The mouse handle of the office must be prepared, saving the sore mouse hand

Now most of the work is inseparable from the computer. After a long time, the wrist will be uncomfortable, and even a mouse hand will appear. The wrist -care mouse pad increased the wrist tray at the back end, reducing the pressure of the wrist and the friction of the palm.

Today, I recommend a few mouse pads suitable for office, comfortable wrist tray design, soft touch.


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Otherwise, the wrist is sore for half an hour


Yili Ke MP-116



Under normal circumstances, all the niche mouse pads are claimed to use ergonomic design, but the MP-116 of Jiulieke does more than other similar products. The MP-116 uses a 1.5 ° tilted surface design, which is said to be more in line with the hands and shoulders when using the mouse for a long time. In terms of wrist rest, because of the posture of the wrist, the wrist -shaped shape has some undulating design, which is more in line with the wrist. The surface of the mouse pad is comfortable and delicate, and the special rubber filling is very soft.


Mountain industry MPD-Gel25


The uniqueness of the mountain industry MPD-Gel25 is that the surface of the wrist tray and mouse pads is separated, which is convenient to use alone. The advantage of this flexible method of use is that users of any gesture can find a more appropriate location. MPD-Gel25 has multiple colors to choose from, and the styling style is more lively. It is a recommended office mouse pad.



Mountain industry MPD-ST1 br


The mountain industry used to be one of Amazon’s highest -selling mouse pad brand. Mountain MPD-ST1 is a lightweight and convenient mouse pad. Due to the use of silicone materials, this mouse pad has the advantages of light, waterproof, and wrinkles. The mouse pad is only 1mm thick. It can be carried in the notebook, and it can be rinsed directly, which is more convenient. There are three colors: light blue, pink, and brown.



Radio TOTO


The overall price of the Radio Mouse pad is cheap. TOTO’s appearance is the most classic design of the bowl of the bowl mouse pad. It has multi -color options and is suitable for use in the office. However, this design is limited to the movement space of the mouse, which is not suitable for users who love lower DPIs to move the mouse.