Backpack, how many girls are miserable, how many girls’ shoulders

How to solve the worries,

Only bags

If one bag is not enough, come two

The higher the price, the better the effect

Although the bag is very fragrant

But the beautiful girls

This posture of shoulder backpack

Harm is a big drop!

◆◆ Error backpack posture ◆◆

One of the most classic actions of the backpack is the shoulder bag.

Through the subdivision, there are two types, one is on the arm, and the other is on the shoulder, just like Yang Mi.

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But with such weight, the shoulders and arms must be lifted upward.

And the two muscles responsible for DEN live in the scapula, one is


,one is

Trapezard beam

It will get more tight.


After a long time, the trapezius muscles of the body will be higher, that is,

High and low shoulders



, For a long time of contraction of the shoulder and back muscles, it can also cause shoulder and back pain, resulting in



, Side back shoulder bag, gravity oppressing one shoulder muscles, necks and compressed shoulders form tension, and the spine is unbalanced, which can cause

Spine side curve

, Discosit the intervertebral disc, triggered


Cervical spondylosis

◆◆ Correct backpack posture ◆◆

Choose a backpack


If you often need to carry heavy objects such as computers for a long time, it is best to choose a backpack. The weight of the backpack is balanced, which can greatly reduce the damage to the body.

Shoulder bag oblique span

If you choose to choose a shoulder bag, it is recommended to cross the shoulder bag, so that the gravity will be decomposed without concentration on the shoulder.

Wide shoulder strap backpack

When choosing a shoulder backpack, try to choose a wider backpack with a wider shoulder strap. In addition, the weight of the bag is best

1 kilograms

the following.

Change your shoulder backpack


Experts from Kunming Orthopedic Hospital suggested that you should consciously replace your shoulder backpack when you daily backpacks.


30 minutes

Once, then it can prevent cervical and spine strain.

◆◆ Shoulder stretch and relax ◆◆

Many times the backpack is inevitable. After a long back of the shoulder and neck, the soreness of the shoulder and neck is tense. You only need to pull it like this to relax and relieve it!


Stretch on the side of the neck

Keep 5 times of breathing edge/3 groups

● Sit down, droop your right hand, support the ground on the right side of the body;

● Put your left hand on the right side of your head, pull your head to the left;

● Extend the right side of the neck.


Spine twist


● Sit down, bend your knees towards the left, push your left knee down down;

● The left hand is turned back to the right waist and turned to look at the right side.


Shoulder stretch


● Sit stand, bend your elbows, and your left palms come to the middle of the upper back;

● Pull your left elbow to the midline.

Shoulder backpack is not compressed on the shoulders

It’s not only unsightly for a long time

Body health is threatened



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Keep 5 times of breathing edge/3 groups

Keep 5 times of breathing edge/3 groups