Warm heart and warmth! Aokang’s “nurse shoes” with “epidemic” side by side

In the beginning of 2020, in the face of the raging epidemic, we ushered in a huge test. In this battle of anti -epidemic, if we see how much loss, sadness and suffering, we can see how many persistence, beliefs and actions.

Faced with the new test and sudden new challenge, we saw such a group of soldiers wearing white “armor”: Nurse nurses of severe patients with new crown pneumonia who worked for twenty days in a row, choked to be a “deserter” ; Yiyi wrote a family book in Hunan Children’s Hospital, Hu Pei, who wrote a family book, and mentioned that “I have been prepared at any time” …

Where there is an epidemic, where is the main battlefield. The retrograde charging was in front of the country.

These brave “warriors” go back and forth on the front line every day. In fact, in addition to strategic materials such as masks and protective clothing, they also need a pair of safe nurse shoes.

Safe and health are the most concerned on the public at the moment. Especially in the past few years, a lot of videos of slipping and falling are circulating on the Internet. In the hospital’s ward and aisle, the floor is often coated with ground gum. After cleaning the cleaning staff, the ground will become very slippery. So in this special period, the white angels need a pair of “nurses” to protect them.

In the past two days, the video of “Qilu Hospital and Huaxi Hospital met at the airport friend” was brushed. The comment area immediately science the four leaders of the Chinese medical community in the Chinese medical community of “Bei Xiehe, Nanxiangya, Dong Qilu, and West China.” The nurses of the Changsha Xiangya Hospital, known as “Nanxiangya”, were provided by Aokang.

It is reported that for a long time, Aokang is committed to the innovative research and development of shoe technology, and nurse shoes are the representative works. The core of Aokang Nurse Shoes is the soles. The materials used are special rubber that combines nanomaterials. Combined with a special shading design, it provides stable support, which can enhance the friction with the ground. When walking on the special ground, it can be discharged from slippery liquids when walking on the ground. , Make the shoes really achieve the all -round slip of oil surface, water surface, dirty surface and ice surface.

“Because it is safe, I am at ease.” If the anti -slip index of ordinary shoes is generally 0.3 and the national standard is 0.5, then the anti -slip index of Aokang Nurse shoes reaches 1.0. Behind this number is to make walking more secure and more reliable.

In addition to such hard cores, in addition to the soles of the nurse shoes, Okang’s nurses also use the upper of litchi leather and the soft pork skin insoles, so that the shoes are light, breathable, comfortable, and not stinky. It can be said that there is a full “black technology” blessing.

“Nurses are stunned for us, we have to escort them.” Ao Kang hoped that every nurse in nurse shoes could have a full sense of security and made them feel natural. Increase the heart to resist the heart, take responsibility for action, and contribute your love and strength to the fight against the epidemic.

According to reports, since 2014, Aokang began to undertake the production process of nurse shoes, and has reached cooperation with famous domestic hospitals such as Xiangya Hospital, the PLA 102 Hospital, the Armed Police 301 Hospital, and the Third Medical Center of the PLA.