Australian brand royal Amama will participate in the 4th Expo

The annual China International Import Expo (that is, the Expo) will be held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) on November 5-10, 2021. Australia KINGS KUMA Royal Amama, as the invited brand of this exhibition, will bring a variety of products at this exhibition.

Kings Kuma Royal Amama is an Australian local nutritional dairy brand. It focuses on the research and development, production and sales of family nutrition dairy products. With high -quality milk source production and excellent product quality, it has become a high -end nutritional dairy product that many families trust. The existing product series of Royal Ama Maer include children’s growth milk powder, middle -aged and elderly milk powder, whole milk powder, and special nutritional needs for pregnant women’s milk powder, multi -dimensional nutrition milk powder and pure milk.

Kings Kuma Royal Amama’s product

In order to ensure the safety and high quality of the product, the royal Amama has a strict quality management system. From milk sources to production terminals, the entire industry chain is strictly controlled.

In terms of milk sources, Royal Amama preferably prefer the four major golden milk sources in Australia, Australia Gydasnant, to control high quality from the source. In terms of production, Royal Amama adopts advanced equipment and processes to strictly implement the standards of China Australia; and each can of milk powder has a complete traceability code. Consumers can scan the code inquiry and strive to keep consumers rest assured , Announced at ease.

KingS Kuma Royal Amama Middle -aged and Elderly Milk Powder, Children’s Growth Milk Powder Real shots


Since the KINGS KUMA Royal Amama brand entered the Chinese market, the importance of brand building is well known, and “action” has continued. In order to help brand communication, the Royal Amama has continued to invest in brand building, integrates media resources, and cooperates with many authoritative media. For example, on CCTV CCTV1, CCTV4 and Jiangsu Satellite TV, Sichuan Satellite TV, Guangdong Satellite TV, etc. Carry out brand advertising; celebrities flip, live broadcast interaction, special sponsorship of the program, outdoor large -screen release, etc., to create momentum for the brand!

In addition, in order to better publicize products and brands, the royal Ama Maer comprehensively deployed the official WeChat public account, video number, Weibo and Douyin, Xiaohongshu and other platforms to carry out the details of the content. Brand communication, strengthen communication with consumers, and enhance brand influence.


In the Chinese market, Kings Kuma Royal Amama is steady, continuously cultivating channels, and improving the service system. In order to meet the new demand and new changes in the market, Royal Amama integrates the advantages of the entire industrial chain, not only deployment of offline maternal and infant channels, supermarkets, new retail and other channels, but also combined with online e -commerce, short videos, live broadcast interaction and other forms , Integrate online and offline resources and achieved certain results.


In recent years, the competition in the milk powder market has intensified, and the survival of channel stores has become increasingly difficult. Royal Amama insights market demand. On the one hand, the store member system is implemented to help stores to achieve category upgrades, leading them to activate old members, extend the consumption cycle of members, and enhance customer stickiness; on the other hand Introduce various new gameplay to help stores to expand customers, carry out sales activities with the stores, and break the current dilemma of passenger flow.

At this exhibition, Kings Kuma Royal Ama Ma hopes to use the expo platform to make more brand, merchants, partners, suppliers, and consumer friends with the same concept. To China, make its high -quality and safe products entering millions of households in China.

[Author] Zhao Binghui

[Source] Southern Newspaper Media Group South+Client

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