Children’s creative art “Belt Pants”, children design clothes by themselves!

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Title name:

“Belt Pants”

Materials: color sand paper, oil painting stick, buttons, snowflakes

teaching objectives:

1. Know the image of the strap pants.


2. Express your personality and experience the fun of designing clothing by practice.

3. Organizational decoration exercises of lines.


Guidance process

Photo guidance and problem guidance (what kind of clothes are this? The children you wear talk about the feeling of this kind of clothes).

Belt pants fingers with pants with strap on the waist of the pants. Modern pants names, also known as “rice pants” or “work pants”, are on ordinary trousers or shorts, add a chest protection (commonly known as rice list). Essence


Various strap pants are sometimes playful; sometimes cool. Easy to show a different relaxed attitude.


Because the shape of this pants is changed from the style of the work pants, it is also called the trousers. Nowadays, band pants are mostly worn as men and girls, and some young women wear it as daily clothing.

Explain the knowledge link

1. Image observation, analyze the characteristics and components of the strap pants.

2. Image observation, analyze the distribution of the decorative patterns of the strap pants and the pattern.

3. Play outstanding student painting works and appreciate.

Creative step


Student creation link

1. Divideled cuts and trousers.

2. The distribution of oil painting stick students are decorated and painted.


3. Differential double -sided glue, mount the work in color cardboard.

4. Adjust the screen work.

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Please pay attention to the small shell art, recommend more and more interesting children’s art works every day!


Here, I want to present you a picture of the Qingming rivers of Chinese children’s art education.