Luxury packaging sky -high moon cakes wear “vests”, who is buying? Who is eating?

Luxury packaging sky -high moon cakes wear “vests”, who is buying? Who is eating?

Source: Workers Daily

On the eve of the Mid -Autumn Festival, the reporter’s investigation found that although the parity moon cakes have become mainstream in recent years, on some five -star hotels and e -commerce platforms, moon cakes are still selling more than 1,000 yuan. Sixth floor. Who is buying the sky -high moon cake under the luxury packaging? Who is eating again? Some salesperson admits that the moon cake gift boxes are mostly used for gifts, and many of them even flow to the tables of leading cadres.

Moon cakes are festivals with rich cultural connotations for thousands of years, and ordinary people can enjoy it. But now, some people put moon cakes to wear “vests” for their fame. Moon cakes were forced to become a “guest”, and they went further and further on the road to “taste”.

A piece of moon cakes is more than 200 yuan, and there are six layers of packaging in inside

Since the introduction of the “Eight Provisions of the Central Committee”, the consumption of moon cakes has gradually returned to rationality. Many companies and individuals pay more attention to the addition of creativity and culture when giving gifts. welcome. However, the reporter’s investigation found that on the occasion of five -star hotels, e -commerce platforms, tobacco and wine shops, moon cakes changed due to “name and profit”.

——The sky -priced moon cakes still exist, and high -end customized configuration. The Shanghai Peninsula Hotel launched a 1688 moon cake gift box Mid -Autumn Festival this year, which contains 8 moon cakes, and its taste is also unusual -Maotai coffee flavor. Hotel salesperson said that the moon cakes were made in the production of moon cakes for thirty years, and only 100 boxes were released in limited quantities. At present, this moon cake has been sold out.

On the Internet, there are no shortage of moon cake gift boxes with a price of thousands of yuan. Some merchants say that they can also be customized. A Taobao shop sales staff named “Jingwen Ginseng Co., Ltd.” introduced that a moon cake gift box selling for 2888 yuan contains 8 flavors of fish fin, sea cucumber, abalone, bird’s nest moon cake, and 6 cans Nourishing products such as films, Dendrobium candidum.

“这样的月饼豪味十足,也土味十足,为了追求价格,就是把最贵的东西包在一起,跟大多数人都没关系,消费不起。”一位网友留言说,在一些圈子里, Buying and tasteing sky -high moon cakes have become a way to show off wealth. How does the taste of moon cakes do not important, making people know that it is more important to eat.

—— Packaging is an important selling point, a moon cake has six layers of packaging. When introducing the moon cake gift boxes, many hotel sales staff said that their packaging was “tall”, and “given people to get a shot and have face.” In a five -star hotel in Taiyuan Changfeng Business District, the reporter saw that there were 6 moon cakes in a moon cake gift box with a price of 588 yuan, but it was wrapped in 6 -story packaging. The first layer of packaging is a paper handbag bag, the second layer of packaging is a cylindrical box, and the third layer is a metal bird cage shape. There is a fourth layer of packaging on the shelf -two round boxes. In the round box above, the six exquisite metal boxes are lined up in turn, and the next layer of round boxes are tea sets and tea. The fifth -layer packaging of the metal box is unscrewed, and the true face of the moon cake appears, and the sixth layer of packaging made of plastic bags is also wrapped outside. Under the layers of packaging, the six round moon cakes appear so incidental.

Moon cakes are “media”, with high -end “additional gifts”

Several hotel sales staff told reporters that most of the high -priced moon cake gift boxes are used to give gifts. There are no shortage of government officials.

The reporter saw at the entrance of Taiyuan Keipipuski Hotel that high -end moon cakes were packed in a large carton every 6 boxes. Customers bought them in the box and lined up at the door. The hotel sales staff said that the high price of moon cakes sold out a few days before the Mid -Autumn Festival, “the money spent every year is tens of thousands of yuan.”

A Beijing information engineering contractor Jia Ming (pseudonym) told reporters that Mid -Autumn Festival must send moon cakes to the leaders of the enterprise institution, mainly to maintain the relationship. “A box of moon cakes look inconspicuous, but the courtesy is here, and there is no point for the holidays.”

In addition, some business leaders said that finding officials will also give away “additional gifts” such as tobacco, alcohol and tea according to their preferences. Reporters visited many parties and found that “additional gifts” are more expensive than moon cakes. “Moon cakes are equivalent to a ‘cricket’.” Wang Cheng (a pseudonym), head of a private enterprise in Fujian, said that the moon cakes are high -end, and the price will not reach the level that can be trusted.

In order to avoid the anti -“four winds” blow, the festival gifts became more hidden. Some people know that in order to prevent people from seeing the inside, some people will remove the original moon cake gift boxes and additional gift packages, and buy the boxes separately for re -packaging. Some packaging boxes are worth thousands of yuan. Therefore, gift boxes are also an important way to improve the total value of gifts. Wang Cheng said that there are gifts and quality gifts in the society. Some gift giveers vote for it, or give a mahogany box worth thousands of yuan, or add luxury silk scarves to the box as embellishment.

The reporter also found a number of online shops that sell moon cake gift boxes separately on the Internet. Many stores said that the highest -end gift boxes in their stores are popular.

Experts suggest to strengthen the construction of a clean government system

Return to the moon cake book “taste”

Yang Jianshun, a professor, blog director, and director of comparative administrative law in the Law School of Renmin University of China, said that some cadres in the government have the right to decide the projects and do things. Enterprises need to take care of them. Investment in advance. When there is more administrative tailoring in individuals, similar investment will not stop in advance. And this investment often takes the “flexible” tailoring of public rights as a return.

Several experts said that traditional festivals are still a high incidence period of “four winds”. To curb the names of fake borrowing moon cakes, and to take the corruption of bribery, we need to improve relevant laws and regulations to return moon cakes to the “taste”.

Yang Jianshun believes that gift gifts are an objective phenomenon in interpersonal communication, but if you go to excessive packaging and bribery in disguise, it means that the construction of the integrity system still has vulnerabilities. The statutory authority scope, conditions, and procedures need to be further detailed and clear to squeeze and give gifts to bribery. In addition, you can also explore the value of the value of the setting and defining gifts to receive gifts, which is more than a certain value.

Li Xiaowei, head of the Institute of Social Governance of Shanxi Academy of Social Sciences, said that it is necessary to let the anti -“four winds” of important nodes such as holidays step out of paper, further mobilize the power of social supervision, and gradually form a good social style. At the same time, add more the cultural connotation of moon cakes, so that the moon cakes will return to this “taste”.

Source: Xinhua Daily Telecom

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