Lotion leaf split swimwear latest style

Hot summer, the favorite place is the pool, or the sea! So a beautiful swimwear is naturally less! Let’s take a look at the latest style of the lotus leaf split swimwear brought to you!

Lace rosewear

Very sweet pink lace swimsuit, cover belly slimming, steel support gathering chest, let you wear sexy body!

Wave point rosewear

This lotus leaf split swimwear is the latest style, super good gathering effect, let you turn it into a very proud woman, cute wave point high waist shorts, perfectly modified leg lines!

Printed branch

A very cute split swimsuit, fruit print pattern, small fresh Feel, plus layered lotus leaf design, but also a sweet breath.


Striped lotus swimsuit

With a few pieces of black and white striped swimwear, the lace and the bows, add a few small women’s breath, the swimming trunks of the lotus leaf, the sexy breath!

Thousands of birds


Very SEX’s split swimsuit, gathering effect, the design of the lotus leaf, and the classic thousand bird elements, fashion sexy is one!


The above is the latest style of the lotus blade split swimwear brought by Xiaobian, is there a favorite?

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