The differences and functions of Montbecira pants and diapers

Bao mothers who often watch in some parenting forums or websites ask such doubts, the differences and functions of Montbecira pants and diapers, then Monbaic’s online customer service will answer it in detail for the treasure moms.

The difference: The most obvious difference between diapers and pull pants is that the waist is not loose, a waist is sent in, the diapers are bonded on the lower abdomen, and the bonding of the pull pants is on both sides of the thighs. In fact, these are not the most important ones. The main difference is that pull pants are training pants. It can be worn freely like small underwear. Once the diapers are put on, it is more troublesome to take off. Lala pants are generally used after the baby is old. After the baby will go, the urine needs to be trained. Then the pull pants are more convenient, which is equivalent to wearing a cotton panties for the baby. Baby urine pants. Although it is very convenient, the price is more expensive than the urine pants, so I suggest that mothers do not need to use any diapers at home. When going out, choose diapers or pull pants. Lala pants are recommended to use naughty babies, because they do not need to lie on the bed without the baby. Many big -year -old babies are punched and kicked when they change diapers. It is not easy for mothers to operate. More, it is because of the characteristics of pulling pants without the baby’s flatness. It is not convenient for the baby to choose to choose a pull -up pants when going out. It is more suitable for babies of low -lunar age to choose diapers, because they have a lot of poop, and they do not stand up. They lose the meaning of using pull pants, and the use of pull pants will also increase. Therefore The mother chooses diapers for the baby. The diapers can be adjusted at any time.

Function: The pull pants are designed to consider that after the baby’s ability to move gradually, it is designed to adapt to the baby’s crawling, standing, walking, and running. There are two sticks of ordinary urine. The baby’s activity is large, and it is easy to get rid of it. Sometimes it scratches the baby’s skin, and it is easy to restrain the baby’s legs. Many mothers also realize that the baby is more difficult to change the diapers. The baby keeps resisting for a moment. Therefore, the baby will sit after climbing (usually about 7 or 8 months) to consider using pull pants, or you can use pull pants when using M or L diapers. Lara pants do not need a baby to lie down, standing and taking off, it is quite convenient.


Of course, Baby Bao can also use ordinary urine. Pants are just a convenient choice for mothers.