After the “Squid Game” was broadcast, the sugar business was on fire

Editor: With the explosion of “Squid Games”, it brought red sugar, and major merchant vendors sold the sugar. However, the popularity of a “Squid Game” will inevitably have the next “Squid Game”, which will also bring various businesses. So how to stabilize and sustain a business, and the operator needs to be more attentive. This article analyzes this phenomenon, let’s take a look.

Before the “Squid Game” was broadcast, it was just a innocent children’s game.

The method of making sugar is to put sugar and baking soda in an iron spoon, and stir while baking on the fire until it melts. In South Korea, when making sugar, the vendor will flatten it, and use molds to engrave round, square, stars, umbrellas, etc., attract customers to pick the middle shape in front of the stall, and add some gaming experience.


Source / network in “Squid Game”

In the Netflix popular episode “Squid Game”, the second level is to pick up sugar. Participants blindly choose four patterns of circular, triangular, stars, and umbrellas without knowing the game. The graphic can pass, and the loser will be shot out.


456 people participated in the Russian round gambling life and death bureau. Only the last winner could receive a bonus of 45.6 billion won. Wood people and other games.

According to CCTV Finance reports, in the convenience stores in South Korea, the sales of the main ingredients of caramel (sugar in the drama) of caramel cake (sugar in the play) have increased by 45%within two weeks of the episode. Essence Mr. An, who provides 700 sugar props for the TV series in South Korea, sells more than 500 pieces of sugar every day every day, and has not returned home for a week.

The sugar business in China is also hot. The main stores of the dessert coffee are on the shelves of sugar. The loyal viewers also came out to set up the stalls after watching the show. The bloggers also launched a challenge for the sugar. The meager cost, plus the premium of the IP, can the ugly sugar be dug out?

1. The physical store: The intention of the drunkard is not sugar, in drainage

There is a venue, and you can also eat and drink. Dessert shops and coffee shops naturally earn money.

According to deep -burning observations, there are physical stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Changsha, Chengdu, Dalian and other cities, which have launched sugar products, and the “Squid Games” brand is hung. Yuan, high is nearly 30 yuan. Netizens shared in Xiaohongshu that more than 20 yuan of sugar sold in a dessert shop in Changsha, which was free of charge, but the difficulty was the same as in the play.

Dalian’s Yuanyuan also went to a coffee shop to buy a few sugar in a coffee shop during the National Day holiday. There are three types of sugar patterns sold in the store, three types of grasses, heart -shaped, and biscuits. Each sugar is packed in a small bag, and a “Squid Game” with □ ○ △ is also included. Drawing sugar tools.

Source / respondents purchased by Yuanyuan’s candy sources / interviewees confessed

Yuan Yuan told Shen Ran that the store was very small, but there were many people who came to play sugar. Basically, they bought a few at a time, and once they were in short supply. Her friends came to buy it for three consecutive days, and they were told that they had been sold out. “3 yuan, not expensive for the current consumers.” Yuan Yuan felt that it was cheap and the popularity of TV series, so there would be so many talents to play.

Customers who came to the store said at the public comment that “seeing the public comments saying that there are the same sugar with squid games here to check in”, I also ordered two cups of coffee after playing with sugar. The price list shows that the price of the coffee of the store is between 15 and 30 yuan, which is 5 to 10 times the unit price of the sugar. A piece of small sugar has several times the consumption, which looks like a cost -effective business.

Deep -burning in the public comments searched the three physical stores of the three sugar gaming games in Beijing, all of which are mainly dessert and coffee. One of the hand -made houses HA Bakery provides DIY sugar games. Customers go to the store to make sugar, and then pick out the shape, a copy of 28 yuan. The store introduced that if it fails, you can add ten yuan to buy a latte, and the successful person can receive a 100 yuan electronic voucher. Challenge the successful flower pattern to get a biscuit experience class worth 300 yuan for free.

