The lunch box for life: It is still a mobile microwave oven and refrigerator!

Every time at noon, the tea room sounded the “Ding Ding” sound, and took a breath. I knew that someone brought fish flavor eggplant, fried pork chops, red roast meat, egg bag rice …


The most ruthless thing is that you have a time to play,

There are several lunch boxes in the front.


Tired of the surrounding takeaway, too lazy to get out of lunch, but do not want to queue up every day to wait for the hot rice

You really need a high -value hot rice artifact–


COOLTHING steam heating lunch box

It can not only heat up, but also use the ice box to keep it fresh for 6 hours. From then on, there is no need to squeeze the refrigerator and microwave oven.

Lock nutrition, get nutrition lunch in 15 minutes, Coolthing steam heating fresh lunch box ▼


See you to the microwave oven

Coolthing steam heating rice box contains two parts, one is


Lunch box

Just make the meals in the usual meals.

The other part is for heating


Steam base,

When you want hot meals, just add a little water to the base and press the switch.

Heat for 12 minutes, and then sultry for another 3 minutes

You can start eating soon.

A small one, just put it in your own office, and when heated

No noise

It will not affect the people around at all.

In winter, as long as you bring this steam lunch box, there is a place that can be plugged in.

You can eat hot meals anytime, anywhere


Steam heating, locking nutrition without loss

Although the heating time of the Coolthing lunch box is longer than that of a microwave oven, friends who often use microwave oven hot rice, do you feel that after the rice is hot, the taste will become



As well as





That’s because part of the water in the meal has evaporated, this kind of meal is not only

Dry and hard

And part of the part

Nutrition has been lost with the water vapor

This Coolthing steam heating lunch box, uses

Steam heating

The principle of 360 ° high -temperature steam circulation and the bottom water bath are heated. While heating, it can

Keep the original flavor and nutrition of food.


When you open it, you can feel the hot air in the lunch box, and the food

The color is like just out of the pot


, Will not become dry and stingy.

Fresh for 6 hours, light sealing lightweight

Coolthing is equipped with a detachable ice box. Even if there is no refrigerator, it can

Fresh keeping up to 6 hours

~ (Ice box needs to be refrigerated in the refrigerator in advance)

Usually, if you do n’t want to put the position with others in the refrigerator, you can put the ice box and put the lunch box directly on your own.

Not afraid of food will be broken.



If you want to bring a lunch by yourself, you can use this ice box to keep the food inside fresh.



The inner bilots can be used alone


In the company, the steam heating box is usually placed in the company, and the good meals are installed to the inner lunch box to take it away. The inner lunch box with heat -resistant silicone is very light, and there is no burden with you.

Inner lunch box weighs only about 135g ▼


And there is a small mechanism on the lid that can be in the box


Bad pressure adjustment.


For example, after installing meals,

Open the pores, press again


The air pressure inside will become smaller.


Because there is a strong difference in internal and external pressure, the entire lunch box is


Sealing will become stronger

Unless very hard, it cannot be opened.

Even if there is soup inside,

Will not leak out,

The seal is very good, and there is no leakage in the water inside ▼


Then I usually refrigerate for a long time. When the lid is not open, you can open it to release the gas.

Make the lunch lid easier to open

Food -grade materials, multiple institutions testing

In terms of security, Coolthing has also made a lot of effort, heat resistance

Silica gel

Inner libraous box, safe


Non -toxic


Outside lunch box

Food -grade PP material

, High temperature resistance does not contain bisphenol A, non -toxic and tasteless, heat insulation and anti -thermal anti -aging, even if you accidentally encounter the outer box during heating,


Will not be burned


Heating the steam box inside


Water deficiency detection

Double overload protection

The water inside will automatically shut down.

After various inspections, you can use it with confidence ~


Finally, let’s review the detailed usage:

1. Add water of the steam base,

Just a few small pillars that have never been prominent

That’s it ~

2. Put in the inner lunch box for meals,

Open the lid of the inner box

, Cover the lid of the heating box so that the steam can fully enter the meal

3. After connecting to the power, press the switch,

Light flashing


Just start working,

Heat for 12 minutes

After that, you can turn off the power, and then

3 minutes


You can eat it ~

PS: If there is a small amount of water droplets on the edge of the lid, it is normal.

There are 3 types of coloring lunch boxes. The Morandi color matching is also used this year.

Dogwood powder

: The girl’s heart is full

Sky blue

: Neutral color matching, both men and women are suitable


Rough black


: Calm, low -key, atmospheric, upper grade

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