Emergency spread! Zhengzhou Rain Rain Insurance Information Information

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Zhengzhou Rain Rain Insurance Information Information

The following information comes from the Internet:


The existing conditions of our clinic provide accommodation for the stagnant personnel under the office, and make a force for flood relief! There are 40 beds in this clinic, which can provide everyone. Address: Room 102, Block E of Jianye Headquarters.


Bishagang Central Plains Chamber of Commercial City’s fifth floor Chaomo headquarters. There are sofas and yoga mats, which can accommodate about one hundred people. Now there are five people, with hydropower and some foods. If there are trapped people nearby : 13673372244, 0371-55558697.


Mr. Zhao’s 16 -ton traveler is near Longhai Road in the West Fourth Ring Road. If you need road rescue, call 13071085333 at any time, free rescue! At present, Mr. Zhao has reported to 119 and 110 to do his efforts for the Da Zhengzhou.


All coaches of Zhengzhou Matters, Zhengzhou Feifan, and Luoyang Yueyong Water Sports Club, as well as water equipment such as kayakage and paddle boards, support related institutions for free and need to be contacted directly.

Zhengzhou ️ Adu 18239965161, Wen Xiaojie 18838251017 (15890184913), Luoyang ️ Zhang Yalei 13525359532.


The following temporary rescue points are provided by the outstanding young entrepreneurs of the Provincial Youth Enterprise Association. Citizens in need can contact.

High-tech Zone:

Please contact Gelafen and have sufficient employee dormitory.

Contact: Ren Mo Fan 15136903249.

East District:

You can go to Ling Dingtang to stay, address: Zhengdong New District Agricultural South Road and Xiangsheng Street Ests Southwest Kaidin Dingtang Hotel.

Tel: 88889,000 pieces.

All the borrowing staff can eat and control



In the future, there are hot water and food in the Alena secret kitchen shop near the road Weifang Road of Luwei Road.

At the intersection of Dongfang Golden Street in Huanghenan Road, Dongjitang Traditional Chinese Medicine Museum offers tea, food, and bed. Tel: 13598797547 Teacher Hu.

Zhengzhou Library does not close the library on the night of the 20th. Citizens who are trapped in the trapped nearby should not take risks home. The library provides hot water and rest places.

Friends near the British Association Civil Aviation Road can come to Aite Fashion Hotel to avoid heavy rain and provide free bed and simple breakfast free housing calls for 24 hours: 0371-56099777.

If you are trapped in Greenland New Metropolis, you can’t walk around. You can go to the two offices of Building No. 1201 and Building No. 2 to avoid rain! The company has water, eaten, and can charge.


Friends who do not go up and down the bridge on the top of the Longhai Gaolei can drive the car to the lower mouth of the West Third Ring Road in the Longhai Viaduct to east to east. The Black Audi Q5 has been driving a double flash 15639265209. There is a dry food supplies sent by friends in the car. You can provide everyone. Old people and children are preferred!

The parking lot of the Zhengzhou Science and Technology Museum is open to provide a place to avoid rain, providing hot water and instant noodles. Everyone can go nearby. Address: No. 32 Songshan South Road.


Haihui Hong Kong Starbucks on the second floor of Dongfeng South Road and Yulin South Road.

Agricultural South Road and Zhengguang North Street, Northeast Corner China Merchants Bank of China Merchants.

3rd floor of the intersection of Jinshui East Road and Xinyi Road: Ahai and Cantonese.

Friends in the Eastern District can stay in the immature house. There are electric water in the park. Address: Agricultural South Road and Xiangsheng Street Cross Nangjiao Kai Linglin east of Kailin on the east side of the phone 1859579569913183005561.


If a friend is trapped in the city government, Yuda State Trade, Greentown Plaza, Bishagang, and the Central Plains Wanda, if there is no suitable place to stay in, you can borrow my house. One sofa with two beds can accommodate 8-10 people.

If necessary, please contact Wei Chen of 13503459240, 13838328879 Wei Songlin.


