Fanqi seven points, raising three points: firewood long handle side handle pot

Today I shared this main foam: the wooden handle of the wooden handle. This is the side handle of the long handle. It has this flavor of the south, but the flavor of the old flavor is very sufficient. Especially on this side, it feels like it has accumulated for many years, because these are naturally fell into gray, some are straight fires, and then burn it out. Many reasons cause it to burn It is obtrusive, such an old glaze.

When this pot is reached, once I raise it, why do I say that I want to raise it? Seven points of life and three points, especially the firewood, you just started seeing it, you think it is very beautiful, this is not this is not The most beautiful side, because after it has been raised, the whole ancient and sophisticated feeling will be more rich.


When I see this pot, I have been thinking about what kind of tea should be used, how to raise it, and which effect will be better? And what kind of tea is suitable, so if you are used to make some good mature, it will be more rich.


Especially for some of these familiarity with the year, using this kind of old -fashioned main foam to make old tea, the whole taste is completely different.