Common classification of girls’ panties, what do you wear

Different clothes with different underwear, what are the types of women’s underwear? Here are you introducing you.

The underwear is composed of waist, front amplitude, back, foot, and waves.


Press the waist level to be divided into high waist, middle waist, low waist.


High -waist pants: Height in the belly button or above is called high waist. The design of the high waist is more comfortable, with a warmth effect. It has good maintenance of the hip shape. It has a large capacity and is suitable for women with more abdominal fat.

Middle waist pants: In 8cm below the navel, it is generally called the middle waist. It is the most common specifications and styles in general. It is comfortable and suitable for women at different ages.

Low waist pants: below the navel 8cm below 8cm, called low waist. Most of the more sexy underwear are this style. It is convenient for coats and suitable for young women.

The panties are divided into thongs, flat trousers, and high -foot pants.

Through pants: completely expose the hips. Usually this type of underwear is worn by the occasion. For example, when wearing a more close -fitting tight trousers, it can avoid the lines of the panties that destroy the hip shape, but it is easy to cause the hip sagging. Commonly used in summer.


Flat trousers: The wing of the panties is long, which can wrap the entire hip, which is well tolerant and suitable for wearing different ages.


High -footed pants: The side and waist mouth of the trousers are very narrow, and they can have sufficient wrapping and coverage on the lower abdomen and hips. The comfort is very strong and suitable for young women to wear.