Provide instant noodles, hot water and rest areas for free.

Coordinates: Zhengzhou CBD Inner Wire No. 15 World Trade Building B White Elephant Food Group.


Hexidang is open all night.



All families who need to temporarily evacuate in Zhongmu County to temporarily evacuate the place where there is no suitable place can stay in Jinyuan Senior Apartment.

15093126981 Zhao Xinzhu, 13653805775 Yuming.


Fans KTV Zhengzhou all stores provide simple foods such as lyric water for free of accommodation.


Friends who need help near the East International, No. 7, the No. 7 Business Outer Ring Road of Zhengdong New District, can contact Henan Kanghui: 18838102668, which can provide a place to avoid rain and simple food.

Longhu Central South Road Jiuru Road intersection, Yaxinlong Lake No. 1, Block 1, Block 1, 4020758 Dance Theater.

Contact number: 15515970758.


Remind friends and strangers who are trapped in the East District, especially near Tianze Street. If necessary, you can rest in the happy Mongolian restaurant and Langba nomads in Uncle Bart. The place is large enough, and there are enough private rooms. Restaurant address: Uncle Bart, Mongolian Tibetan Restaurant, Tianze Street, Zhengdong New District.

Tel: 15290279932.


Friends who are trapped near Zhengzhou East Station can come to Yongwei to pick up the hotel to avoid rainwater and provide you with ginger tea and shower.

24-hour telephone number: 0371-66666601.


For weaving bags, please contact 13073787073, and several tons can be pulled away.


Mr. Han, a citizen, has a ready -made 200,000 flood control bags at hand. If any department needs, please contact at any time. Mr. Han 18838213691.


There are some kayaks that can be used for use, and a team with a relatively understanding of water flow knowledge. It used to be a kayaki rotor rotation athlete that played for the national team. If necessary, you can contact it. Mr. Duan is currently in Luoyong District, Luoyang City. Contact number: Duan Junqing 15716666664.


Power supply manufacturers have equipment and need to contact at any time. Tel: 13661618513.


At present, there are 50,000 sandbags in the home with a specification of 40*60, which can meet the flood prevention requirements. The need to connect 13213238889.

【twenty one】

Henan Dazhen Wujiang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. provides support for drone service. contact details:

Chen Xinxin: 18595637261

Shi Weiyu: 18137677807

Private rescue

Zhengzhou City

Fan Map KTV, fans KTV Zhengzhou all stores, providing free stay for free, free mineral water and other simple foods such as mineral water

Zhengdong New District

Friends who stay near the port of Jianye Headquarters can go to the eighth floor of Block D, and we provide a rest place and food. Contact number: 0371-88980888

Anyone who needs help in the East International near the East International of Zhengdong New District in Zhengdong New District, you can contact Henan Kanghui: 18838102668 can provide a place to avoid rain and simple food.

CBD World Trade Building B White Elephant Food Group provides instant noodles, hot water, and rest (contact Tian Yali

Near Vanke HP Vanke HP Vanke, Zhidu Road, Zhizhong Hotel provides simple food and chairs (near Zhengzhou East Station Orthopedic Hospital Metro Station)

Convention and exhibition center, MyOGA Sharine Yoga, can be connected at any time. Tel 0371-88886300

Friends near the Twin Tower in the East District, if there is no place to avoid rain now, can come to Zhengdong Hospital. The ground is high here, and there is no serious stagnant water in the yard. There are electricity and water, the first floor, the third floor, and the fifth floor can be rest. If there is a place to avoid rain, you don’t need to come out again! be careful.

Near the intersection of Zhongzhou Avenue and Lianhuo High Speed, can contact RV Living Forers Zhengzhou Store: 152 2989 3858 We will provide RV accommodation and rainy venues and simple food.

