Fat MM shows a good figure, and the skirt will give you a assist ~!

Each girl’s dressing and matching use their own experience to kill a “blood road”. After seeing so many dressing, the favorite dressing still has a skirt. The skirt is really a kind of single product that highlights the taste. It is all the impeccable items.


INS ultra -fire black zipper bag hip skirt


This classic black skirt is definitely a versatile A -line skirt. The elastic knitted design, the fat MM is more comfortable to wear. The narrow and width version makes the fat MM more beautiful to wear, and the length of the ankle looks more elegant and beautiful.

High waist loose and thin stitching gold velvet skirt

Very versatile, how to match it is very beautiful, wearing, leather jacket jackets, are all good choices, pleated design, versatile items, and the color is relatively versatile black. The length is just right. , Very beautiful ~!

Loose fashion waist buckle mid -length pleated skirt

This pleated long half -body skirt is not playful. We all know that the pleated style is relatively thin. In addition to blocking the contour of the legs, the smooth version gives people a particularly casual and casual. Feel. Fat mm puts on a soft temperament.


Large size INS high waist hair woolen skirt

This woolen hip hip skirt leads the fat MM to experience the warm journey of winter. The exquisite texture design, super quality and smooth layering, is more tight for fat MM, exquisite woolen fabric, plus the three layers of fabric inside, not only keep warm but also a particularly beautiful skirt.

Chic Early Autumn Retro Laper Half -Body


The elastic design of the waist makes the fat MM wear no tightness. The smooth and smooth skirt looks more fashionable and more fashionable. The waist design is more stylish. Don’t look at such a thin skirt, in fact, it is really not a figure for fat MM.

Loose tight waist leopard print large skirt

The retro smell is a long pleated skirt in the stamp, and the T -shirt and shirt are very beautiful. The print on it becomes no longer monotonous ~ instantly makes you have the elegant feeling of “light mature woman” ~ a one The good helper that can make you instantly reduce age ~!