“Eat chicken” 4 free skin left for 1 day, 4 value gift packs for the last 3 days, please redeem it in time

Hello everyone, welcome to the “Fresh Report of Eating Chicken Eating Chicken”, which is lectured by Xiaoyu, and there are always players asking when the new version is updated. In fact, we only need to watch the time marked by the “welfare store” in the game. understood.

For example, the current “chapter of peace”, the redeeming store states that “the welfare store will be closed after 1.11”, so we can know that the update time of the new version is 1.12, and it has to be said that it is a bit suddenly.

Topics in this issue: 4 free skin is left for 1 day, and the annual tiger -free military needs will be launched soon, please hurry up!


Log in to the game this day, and the photon also prompts the player through the poster. This version of the welfare store will be closed in only one day. The skin will be replaced with a new reward with the opening of the new version. Exchange in time!

At present, there are 4 more good skin in the store, namely the cold flame dancer suit, the colorful rhythm SKS, the night lamp bison, and 2022 fireworks parachute. A total of 210 welfare fragments are required. Players who have not redeemed them must hurry up.

So what new skin will you launch after this version of the redeeming store? According to informed players, the next version will be launched on a new set of “Tiger Year of the Tiger” and adds to the new version of the welfare store.

The specific content has been posted in the past, including a “Tiger Tiger West Wili” suit, as well as AKM skin, and helmet and backpack suits. The first is this set. It feels average quality, almost like the season set.


The helmet and the backpack are slightly better. Although there is no modification, the red and white pattern is added on it. It should be the style of the lion dance. It looks pretty festive. The key is particularly bright. Not bad.


As for AKM’s skin, I personally feel that it is flat. You can recall what the “ebony gold pattern AKM” skin looks like. It is similar, but the color above becomes golden.

On this day, the photon gave a prompt that there are 4 “value gift packages” in the mall. The remaining 3 days will be removed. They are limited to 10 purchases. Each requires 168 points. , Material currency, clothing currency.

In fact, these gift packages are much more cost -effective even more than the original price. The 168 -point coupon can get the props worth 210 coupons, and there is still the opportunity to “crit” the props to 990 coupons. Can be exchanged.

It is worth noting that this day photon also officially announced that the “Gourd Legend” had three days left. Before the military demand was launched, the player also said that the “magic reform” gourd baby, but after the launch, there were still many players “really incense. “”.


The “Mengmei Edition” gourd baby and the back suit of the scorpion king are actually pretty good. Backpacks and aircraft are very distinctive. Players who like it can also consider starting.

In the end, you have to mention it, that is, the new version will be launched on 1.12 to the official service. At present, photon has issued several new version of the preview poster, such as this “king of melee”, which means that the revised P90, the revised P90, The whole map is about to be added!


Why is it the “king of melee”? Xiaoyu dried to tell you this. A weapon that was taller than Groza than Groza was actually stable like “no back seat”. Is this not strong?

Then the above is the whole content of “Fresh Reports to Eat Chicken”.

Can you see the real mysterious black cat behind the transformation ~