The life circle becomes “deadly circle”? The full moon baby wear this swimming ring to learn to swim, and never come up again

Many novice mothers who are first -time mother are often more likely to be deceived by some parenting rumors due to lack of sufficient parenting knowledge. As long as people say that something is good for the development of the baby, they will easily believe that they never consider and hesitate.

On the day before yesterday, a baby girl in Zhuzhou, Hunan was sweet. Under the supervision of her mother and uncle, she swims at home with a neck circle. Ten minutes later, they poured the children up and found that the child’s neck was scarred and the mental state was not good. They thought that the child was tired and wanted to sleep. When the sweet dad went home, when he teased his daughter as usual, he found that the child was pale and had no response, so he rushed to the hospital urgently. In the end, sweetness is invalid due to long -term hypoxia.


After this incident, many parents began to worry about the safety of their babies wearing a swimming ring.


Determine whether the baby swimming is risky, we should first know the breathing characteristics of the newborn


1. Newborn cervical spine and muscle development are not complete, and the physical posture is wrong. It is likely to block the airway and increase the risk of suffocation.

2. Babies’ mouths are generally large tongue, small oral cavity, narrow throat and vertical.

3. It is difficult to reveal the sound of the baby, so it is very easy to be blocked by the oral secretion. Therefore, we often see that newborns will be stricken by our own saliva.

The risk of babies swimming may exist

1. Use the wrong use of swimming

The baby’s cervical spine is still developing, soft bones, and lack of muscle strength. The neck swimming rings can easily hurt the cervical spine and compress the airway. In severe cases, it will endanger life. In addition, the swimming ring is made of plastic, which can easily cause baby’s skin allergies.

2. Hygiene and safety

The baby’s skin is more delicate and sensitive, and the water quality of the pool is very high. The swimming pool of children’s swimming pools often share a swimming pool with many infants, and it is not frequent to change water, which can easily cause babies to cross infections.

3. Lack of professionals


Baby swimming does have a lot of benefits to infant development, but baby swimming coaches are a profession that has high professional knowledge. Most of the staff of most infant swimming pools now are mostly unlicensed, or the baby career is not available.

Therefore, the problem is not to let the baby swim, but that the child should swim, how to swim, and whom is safe.

Is the risk of swimming in a baby? Is it really just a swimming ring?

Professional agencies specializing in infant swimming have pointed out that the use of neck swimming rings to use necks will not only increase potential risks, but also affect children’s physical and emotional. While this swimming ring supports infants, it also limits their freedom of activity and desire to explore. After the baby uses the swimming ring, it will lack the parent’s company, which may have a negative impact on the child’s emotional development.

For the safety of the baby, it is important to choose the right swimming utensils, but it cannot ignore the attention of the baby. When a baby swimming, it is best to accompany him, which can not only avoid danger, but also improve parent -child relationships.