The fire is all over the entire network of air fryer. Is it an IQ tax?

The fire is all over the entire network of air fryer. Is it an IQ tax?

If a large family eats, only cooking every day, and slowly getting tired of eating.

As a result, in recent years, there are many large -scale household small electrical appliances on major platforms, oven, steamer, wall breaking machine, breakfast machine, etc., as well as air frying pots that have been on the entire network. The food really made is healthy, delicious, and very convenient?

Many chefs have been planted, as a home blogger with hundreds of thousands of fans,

It is expected that the “artifacts” of the home appliances in various kitchen have been “stunned”. I don’t blow it, I just want to talk about my experience.

Among these small home appliances,

The quality of big brands is generally worthy of trust,


In terms of functional side, some small appliances are really optional, some innovative ability is insufficient, and the experience is poor.

For me who focuses on quality, let me have

Super explosion and refreshing air fryer

Count one.

Three meals a day, for one for one

It takes too much time to eat delicious meals, and if you choose the right tool, you will find that this is too Easily, and you will feel that the process of cooking is very interesting.

I have used air frying pots before, and the experience is average.


this time


Fagor Fagor Smart Air Fried Pot, after use, is true love.

Fagor is

Spain and French people

A kitchenware brand that loves.


【Pot World】

White, rich and beautiful girl

The presence,



Established in 1943



It is not only Spain’s largest electrical export brand, but also

It is Europe

Five Domestic Electric Appliances

One of the manufacturers.

A very good brand in Europe. After Fager entered the Chinese market, a large wave of loyal fans had been circled because of its superb craftsmanship.

I also discovered for the first time,

It turns out that the air fryer can be so intelligent?


Based on the principle of “all things can be fried”, in addition to the most common foods such as fries and chicken legs, in fact, Fa Ge

Air fried pot and there are still

Many new features ~

① The fried chicken chop is crispy and tender;

② When roasted fresh shrimp, the vegetables are healthy and healthy;

③ Banana toast fragrance is full;

④ Fried milk cake crispy and refreshing;

⑤ Seafood rice is delicate and delicious;

There are many ways to cook ~

Frying mode, barbecue mode, heating mode.

Make a variety of foods as you want, the rhythm of the CD in minutes.

Let’s explain the characteristics of this air fryer one by one ~



There is a design highlight in appearance,


Yan value control will definitely like it,


There is a 270 ° transparent cover. During the cooking process, you can observe the state of food in the pot throughout the process. It is very cured. The transparent and visual design no longer has to worry about the food that will be baked, and it looks very advanced.

Second, intelligence

Nowadays, this electrical appliance is becoming more and more intelligent. Even the air fryer is no exception.


There is a display screen in front, more than 30 smart recipes, each dish is explained,

Specifically, how much ingredients need to be used, and production steps are very detailed.

And these recipes can be automatically updated online ~

You can enter the cooking mode according to the above production method. There are step prompts throughout the process!

This operation

It’s really intimate for cooking Xiaobai

The touch screen operation is very simple. It will be a gospel at a glance!

Three, rich function

The most important thing is the burden on the fuel fume that is rich in function, multiple uses of machines, and there is no way to cook when cooking.

It is very interesting to use multiple baking trays, which can satisfy the creative performance of cooking enthusiasts on cooking, but also show their sense of rituals for life.

During use, it


There is no buzzing sound, this is also what I pay more attention to.

Fourth, large capacity

7L large capacity is really rare, more than twice as big as ordinary air fryer

You can say that you can eat it open at home at home, and install rich ingredients at a time.

No need to turn over again!

Both the fryer and grill are not sticky, and it is easy to clean and delicious. It is also very easy to clean after use, which greatly enhances the frequency of lazy people.

Fifth, the food made, environmental protection and health

Fage Air Fried Pot is in a state of oil -free/less oil, which can quickly make healthy and delicious low -fat meals.


This makes friends who lose weight particularly attentive, and friends who want to lose weight and want to eat more delicious can be said to be your favorite.


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Fage Smart Air Fried Pot 7L Large Capacity

¥ 2999


So many easy -to -use features,

It is worthy of Hermes in the air frying category,


The price of 3,000 yuan is also worth starting.

Good things can’t wait to share it with everyone!

Healthy and less oil, convenient and practical, and absolutely enhance the happiness of home happiness.














In order to answer your doubts, the above is what we have organized about air fryer no oil digital RA-002L 220v 10L industrial deep air fryer new design, hope it can help you.