The car shock absorption is soft and collapsed. Is it useful to install a spring shock absorbing glue? After reading these 5 o’clock, you will know

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This issue:


Is “spring shock reduction glue” really useful?

The role described by merchants described by the “spring shock reducing glue” online:


1. Improve safety;

2. Increase comfort;

3. Improve the body;

4. Auxiliary suspension system;

5. Increase the load weight;

1. Can it really “improve security”?

The seller said that the spring reduction gum “” can improve the body stability of the turning and reduce the tilt. “

This sentence is really right!


Because the theoretical spring shock absorption is installed in the middle of the shock -absorbing spring, it will reduce the compression itinerary of the spring!

For example, the spring before installing the springs can be compressed by 5 cm.


After installation, the spring may only compress 2 cm!

This is equivalent to changing a harder spring!

Therefore, when turning, the supporting force becomes larger, and the body’s roll will become smaller.

but! Installing spring shocking glue is not really a harder spring!

As the use time is pushed, the spring reduction glue will slowly aging.

The key is that between the spring reduction glue and the spring are not completely hard connections.


It is just stuck between this spring!

Under the pressure of the body’s weight, the spring will be strongly squeezed.

When the pressure is too large, the shock absorption glue will be squeezed out!


At this time, the spring support force on the outside of the curve suddenly weakened, and the body suddenly tilted.

Therefore, spring shock reduction does not improve safety, but it will be more dangerous.

2. Can I really “increase comfort”?

Take the car’s overlapping band as an example.

The shock -absorbing spring when the car is overlapping will be compressed.

The tire will keep the body as much as possible while moving.

This can be seen from the video of luxury cars circulating on the Internet!

Those comfortable luxury cars can be sold millions.

One of the reasons is their shock absorption, which can almost filter out most bumps!

Make the tire exercise up and down, but the body can be kept stable!

However, when the springs are installed on the spring.

Indirectly makes the spring itself harder!

Then it will increase the amplitude of the body.

In this way, the vehicle comfort is reduced.

So this stuff will only make your car drive more and more uncomfortable.

Third, can really “improve the body”?


The answer is really capable, but very dangerous!


Any car, if it is only an increased spring method to increase the height of the body.

They are very stupid and dangerous!

Because the size of each part on the suspension system, and the geometric angle between the parts and parts.

They were strictly calculated and repeatedly tested through the car designer team.


In order to develop a chassis, a car factory is basically spent hundreds of millions of dollars.

It takes so high to achieve the compatibility of the safety standards and practicality of the chassis!

So when changing the size of the shock -absorbing spring.

In fact, the geometric angles between all parts on the hanging will change.

As a result of this, the four -wheel positioning of the vehicle was invalid, and the car drove the direction.


The chassis wear is accelerated, and the chassis parts are damaged in advance!

So whether it is raising a car or a lower car.

Generally, large modified manufacturers will scientifically give a complete set of computing and practical solutions.


It is so large to change the spring arm, and it is too small to change the screw nut!

It is definitely not simply using a spring rubber to raise the car!

Fourth, can really “auxiliary suspension system”?


This is completely nonsense!

After the suspension of a car is designed, it is the ideal and most comfortable state in the minds of the engineer!

Adding an extra spring pad to the spring will only destroy the overall performance of the suspension system!

Fifth, can spring shock absorbers really “increase the load”?

I personally think that increased loading may have its only role!

In the past, some large trucks would achieve more things to install more things by increasing the number of rear bridge steel versions.

That is, overload, which is also a severe blow to the road safety management department.

The principle of installing spring shocking glue is actually similar to the increase in steel springs.

All are the hard part of the supporting parts on the suspension, thereby achieving the purpose of improving the load.


However, it will also accelerate the aging of the original spring faster.


Because it will compress the spring compression method from overall compression to segmented compression.

This will bring greater safety hazards!


If you want to increase the weight of the car through this way!

Then I can only tell you solemnly that overloading is a serious illegal act!

And it is not responsible for yourself and others!

In summary, “Spring Shock Reduction” is completely IQ tax product! I hope you don’t be pitted!

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