If you have a friend trapped near Zhengdong Business Center, you can have enough venue to go to our “Barrett Fitness Fighting Studio”. If necessary, you can play 15090287771

Friends or strangers who are trapped in the East District can go to Ling Dingtang to stay in the host address: Zhengdong New District Agricultural South Road and Xiangsheng Street Ests Southwest Kaidin Dingtang Hotel Tel: 88889,000 Coca -cocaid all the borrowed staff to eat and control it?

Friends and strangers near the Merchant Road trapped in the South Road of Agricultural Agricultural South Road are basically full of hotel rooms nearby. If necessary, you can rest in our company and take care of it (floor or sofa). , Yaxing Investment Building (Zhengzhou CreditEase Decoration) Tel: 15738839898

There are also friends at the Cultural Industry Building, Huiyi Galaxy or near Zhengzhou East Station. Tonight, you can go to their restaurant to take a break. Contact number: 16608319035

Friends who are trapped near Zhengzhou East Station can come here to pick up the hotel to avoid rainwater. We will provide you with ginger tea and rainfall place, 24-hour telephone number: 0371-6666 6601

Near Zhengzhou Park near CBD, there is no place to live in. You can come to Room 1204, 12th floor of the new Mango Building, Henan Midu Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd., currently elevator is safe, no bed Putting on the floor, safe. Contact number: 18137860215 Single Super Ran

Jinshui area


Near Hongchang Street, Tongtai Road, Wanyu California can avoid rain breaks. Card seats and sofas can make up overnight, provide drinking water, and simple food, if you need to contact 18239974188

The trapped people near the Zhengzhou Library should not go home. The library provides hot water and rest places. Please forward it!

Yaozhai Station Zhengzhou Metro Line 5 Exit C, 23 ° C block, provides hot water, aquattable and rest, is not closed for 24 hours. (Contact Sun Jiwei

In the future, the Wuxi Road Weiyi Road, Alena secret kitchen provides hot water food, can stay for stay. (Near the future garden B, contact Ren Ye)

Yingxie Road Civil Aviation Road, Aite Fashion Hotel, provides free beds, simple breakfast. 037156099777, Mao Hongfei

Friends near Zhenghong City and Jianye Triumph Plaza can go to our “Muscle Cat Fitness Museum” Jianye Triumph Plaza outdoor commercial street 3-313 to have sufficient venues. Liangyi! If necessary, you can play 15981865866

At present, friends near Liudong Road, Zhongzhou Avenue are good at night. The hedge forest restaurant at 1-1 southwest corner of Zhongzhou Avenue and Liudong Road is free to provide passers-by with rain-avoiding places tonight. Everyone can come over to avoid the rain. People in need can go nearby!

If someone is trapped near Huangnan South Road in Shangding Road, you can search for water and food in Dongji Hall and many beds to stay for free.

If someone is trapped on Xinyi Road in Jinshui East Road, or Tongtai Road and Hongchang Street, you can search for “crooked ears” shops on duty, with beds, water, snacks. Friends nearby can forward a circle of friends and contact the 15903736017 store location @在 在 在 在 2 Building 2 Room 1805 @在 在 在 耳 耳 耳 耳 耳 耳 耳 耳 耳 耳 耳 耳 耳 耳 耳 耳 耳 耳 耳 耳 耳 耳

Friends near the intersection of Zhongzhou Avenue and Dongfeng Road can go directly to the 5th floor of Guoxin Plaza, which can be used for rest, hot water, 18637102277

Tonight, the lights of the medical examination center of the Henan Provincial Chest Hospital are bright and the door is open. We have warm tea and sofas here, and we can also provide simple trauma treatment. If you have a loved one or a friend near us, please come here for free stay. Don’t get cold in the outside, destiny everyone is safe! Intersection Intersection At present, two friends have come here to rest, please forward and inform each other. Medical examination center address: 3rd floor, 3rd floor, No. 10, east of Dongming Road, Dongming Road, Huanghe Road [Ten] [Hexi] [Hexi]

