Brand children’s wear problems have emerged in endless, organic children’s clothing escorts baby

On July 22, 2019, Zhongyu Media will be held in Shanghai.


2019 (3rd) China Baby Industry Moving Festival and 2019 Jinmei Award Awards Ceremony

The topic of this year’s development ceremony is: Speedized survival. (For details, pay attention to WeChat public account “Chinese Watch” View the same name article, click to view the original link)

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The current organic milk powder is prevalent, organically has become the hot topic on the current market. Consumers have been converted from organic 1.0 to organic 3.0, that is, the organic recognition from organic recognition is now organically identified, organic has entered our lives.


Organic products are gradually developing, and the organic family not only has organic milk powder, organic food, and organic cotton began to enter the market. Organic children’s clothing is prevalent between many treasures, especially in some countries in Europe, America, after all, clothing is direct contact with baby skin, baby clothing is environmentally friendly, and safety also affects the health of your baby.


Let’s count which top ten organic children’s clothing brands at home and abroad?


Su Dao was established in 1998 in Chaoyang District, my country, and the main brand categories are ladies underwear, children’s underwear. Mainly engaged in organic cotton, organic cotton baby series, underwear series, towel socks, etc. His brand concept is to promote simple and fashionable, to the “Lohas” attitude of environmental protection.

Reference price: CNY 50-300

Fruit yiigoo

Fruit is the original domestic natural organic children’s clothing brand established in 2016. It is committed to finding natural materials. It is simple and soft, and the fabric is comfortable and soft, and it is soft and soft, to create a healthy children who care for children.

Reference price: CNY 80-200

Native cotton

Natural cotton is from Shenzhen, Guangzhou, China, and strive to build a global environmental baby costume leadership brand. Focus on do organic bocks, underwear. The baby clothing of the color cotton, thin thickness, soft fabric, bonding the skin, cares for baby delicate skin.

Price Reference: CNY 50-200

One of the last moimoi kamppi

At the end, the one is from the Korean organic children’s clothing brand, the brand concept is the organic high-end children wear of the mother to rest assured. At the end, the design style color is diverse, the pattern is cute and full of child fun. Not only the fabric material organic, dyeing and patterns are also used in water quality. They are deeply loved by children and mothers.


Unifriend is also from South Korea’s organic children’s clothing brand. The main categories are mainly home service, 100% pure organic cotton fabric, good elasticity and soft feel, to create a home service brand that makes mothers more assured.

Reference price: CNY 50-80



Babysoy is a brand of organic children’s clothing from the United States. The fabric is made of natural soybeans, which has excellent flexibility and warmth. The founder’s brand concept is to pay more attention to environmental protection and environmentally friendly products in such a harsh environment, so that the children put healthy, high quality clothes.

Price Reference: CNY 200-500

Cat & Dogma

Cat & Dogma comes from an organic baby brand in the United States to build 100% organic cotton children’s wear, dedication to the children’s clothing that looks and feels comfortably. The clothes style is relatively neutral, but all print patterns are very cute, mainly based on baby’s coated clothes, shots.

Reference price: CNY 80-300



Frugi is a children’s brand from the UK. Founded in 2004, the brand concept nature is a wonderful and organic cotton fairy tale world. The founders have been committed to bringing healthy and nice clothes. All products are made of organic cotton, the fabric is delicate, dry and breathable, and the baby is suitable for the skin.

Price Reference: CNY 150-300


Mainio is from Finnish organic children’s wear brands, dedicated to doing children and parents like leisure and latest children’s wear, inspiration comes from interesting natural phenomena, fascinated by wild or even strange colors, but producing a different aesthetics Effect. Healthy and environmentally friendly, in line with the aesthetics of mothers.

Reference price: CNY 150-300

Nui Organics

Nui Organics is the Organic Clothing Brand of New Zealand, mainly producing organic cotton clothing and organic wool costumes. The main style of the clothes design is mainly simple.

Reference price: CNY 70-400

Many well-known brand children’s wear have quality problems, such as Zara, H & M, consumers are worried, will inevitably choose the product that makes themselves more assured, organic is a choice!

On July 22, 2019, Zhongtong Media will hold 2019 (3rd) China Baby Industry Municipal Sale Ceremony and 2019 Jinmei Flower Awards Ceremony in Shanghai. It is also a high-quality channel business event, the brainstorm, is coming!

This time, let us face the rapid change of the maternal and child market, explore the future and opportunities of the maternal and child industry!

How to improve the speed of brand potential during market concentration improvement? How to upgrade the speed of Shanda’s large span in cross-border learning? How to follow into the conversion of consumer consumption trends, improve the speed of the mode adjustment and the speed of business actions? How to quickly adjust organizational architecture? How to quickly grasp the opportunity of category growth? How to balance the speed of the store and the speed of the store?

Speed, full of fire!

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Brand children’s wear problems have emerged in endless, organic children’s clothing escorts baby









Price Reference: CNY 50-200

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