Is there a difference between the file cabinet and the file cabinet?

Is there a difference between the file cabinet and the file cabinet?


There are two types of storage officeists: file cabinets and file cabinets. Many people often call the file cabinet as a file cabinet, but in fact, the two are different. The file cabinet only stores some commonly used files and books, while the file cabinet is safer, with professional maintenance and maintenance management methods. Naturally, the difference between them is not only clear in three words, but also has a more practical core concept in the office furniture manufacturing industry.

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There are differences between the two at a strong level. The structure of the file cabinet is getting lighter and the overall design is very simple, which generally means a layer of skin. Therefore, the iron file cabinet is also commonly known as iron cabinet. However, the file cabinet is different. In order to ensure the safety factor of the archives of the archives, it can be stored for a long time. Considering the impact of the working temperature, the file cabinet is generally two or double -layer structures.

There are also differences in storage capacity. The file cabinet is different in size and very few storage files. However, the archive cabinet is huge and deeper than the file cabinet. Naturally, the storage capacity far exceeds the file cabinet. After all, the item of the archives is that the accumulated fixed non -motion data information is different from these targeted files.

The access method between each other is different. There are generally two ways to access files: open doors and sliding doors. There are very few file types, and it is easy to identify during storage. Due to the large volume and large number of archives, the archive cabinet is generally equipped with electronic systems. The door is automatically opened by the automatic control system and has strict classification. It takes a certain amount of time to find files according to the category.

Is there a difference between the file cabinet and the file cabinet?

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