Xun Mengyao went abroad! A clean “white” shorts suit, no surprise fashionable

In our wear, we often use some classic colors as the main color of wearing, which is convenient and highly inclusive. Like the white often used in wearing, it will not be contrary to any color, and it is easy to wear a refreshing and sweet sense of vision, and the age reduction effect is obvious.

Walking at the forefront of fashion will use white clothing to create their own trends, and the clean “white” shape is beautiful. In particular, the shape of the white hollow “shorts” set with suede handbags does not unexpectedly wear a sense of fashion, and it looks refreshing and advanced.

In addition to the support of the classic colors as the shape, the set of the set of Ji Mengyao’s choice is also a bright look. Regardless of the hollow pattern of the clothing or loose version, it is an important factor that makes it outstanding. In particular, the loose version of the set design does not feel the procrastination on the body. Instead, it creates a very high -level and expensive sense of fashion, which looks very stylish.

White wearing advanced age reduction, see how Xi Mengyao did


① The monotonous sense of hollow clothing farewell to solid color

When it comes to solid color clothing, the first thing many people think of is monotonous, often making wearing lack of highlights and no sense of layering. However, Meng Yao’s wear does not have this feeling. Through the hollowed out, she can ensure the layering of the shape. She also faintly has a woman’s sexy sexy and looks very delicate.

However, choosing hollow clothing must ensure that the color of the inner clothing is correct, and avoid affecting the overall effect due to color matching. Xi Mengyao’s choice of white bottoming shirt is very secure. While not affecting the color tone of the overall dressing, it also makes the whole person more fresh, clean, and very atmospheric.

② Loose simple design, casual and high -level sense


Attending the grand event, simple style clothing is the most suitable, which is high -level and atmospheric. The hollow fabric with a high -level simple style design can instantly enhance the sense of high -level shape, especially with the wave edge element of the bat shirt sleeve, the gentle temperament of women is also displayed, and at the same time, it enriches the design of the clothing.


The characteristics of cutting design binding fabrics, even if you choose a loose and hypertrophic cutting method, will not make people feel delayed. On the contrary, you can use the clothing version to set out the body advantage, creating a more slim -looking sense of vision, making the whole person look very delicate.

③ Put on the upper width and narrow, easily wear the advantages of legs


Another reason for Xun Mengyao’s wearing body is also the lower body clothing. The matching of shorts increased the body proportion. Similarly, the dressing method on the upper and narrow clothes also extended the figure, and the legs were better released. Wearing this way not only can make the legs look slender, but also can set off the slender feeling through the top model. It is very embarrassing.


④ Use jewelry to improve and wear to make the shape more advanced

If you want to make it more complete, the matching of the jewelry is essential, and Meng Mengyao made a module for us. The suede women’s bag in my hand not only has a certain degree of practicality, but also improves the high -level sense of wearing, and the matching temperament of the same color high -heeled shoes has also been sublimated. It’s right.


The seemingly matched handbags are optional, but it turns out that with it, it can make the shape more fashionable, and the temperament and gas field have improved to varying degrees. Therefore, if you want to make it more complete, the matching of the jewelry is still necessary, which can make the shape more stylish.

Follow Xi Mengyao to learn to create a hot body

Women with excellent conditions often pay attention to highlight their body advantages and give people a very sultry feeling. Xun Mengyao can say that we have made a role model. Using the advantages of the figure and the assistance of the clothing, the figure has been better displayed, making people look more charming, so I may wish to learn with her.


1. Denim shorts+high heels+windbreaker

Denim shorts are a must -have clothing for daily wearing, not only easy to match, but also the tide of young people. Especially the legs can be better released, and the matching of high heels is more long and more temperamental. At the same time, we can also match a trench coat to create a refreshing and domineering sense of vision, and it seems that the whole person is more fanatic.


If a girl is not a very high girl, you can also choose to combine a short T -shirt to combine, and to extend the figure to create an excellent figure through the waistline. More attractive. Xun Mengyao chose a short bottoming shirt. Whether it is paired with high heels or flat shoes, it looks particularly charming.


2. Slim dress+short boots

Dress is another weapon to show the figure, and at the same time, it can emit women’s elegant temperament, which looks more feminine. For women with white and tender skin, choosing a darker dress is more bright in the skin. With the skirt and strap design, the minimalist style makes the whole person very charming.

In addition to slim dresses, shoes are also a weapon to enhance fashion. Participate in important occasions, generally choose high -heeled shoes with dresses, but it is obviously not enough for daily wear. Therefore, Xi Mengyao made a demonstration of short boots, showing the youthful atmosphere and cool and handsome. Even if it is a more important activity with the boots, it does not affect the temperament.

Well, we will share here for the dresses of Xi Mengyao. After watching these, is it also fans of her fashion circle? If you like it, you may wish to like it, collect, pay attention to it, and look forward to the next goodbye to you.