What are the lithium battery protection board and battery management system? what’s the effect?

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Lithium battery protection board

The lithium battery protection board can play a role in charging and discharge protection in the skewers and connected battery packs. The battery is damaged due to discharge. Lithium battery protection board is an indispensable part of lithium battery.

The lithium battery protective board also has a balanced protection effect, with energy consumption and energy -based ways. Energy -consuming equilibrium refers to the loss of excess electrical energy with a battery with a high electrical or voltage of multiple string batteries or a high voltage. Energy -consuming equilibrium is divided into equilibrium at the time of charging, fixed -point voltage, and automatic equilibrium.

Balanced during charging: When charging, when the voltage of any battery is higher than all the average voltage, the protective board starts the equilibrium protection.

Balanced voltage: Lithium battery protective board is set to start a balance on a voltage point, only at the end of the battery charging, and the balanced time is short.

Static automatic equilibrium: During the process of charging or discharge, even if the battery is in static shelving state, when the voltage is inconsistent, the lithium battery protective board will start the equilibrium protection until the voltage is consistent.

The rotor type is to transfer large -capacity batteries to a small -capacity battery by energy storage to detect the capacity of the battery as a balanced capacity. It is divided into a capacity and a fixed -point balance of the capacity.

Battery management system

The Battery Management System is referred to as BMS, which has the function of measuring battery voltage. It also includes battery protection functions, battery balancing functions, battery reserves, energy calculation functions, network communication functions, etc. The battery management system can prevent abnormal conditions such as over -discharge, overcharging, and temperature.

Because lithium batteries may damage battery performance and even cause explosion risk in the state of severe charging and excessive storage state, the existence of the battery management system is to monitor, protect, and balance the lithium battery, thereby improving the efficiency of lithium batteries.

The similarities between lithium battery protection board and battery management system BMS

The lithium battery protection board and the battery management system both protect the lithium battery. The difference between them is:


1. Lithium battery protection board is composed of IC, MOS tube, resistance, and capacitors. It is an important component of lithium batteries. The battery management system can edit and bring its own battery management software, which is relatively intelligent, which is equivalent to the brain of lithium battery to play a control of control.

2. Lithium battery protection board plays an important role in the field of 3C lithium batteries and power batteries, and the battery management system is applied in the field of power battery.

3. The battery management system is better operation than the battery protection board, but the performance in low temperature is unstable.

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