Ms. Li, the manager of HA Bakery, told Shen Ran. The shop launched a sugar game on September 29, which was the earliest in Beijing. Ms. Li now lives in the United States and often watched the drama on Netflix. When “Squid Game” just aired, she set off a wave of waves overseas, but she asked her friends that there were not many people who watched the drama at the time. She watched it for a while, waiting for the popularity of “Squid Games” to come up slowly in the country, and was almost the eleven holiday, so she quickly launched a sugar game in the store.

“We only needed this heat shortly after our store opened.” Ms. Li said that when she posted the first publicity video, no many people left a message. After about 4 days, she sent a message and the message became more. Because the location of the store is not a lot of parks, only two or three people came to play sugar every day at the beginning, and later gradually became more. Some people even wanted to drive an hour’s car to check in. “Now there are more than 50 sets of sugar for sale, up to 150 groups of company orders, and the income of light sugar should be more than 10,000 yuan within a week.”

Ms. Li told Shen Ran that she did not want to make profits by sugar at that time, but just wanted to drain and increase the conversion rate. However, she did not expect that the effect was good. It also led other consumption in the store. Compared with the previous passenger flow, the growth was still obvious. She said that consumers who failed to pick up sugar are also willing to add 10 yuan to a cup of latte. “Coffee beans in the store during the National Day also consume quickly.” Moreover, the store’s WeChat public account has also increased a lot. Fan, “This also belongs to our invisible customers.”

Ms. Li is more satisfied with the drainage effect of the sugar game. She revealed that there have been stars in her store to shoot variety shows. Continuous consumption. “

Second, small vendors: earn pocket money, plan for entrepreneurship

The sugar stem originated from the streets. With the popularity of the episode, some loyal audiences moved and set up a small stall on the street.

Dudu in Fujian has his own job, and a stall has been set up near the shopping square during the National Day holiday. She said that she had done sugar paintings before, so she was very smooth. But she only sold for two days. One was because the sugar was too time -consuming, and the other was because the urban management had been caught and was caught several times.

Dudu’s soda sells 9.9 yuan. She told Shen Ran. Although she had only two days, she had a slight surplus. “The cost is around 250 yuan, (and the earnings) is basically flat.”

After stopping the stalls, Dudu shared the specific production process in Xiaohongshu, and also put out the links of the tools and materials. When a netizen asked why he didn’t continue to do it, she said that she wanted to go out for two days while the National Day holiday was not over, and it was just interesting to make sugar.

Zero rent, zero taxes, and large liquidity. Many young people put on the bench, bring their handwriting cards, and store stalls on the streets and schools. Simply count the account. At present, the sugar on the market is about 2 yuan/100g. According to the tutorial of Dudu, each piece of sugar needs 20g of sugar, which is about 4 cents. And the price is cheaper, so the cost of each piece of sugar is less than 1 yuan. Many individual businesses sold their sugar to 8 yuan and 10 yuan, and gross profit exceeded 5 yuan. There is no need to bear the rent of water and electricity and other risks.

Another “Nugget” child in Zhejiang does not want to do a short business, and her determination is to start a business.

The child’s sugar stall opened on October 2nd. She parked her private car at the intersection with a large number of passenger flows and directly set up a stall with a trunk. The child told Shen Ran that the passenger flow on the first day was not bad. “Unfortunately, I missed September 30 and October 1, and there were fewer people in the next few days.”

“At that time, I was also watching the drama” Squid Game “. I still brushed the Korean Grandpa in the booth and now made this sugar cake at the booth. But I did n’t dare. This time I saw the hotness of the show, and I quickly bought the tools and forced myself. The process of sugar still failed several times, either the color is too dark, or the soda is too much to expand, and I have encountered the case that I can’t get up on the board.

Children’s pricing is 5 yuan for plastic transparent packaging, and 8 yuan for the same aluminum box packaging+tool needle. Not only did she set up a stall, but also received several mailing orders. She told Deep Ran that the mail was divided into two packaging. The transparent packaging was 6 yuan, and the aluminum box packaged 9 yuan.

After the holiday, the child had no time to set up a stall, so he turned the sugar business to the online. “After getting off work, do it at home, and WeChat picks up mail.” The child admits that the highest cost of making sugar is time. “I don’t do much one night, and it is easy to make waste. And it is necessary to wash the pot after finishing a pot, because it is difficult to wash in the pan after the sugar is cooled, and it is time -consuming.”

