈneɪziəm]

“sporting house”可不是“体育馆”,搞错超级尴尬

02. A Sporting CHANCE

Literal means: an opportunity for exercise;

“sporting house”可不是“体育馆”,搞错超级尴尬

Actual representation: there is a chance to succeed.

“sporting house”可不是“体育馆”,搞错超级尴尬

Sporting is not “sports” here,

Instead, it means: great possibility.


He believes his exceriment has a sporting channel of success.

He believes that his experiments are likely to succeed.

03, rock the house

Literal means: shake the house,

The extension is: shock the audience, very popular.

There is no doubt the popular strong rock the house.

There is no doubt that this popular singer will be very popular.

04, house poor

House is a “house”, and Poor is “poverty, the poor”;

People who become poor because of the house are “house slaves”.

Since I use a house, I have become a house poor.

Since I bought a house, I have become a slave.

“sporting house”可不是“体育馆”,搞错超级尴尬