Glory Tablet V7 PRO Twilight Blue 6GB + 128GB First Pinner Skin Hand

[CNMO News] Recently, the Android tablet market is hot. There is a small new series launched by the computer large factory, and sometimes the millet tablet 5, etc. in several years. In order to comply with the trend, glory also launched his own flat glory V7 series to seize the city’s usual recent, glory wisdom life official micro announced, glory flat v7 Pro Shuguang blue 6GB + 128GB version officially launched. So what is the characteristics of this new top? CNMO takes you together.

荣耀平板V7 Pro曙光蓝6GB+128GB首销 素皮手感吹爆

Glory Tablet V7 PRO Dawn

First, the glory of the flat V7 Pro dawn blue version is the most distinct place, which is the entire blue calf cortex that is covered behind. And not to mention the blue coloring is not common among the plates, and the light of this sip is more milder than the backboard of the metal or glass. At the same time, the surface damping of the vegetarian is more larger than metal or glass, enhances the user’s handheld experience.

Glory Tablet V7 Pro

荣耀平板V7 Pro曙光蓝6GB+128GB首销 素皮手感吹爆

Other configurations, glory tablet V7 Pro is also full of sincerity. First, glory tablet V7 Pro is equipped with a 2.5K eye-catching full screen, supporting DCI-P3’s wide range, and supports 120 Hz high refresh rate, which is the first time in the flat plate of the glory series. In terms of performance, this glory plate equipped with the A78 architecture of the United 1300T platform with 8-core CPU and 9-core GPU. In addition, this tablet can also be used in conjunction with a handwritten pen and a keyboard, effectively expanded the user’s use scenario.