If you want to wear a clean lady this summer, choose white, 17 sets of matching to you, a must -have woman must

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White wearing

is very


It is very simple white, but why is it so popular and popular? Regardless of how the fashion trend changes, white wear has always standing.

One of the most important reasons for white popularity is it

Very versatile

White is the most basic color. It can be matched with any color but it is not violated at all. It can maintain the charm of the color itself, and add a brighter effect.

I want to wear this summer

Clean lady

, Choose white, 17 sets for you, a must -have for intellectual women. The white dress looks simple and easy, but the more simple color matching needs more, the more needed more more than


Match on the ground. want to


“Effective wear


“White, look at Sanmu, the skirts are available, and the dignified and elegant charm makes people fall in love at a glance.

When it comes to white, I don’t know what the costume category that everyone is most thoughtful to.


The presence. The popularity of shirts is almost the same as that of white popularity. Men, women, and children are wearing shirts, and white shirts are

Most representative

Wear items.

White shirt match

Paired with jeans

The way of white shirts with jeans must be familiar with each other. Simple white shirts can be matched with a lot of styles, and there are many colors that can be matched. What style to show what style is matched.



Matching is very strong

Leisure style

The item of denim fabric is a must -have in daily travel. The denim fabric has a tough line, which can make simple pants look more three -dimensional.

Match with knitted vests

The wear of white shirts is very common, for the sake

Avoid a shirt

The occurrence of phenomena can be stacked with different categories and versions.


The method of wearing is

Very fashionable


For two simple clothing superimposed, it can

Enhance the overall level

, Make the overall effect more full.


Knitted fabric

The vests are very retro -intellectual. Women’s wearing vests with sleeves are matched with strong retro style. The weaving fabrics have strong ladylike charm, and they are particularly fitted with the body.

More comfortable.

Women’s dressing is still the skirt. The dresses wearing daily travel have two types: dresses and skirts. The skirts are even more ladylike, especially

Hip style

The skirt and hip -style skirt can make the body curve clearer.

White skirt

Knit cardigan

The simple white hip skirt has a strong charm. The clean effect brought by white and the charming temperament of the hip skirt is very good, so that women

Pure and desired

Very embarrassing. The simple hip skirt is paired with a knitted cardigan, which will have a more mature effect. Look at the comparison

Comfortable and quiet.


The hip -in -style half skirt is an artifact that shows the small waist and hip lines with very good lines, upper body

With a shirt

Perseverance, comparison

Dignified and elegant

There are many types of shirts, and the overall feeling of making shirts made with different fabrics is also different.


Heterosexual shirts with perspective effects will have a stronger fashion effect. At the same time, the perspective fabric can also make the whole person bring some sexy charm.


The style of the top is relatively close to the facial distance and can have a certain impact on the entire face. Therefore, the style and color selection of the upper dressing are more important.


The same

Clean white

Can make the whole person

Looks better

, Showing a very young side, and

Shoulder -length

The style of the shoulder and neck

The lines are more conspicuous,

Have great advantages.

The matching of white pants

Dark colors

The pants are white, and the upper body has two options, dark and light, and the upper body is matched with dark clothing, which will bring stronger the overall


The effect is relatively stable, but there may be some old -fashioned.

When using dark clothing for matching, you can add some comparisons appropriately

Dazzling necklace

Pay the decoration, let the overall picture look at


More layered

, Also very rich.


Paired with light colors

The lower body is wearing white pants, and the upper body is paired with light colors, so




Strong vitality

, Especially with warm colors such as yellow, orange, light green, etc., not only very young, but also very affinity, allowing women to show clean and pure


A sense of intimacy.

These combinations are all packed up and down. Not only should we consider the coloring of the clothing, but also depends on whether the models of different clothing can be combined well. But there is a kind of dressed category more

Easy and convenient


Yes, that is the dress of skirts.

Dress -up version


There are many styles of skirts. I know through the red carpet shape of the stars and the skirts worn during the event. But the skirts in life do not need to be so exaggerated.

Simple suspender skirts use white, both



With another



Charm, at the same time, the good figure is also eager to come out. It is a rare good thing.


Add lace pattern


Embroidery pattern



There is a certain difference between the design and the word,

The style can expose the entire shoulder in the field of vision. If you can show the neck and neck lines, then the shoulder is not only that west, but also allows

Part of the arm lines are also seen

, Have stronger advantages.

White can have a cleaner and pleasant charm, especially in summer, and the temperament of the whole person is simpler and elegant.


Follow me to see more fashion matching skills, enrich the insights of clothing, and be a fashion person who can really keep up with the trend.

Shoulder -length

Shoulder -length