How to spread the oil -proof wallpaper

The method of oil -proof wallpaper paving is very simple, so how to pave the oil -proof wallpaper, so let PCHOUSE explain to you today.


Oil -proof wallpaper paving steps:

1. Before the oil -proof sticker is sticked, the wall should be cleaned up to keep the wall without stains.

2. Then the area that needs to be used is measured to cut the oil -proof sticker according to the size. The size of the oil -proof sticker should be cut by 1 to 2 cm than the wall area.Beautiful.

3. Cut the steps that can be pasted by cutting the oil -proof stickers. Do not tear all the film on the sticker. Turn on the stick, start with the corner of the upper, and slowly post it.Tie the sticker or wrinkled.

4. Bubbles appear during the sticker. You can use a sharp thing to tie a small hole in the bubbles, drive out the gas and scrape it.

5. After all the oil -proof stickers are pasted, repair the extra part, and a perfect oil -proof sticker is pasted.