It is reminded by the State Drug Administration to be alert to illegal addition. Can it promote eyelash growth than the front of the horse?

It is reminded by the State Drug Administration to be alert to illegal addition. Can it promote eyelash growth than the front of the horse?

CCTV, Beijing, September 20. According to the Voice of China Voice of the Central Radio and Television, the Voice of China “News Hyperlinks” reported that recently, the State Drug Administration issued an article reminding consumers to be alert to some of the eyelashes nourishing liquid that claims to “promote eyelashes growth” The products may illegally add prostaglandin analogs such as “prefixin”, and there are safety risks.

The State Drug Administration’s revised “Cosmetics Raw Materials Catalog (2021 Edition)” was implemented on May 1st this year. Among them, the unsatisfactory name contains “prostaglandin” cosmetics raw materials. At present, the State Drug Administration has not registered or filed any “prostaglandin” related cosmetics raw materials.

Why are some businesses such as pre -mama primary vegetarian? In addition to hurting money, what are the safety risks?

Picture source: Screenshot of the website of the State Drug Administration

Can the eyelashes “promote eyelashes growth”?

For products such as eyelash growth liquid, their propaganda “one brush is long”, “mild is not irritating, and has real long eyelashes” and so on.

Such claims that can make the eyelashes longer and dense products belong to ordinary cosmetics, and product filing should be completed before listing or import. However, in fact, in the “Cosmetics Classification Rules and Catalogs” of the State Drug Administration, there is no category of “promoting eyelashes growth”, and such cosmetics have not been approved.

However, some consumers may feel that their eyelashes are indeed thick or longer after using such products, and they think it is very effective.


In response, Cao Mingnan, a science popularization base of the Ministry of Pharmacy of Beijing Tiantan Hospital, pointed out that this may be because related products make the eyelashes attached to the mask and color agent, but it cannot really make the eyelashes grow, thicker or longer. Cao Mingnan said: “It can be collectively referred to as placebo products. It can achieve the effect of eyelashes, thickening, and long -term growth in a physical way, but it does not really make the eyelashes stronger, which is equivalent to another form of mascara.”

Promoting eyelashes growth is a side effect

Drugs such as preferinin and curvy prostaglandin are prostaglandin analogs. Why are they adding products such as eyelashes and nourishing liquid?

Cao Mingnan said that they were initially used to treat glaucoma and accidentally found that it had side effects to promote eyelash growth during clinical use. Therefore, some manufacturers have conducted relevant clinical trials. “At present, there is no listing and permission in China in China.”

Chen Xue, the attending physician of Beijing Tongren Hospital affiliated to the Capital Medical University, introduced that Bimou is the only prescription drug for the only obtained by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in this drug to treat the scarcity of eyelashes. “It is necessary to open a prescription to buy by a US doctor. You cannot buy it yourself or online.”

Not only to promote eyelashes to grow one side effect

Since some people want the eyelashes to be thick and slender, there is a need for daily personal care, why can’t we use this effect of better than Malaysia, and simply let it glow in this field?

In this regard, Chen Xue pointed out that it has more than this side effect. She introduced that her common adverse reactions include: conjunctiva congestion, eyelid pigmentation -equivalent to dark circles that are called daily. Some patients will be itchy, dry, or foreign body sensation, burning sensation, and even visual impairment, increased number of iris spots in dark eyeballs.

For healthy people, the safety of these drugs for a long time is not clear. Chen Xue said that long -term and local application of prostaglandin analogs are not 100%safe. “Moreover, the dose and concentration added by some merchants may also have problems.”

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