Children’s trunk 来 Sugar Source / Little Red Book

Third, the business of “one hammer buying and selling” can continue to get angry?

Such a free business has also attracted some merchants who do “one hammer to buy and sell”.

Some netizens posted that they bought sugar on Taobao, 37 yuan, and the packaging was very exquisite. Each piece of sugar cake was installed in a plastic bag, and then put it in the same iron box in the drama. Design sticker. But she opened it. The patterns on several sugar cakes were marked, and the sugar cake was particularly thick.

Source / Xiaohongshu, the sources of sugar bought by netizens

Deep burning on Taobao found that some food stores have opened sugar business at a price of about 10 yuan. In addition to the basic patterns, some merchants have launched the Starbucks LOGO that netizens spoofed before, as well as the highly difficult factor of the difficulty coefficients such as Wangzi, KFC LOGO, Liu Guanzhang, and Caicai Cat. Even the details are PS, not real shots.

Screenshot of Sugar Products hanging from a Taobao merchant / deep burning


Merchants with high sales can also escape bad reviews. Buyers commented that “can’t be said to be exactly the same, it can be said that it is irrelevant”, the sugar cakes have different colors, too thick, and bubbles.

Even the Yuan Yuan who played sugar in a physical store also talked about “there is no experience.” She said that the a few pieces of sugars bought were different, and some were particularly thin, and it was pulled out in a second. A coffee shop in Chengdu also has the same quality problems. Customers issued a post on public comments, saying that they came for “Squid Games”, but the sugar cakes were already melted and could not be played at all.

The appearance of the sugar sold in the Changsha Dessert Store is basically similar to “Squid Game”. It also comes with small iron boxes and cards in the play. However, according to pictures released by netizens, the soup of the store is not regular and round, and There are still a lot of bubbles. Some people question the comment area: it is sold for 20 yuan?

Although there are all kinds of ridiculous quality problems, there is no doubt that there are not a few people who have made a small amount of popularity in “Squid Games”. However, “Squid Game” has been broadcast, and after the heat is dish, how long can this meal be eaten?

A child with an entrepreneurial ideal says that she will continue to do the sugar business and turn to the online, WeChat and Taobao channels will be done. She told Shen Ran that the popularity of “Squid Game” will definitely be a little worse, but she feels that the sugar is expected to develop into a normal commodity, which can be used as a relative, class, and party games. There will still be some market demand. The child also said that in order to continue her online business, she will be very careful in the packaging, and if the amount is large, she will also provide insured services.

Some people also pin the hope of continuing to make money in the second season. The outside world has a high voice about the second season of “Squid Game”. Merchants who do the same surrounding business of “Squid Games” have also told the media that if there is a second season, they will continue to sell. But not long ago, Huang Donghe, director of “Squid Game”, said in an interview with the media that during the filming, he had broken 6 teeth due to the pressure. For the second season, he only said that he did not fully give up the idea of ​​production.


Is it difficult to say in the second season? Many “Nuggets” are also clear that the popularity of the drama is only a moment. In the future, there will be more explosive episodes to transfer consumers’ attention, and the myth of sugar is difficult to continue. Ms. Li told Deep Ran that she would not make sugar when the heat was dispersed.

Ms. Li also considered the issue of copyright. She said that the sugar patterns sold in the store are all their own molds, which avoids the completely repeated graphics in the play, including the most difficult umbrella shop, and did not put on the iconic □ ○ △ icon. “I think the important thing is to feel this game, not to say that it is exactly the same as the play, I don’t want to imitate it completely, I still want to have some things in it.”

A “Squid Game” is on fire, and countless “Squid Games” will appear in the future. Under the heat, the Nuggets who are not only fleeting business opportunities and opportunities should have a long -term stable business.

*The interviewees requested that Dudu, Yuanyuan, and children in the text were pseudonym.

Author: Zou Shuai; Editor: Dawn; Public Number: Deep Burning (ID: Shenranchcaijing)


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