Yaozhai Road, Yaozhai Road, Yaozhai Road, Henan Street Dance Culture and Art Center, Henan Street Dance Culture and Art Center, Yaozhai Road, Yaozhai Road, Huanghe Road. What we can provide, hot water, a small amount of food, avoiding rain and rest place, 24 hours will not be closed. The trapped friends nearby can come to our side to avoid the rain. We do our best to provide everyone with a little deserved obligation. [He Shi]

Friends trapped nearby can come to Longhu, the second floor bookstore on the first floor, or a seat with rest in Zen Tea Valley, with hot water … (Jiuru Road and Longhu Middle Ring Road, southwest of Longhu Lake, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province 1st floor 67-9 (neighboring Jiuru Road)

Pipe area

Friends and strangers near the Merchant Road, a trapped Agricultural South Road, all the hotel rooms nearby are basically full. If necessary, you can rest in our company and take care of it (floor or sofa). Yaxing Investment Building (Zhengzhou CreditEase), Tel: 15738839898

If someone is trapped near the South Third Ring Road Zhongzhou Avenue, you can search for Muzi Cinema with water, snacks and fruits, and many beds to stay for free. Address: 100 meters east of the north gate of Qilixiangdi, East Road, Yangtze River

Central Plains

Tonight, a passerby went to Zhengzhou Lehu kindergarten to take refuge. The garden provided free bread, milk, hair dryer, rest pads, etc. Starting from the things around you who can start! In the Golden Park of Jinju Street, Jinju Street in the high -tech zone. Contact number 18539927065

Economic Development Zone

Friends who are trapped in the open area can go to the National Building. Address: Eighth Eighth Avenue Eighth Road. 15093115687 Liu Fang. All hosts are controlled?

Two -seven districts

Friends and strangers near Jingguang Road, Houhai Road, Erqi District, are basically full of hotel rooms nearby. If necessary, you can rest in our company and take care of it (floor or sofa). Address: Houhai Road Jingguang Road Sea 5th Floor (Zhengzhou Ruixiang Decoration), Tel: 157388398988

Staying on Chunteen Road in Zhengzhou High -tech Zone, Fengyang Street, “Passers -by near Science Avenue, Changchun Road, please go to the intersection of Chunteen Road, Fengyang Street, 200 meters south of Songlin Little Deer Kindergarten. Drinking water, if you need to enter the meal, please explain it in time. The roadside restaurants have been closed. We can purchase some snacks to fill hunger. Tonight, please treat the kindergarten as your warm home. [Love] [Love] [Love] Contact number: 15937165929

High-tech Zone:

All the borrowing staff can eat and control

Friends who need to help in the High -tech Zone, please contact Gelafen and have sufficient employee dormitory. Contact: Ren Mo Fan 15136903249

Private rescue team

Official disaster relief phone

[The current known leakage area]

1 Near the intersection of Yulan Street and Jinduan Road.

Don’t go to the public bathroom. The high -voltage line has just been reported to the power supply bureau. The high -voltage electricity in other places also has similar situations. Their power supply bureau is also flooded and cannot be maintained. Essence Everyone walks around.

2 Zhongyuan West Road and Tao Jia Road.

The road was broken and the sky was dark. The friends who saw it forwarded it and called on the relevant departments to set up a warning sign. There have been 3 cars falling down [Hexi]

3 Zhengzhou Scriptures Four Road, the transformer exploded

4 At the intersection of Hongqi Road, Zhengqi Street, high -voltage electric leakage! Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection Intersection

5 Natural gas leaks near the Lion Tail Lion, Science Avenue. Please do not walk around in various regions. Do not use bright fires! Intersection Don’t approach the window! Intersection

6 Garden Road Agricultural Road is more than six o’clock in the direction to the east. Please pay attention! Intersection

7 There is also a leakage injury accident near Huanghe Road in Jinshui District. Please pay attention to nearby residents!

8 Power distribution box in the southeast corner of Fenghua Street and Hualan Avenue in Xinxiang City ⚠️⚠️⚠️