Really foreign! These three jackets that babies must add in winter can make warmth all the time online

In the autumn coat tie the autumn trousers, autumn trousers are tied in socks, this is my most basic respect for winter.


The warm underwear thick coat, the whole person is wrapped in the quilt, this is the most basic requirement for children.

Cangtian! Mom! Why are you dressed in your own dresses, but you are dressed so bulk and bloated! It is said that children are the best business cards for moms to go out on the street. Can we take care of the emotions of passers -by? You know, warmth and aesthetics can be coexisted. If you have no energy to search, you can help you to get it in minutes!


The strongest sense of fashion -fur

The unique charm that cannot be surpassed, the pants or skirts are wearing pants, the plush of the fluffy texture can always be eye -catching.

The exaggerated long fur grass is full of gas. If you don’t want to be too high -profile, it is extremely wise with pencil pants. If you feel too luxurious, the light color series can become softer.


Long fur is prone to allergies, hair loss, stubborn, and ball. Rolling hair like lambs is not only warm and cute, but also visually resistant. After all, fur and the like should not be cleaned frequently.

Most of the ordinary parents choose the concave shape. This looks very natural, but it is necessary to know that it is made of artificial fibers that are not environmentally friendly or some oil -based fibers. Slice or unhealthy emissions. No matter how foreign, the low -child babies who are easy to be sensitive also have to buy them with caution.

But you have to say that our family is not bad, and you want to go to five digits and six digits. When you choose high -end fur, you must pay attention to certain skills. For example, touch with your hands, if there is a small amount of small hair needles sticking together, and the feel is slippery. After touching it, there is always a layer of residue, which is likely to be a secondary product of waxing. Or blow a breath in the fur, and fall on the side to show that the quality is not cleared, and those who are neatly blown and recover quickly are worth buying.

It is not too expensive to buy fur for children. We still focus on comfort and warmth.

The best temperament -Mao Wo


Before entering the deep winter, the most angry is the coat. Among the many fabrics, wool and cashmere must be the key to fashion.


With a straight shoulder, OL Fan is capable. The cold color such as gray, black, and blue is both qi and viscera. If you are worried about the dull color, many accessories are the most hairy fabrics, such as the super -hot beret and a wide -edge cress hat. Boys can choose a fashion scarf if they do n’t like to wear hats.


That kind

The sense of vision of “Little Master” is quite pleasing.


Considering that the child is inherently active, you must work hard on the style of the coat. For short or long, tightly loose A version, and dudu -sleeve bat style, you can choose as appropriate. Compared to the “temperament”, the leisure wool is also equipped with wool caps and wool scarves, comfortable and lazy and warm.

Not restricted in the formation, and it is naturally good at random. However, the “detail board” is always the most intuitive feeling of the coat. When trying it on, you must pay attention to the shoulder stones, belts, including lining, seams, and pockets. The upper layer should not be less than 50%.

Some mothers always think that pure wool and pure cashmere. The higher the content, the better. That’s right. Of course, the purity of more than 95%is of course, but the price will also be tongue. Children’s styles are mainly recommended to buy products containing cotton and sticky fiber to increase comfort. There are also skills to identify whether it is real wool. I hold a coat and grind it on a cotton shirt several times, and then quickly separate.

The best heating -cotton clothes, down jackets


It is said that the rustic in the soil in cotton is that the style is not fashionable enough. Either loose



Either the same is too popular. Look at this, who dares to question the beauty of the suit+imitation denim fabric?

The quality of cotton clothing depends entirely on the filling. Silk cotton cotton and imitation cotton with good cold ability, anti -mites and antibacterial cotton are too delicate, and the price is slightly expensive and it is not easy to care. 100%polyester fiber models are relatively cheap, lightweight and breathable, but it is easy to absorb dust and generate electrostatic, and the quality is uneven. It needs to pay special attention. In this way, water -resistant washing cotton is most worth considering.

Naturally, the down jacket does not need to be introduced too much. More than 90%of goose down is the best, followed by duck down. Twist the down jacket with your hands, the hair stalks are more down to the down, which is not easy to keep warm. There is no woolen stem or less stalks.

No matter how good the down, I am most afraid of drilling hair. It shakes hard and pats. It is too obvious if there is a hairy flying out. If there is no dust in the dust, it must be a good product. The hungry down must be fluffy, there will be no group inside, and there is no wrinkles outside, so grab it with your hands to see if there is obvious adhesive feeling, because some businesses will add some fine cotton, which can not automatically loosely loosely loose We have to pay attention to it.

The feeling of people in winter is monotonous, so choosing a jacket for children must strive to be unique and novel, and all kinds of careful opportunities. It is also a good idea with some small boots. Or ladies, or ladies, or personality, or handsome, as long as you try boldly, choose different fabrics or styles, warm beauty will always be online!